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3 Tips To Keep Pipes From Freezing & Bursting

3 Tips To Keep Pipes From Freezing & Bursting

3 Tips To Keep Pipes From Freezing & BurstingAs water freezes and becomes ice it expands, which puts a huge amount of pressure on the pipes in your home or business causing them to burst. Once that ice melts you’re left with a piping system that’s no longer fit for purpose and a huge water leak that can cause untold damage to your property. Avoid damaging water leaks during this cold snap, here are 3 tips to keep pipes from freezing and bursting.

1: Add Insulation Where Possible

Add insulation in every room possible. Some of the most common places that are neglected insulation-wise are attics, crawl spaces and basements. All of which will commonly have water pipes running through them. The better insulated they are, the easier it will be to maintain higher temperatures and keep those pipes from freezing, bursting and flooding your building.

2: Seal Cracks & Holes Near Pipes

Often where a water pipe goes through a wall and outside of your home or office, the whole that has been made to accommodate the pipe won’t be exactly flush. This means that even though the gaps between the wall and the pipe may be very small, they still exist and are constantly leaving warm air out and cold air into your property. Using a caulk gun, you should take care to seal up the holes and cracks around pipes on both the interior and exterior walls.

3: Close Off Water Supply To The Outdoors

Most homes around Ireland have taps and hoses outside in the garden. The pipes leading out to these have to face the coldest of temperatures and are by far the most likely to freeze and burst in sub-zero temperatures as they don’t get the benefit of indoor heating. You should detach and drain any outdoor hoses and put them into storage until the temperatures begin to rise again and close inside water valves that supply outdoor taps. Once this is done you should open the valves at all of the outdoor water supplies and leave them open so if any water remains in the system it will have room to expand without bursting your pipes.

If it’s already too late and you have a burst pipe that’s flooding your home, call Advance Maintenance Ltd on 021-486-6133 now.

Man lies on the wet floor on which he slipped in spite of caution sign selective focus on man's chin

2 Tips To Keep Your Staff Safe This Winter

Man lies on the wet floor on which he slipped in spite of caution sign selective focus on man's chinWinter is well and truly underway and the rain and ice have substantially increased the risk of staff getting hurt or injured due slipping and falling. But there are some property maintenance steps that you can take to make your work environment as safe as possible. Here are 2 tips to keep your staff safe this winter.

1: Clear Footpaths

Keeping your footpaths clear of ice and snow throughout the day is the best way to reduce the chance of one of your staff members slipping and falling on their way to or from work which could result in a nasty injury. Use a combination of salt, sand and other materials to help melt snow and ice as well as provide some much-needed traction in slippery conditions.

2: Ensure Floors Are Dry

Winters in Ireland are filled with rain, and as your staff are coming into your building they bring a lot of water in from the outdoors. This is especially dangerous on smoothly finished floors and can cause a lot of falls if the problem isn’t solved. Putting down mats at entrances is a fantastic way to stop the spread of rainwater throughout the building. The mats should be non-slip, good at absorbing water and as long as possible so that your employee’s feet will be dry by the time they have walked over them in around 3-6 steps. Another step you should take is to provide umbrella bins next to every entrance so staff can put their umbrellas straight in there and they don’t drip all over the floor. You should also mop and dry the floors as frequently as is necessary to keep them clean and dry, the frequency will change depending on how bad the rain is outside and how many people are coming and going from your building. Finally, make sure you put out caution signs in affected areas to let people know about the wet floors so that they can take a bit more care while walking.

Keep your staff and office safe this winter by making sure all footpaths are clear from ice and gritted for extra traction and also by making sure any smooth finished floors by entrances are maintained properly. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss our full property maintenance services. Call now on 021-486-1633!

3 More Ways To Protect Your Home Or Business From Flooding

3 More Ways To Protect Your Home Or Business From Flooding

3 More Ways To Protect Your Home Or Business From FloodingFloods strike fast and they leave a trail of damage to homes and businesses in their wake. You can’t always completely mitigate the damage a flood is going to cause, but being well prepared is the best way to minimise the damage it can cause to your property. Here are 3 more ways to protect your home or business from flooding.

1: Raise Outdoor Fuel Tanks

If you have an oil tank outside of your home or business, make sure they are placed well above historic flood levels and that they are anchored securely. The same should be done for any outdoor equipment you have such as backup generators or your office’s air conditioning system. If they are below the flood level and not anchored securely enough, there is a risk of them breaking free. Not only will you use your tanks and equipment, but they can cause a serious amount of damage to your property and others.

2: Inspect Window & Door Seals

Ground floor entryways and windows below flood level need to be extremely secure if they are going to have any chance of battling the pressures that flood waters can throw at them. Inspect the seals of your doors and windows. If you find any cracks or deformities in the seal, then replace them in a timely manner. It may be too late to do so by the time a flood warning is given.

3: Make Sure Drains Are Clear

Keeping your outdoor drains clear might sound like an obvious way to protect your home or business from flooding, but it can be easy to forget about if there is a panic about floods. You should also check them at intervals throughout the day, heavy winds usually accompany flooding and they can cause branches to break off and other debris to clog your drains.

To keep your home or business protected from flooding this year make sure to raise and anchor all fuel tanks and outdoor equipment above the flood level if possible, inspect your window and door seals for damage and replace them if necessary, and make sure you keep your outdoor drains clear. However even if you take all of the precautions it’s not always possible to defend your property from flood damage. If you need an expert, insurance approved flood company contact us at Advance Maintenance Ltd today.

3 Ways To Protect Your Home Or Business From Flooding

3 Ways To Protect Your Home Or Business From Flooding

Now that Autumn is here, we are quickly approaching flood season. If you’re home or business is on a floodplain, knowing how you can protect them and what you can do to be prepared to minimise flood damage can be vital. Here are 3 ways to protect your home or business from flooding.

3 Ways To Protect Your Home Or Business From FloodingSafeguard Your Electrical System

One of the most damaging things a flood can do is short out your entire electrical system, which in some cases can lead to the entire house needing to be rewired or an electrical fire in the non flooded areas of the building. To avoid this, you should have your sockets, switches, fuse boxes and circuit breakers raised to at least a foot above the expected flood water level. This might seem like a lot of work but you’re in an area that commonly floods, it will pay for itself over and over again.

Create A Flood Kit

Getting prepared for a flood with a flood kit that’s filled with all of the essentials you need can be a huge benefit. You should fill the kit with insurance documents, bank account details, birth certificates, tax returns, ID’s, a first aid kit, bottled water, non perishable food and waterproof clothing and the details of your, insurance provider approved, flood damage repair company. While your flood kit may not stop your home or business being damaged initially by the flood, it can help you get back in action much quicker and prevent ongoing damage by giving you the ability to contact a flood damage repair company immediately as well as easing some of your worries in an already stressful time.

Find Out How To Turn Off Your Gas & Electricity

Before you evacuate the building due to flooding, it’s important to ensure that your supply of gas and electricity is turned off to reduce the likelihood of fires if a gas pipe is ruptured or your electrical system is shorted out. Your landlord or gas/electricity suppliers should be able to tell how to do it safely and where the switches and valves are located. Knowing how to do this in advance will make it much easier for you when it comes time to turn them off, especially if it’s a flash flooding situation. If they aren’t clearly marked, then label them so it’s easy to locate them in an emergency situation.

Protect your home or business from flood damage by raising electrical sockets, switches, fuse boxes and circuit breakers well above the regular height of flooding, create a flood kit so you can react quickly and know in advance how to turn your electricity and gas supply off in a hurry.

If you’re unlucky and have to deal with flooding, you need a flood damage repair company you can trust. Call Advance Maintenance Ltd today on 021-4866-133 and we will be with you as soon as possible to mitigate the damage and get you back up on your feet.

3 More Ways To Cheaply Cool Your Office During Summer

3 More Ways To Cheaply Cool Your Office During Summer

3 More Ways To Cheaply Cool Your Office During SummerThe summer might be nearing its end, but there’s still time to save money on your air conditioning bill. With a little bit of ingenuity and some careful planning you can reduce your HVAC energy costs for this summer and for every summer to come. Here are 3 more ways to cheaply cool your office during summer.

1: Add Film To Your Windows

Sun protecting window film can be a huge help in keeping your building cool without putting stress on your air conditioning unit. This simple film can block up to 75% of the sun’s heat that would normally come through your windows and it is fairly inexpensive. With the savings you make on air conditioning costs, the window films will pay for themselves in no time.

2: Keep Windows Closed

It’s a natural reaction to go to open a window on a particularly sweltering day, but if you are using a HVAC system it can actually have the opposite effect of cooling you down. It allows all of the cool air your system is producing to escape which puts more strain on the system and causes your electricity bills to start skyrocketing. Opening windows is fine if there is no HVAC system running, but if there is it is extremely counter productive.

3: Reduce Lighting

The winter months are darker than the summer and so more lights in the office will need to be turned on throughout the working day. Lights being turned on generate heat while also increasing your electricity bill, so they have a 2 fold effect on your cooling costs. Take a walk through your office and identify the lights that aren’t necessary and make a note to keep them turned off as much as possible.

Adding sun protection film to windows, keeping windows closed when air conditioning units are running and minimising the amount of lights that are turned on inside the office at any given time will save you money and keep your office cooler. If you’re looking for more than just a few quick tips to keep your office cool contact us about facilities management today.

3 Ways To Cheaply Cool Your Office During Summer

3 Ways To Cheaply Cool Your Office During Summer

3 Ways To Cheaply Cool Your Office During SummerRunning an office can be expensive during the summer. You have all of the usual running costs along with trying to maintain a temperature inside the building that’s comfortable for the employees. It can be hard to strike a balance between cost effectiveness and temperature that both you and the office workers are happy, but it can be done with a little ingenuity. Here are 3 ways to cheaply cool your office during summer.

1: Night Cooling

Night cooling is a technique whereby you allow cool night air to run through the building during the night. This can remove a lot of the heat that has built up over the course of the day. Similarly, interior building fabric such as walls, doors and floor slabs that are cooled in this manner can absorb much more heat the following day which helps to keep internal temperatures down making you less reliant on your HVAC system. This should only be done through secure windows and vents, if you don’t have any such windows or vents then try out some of the other techniques to keep your office cool.

2: HVAC Maintenance

Initially, HVAC maintenance might not look like the cheap option when it comes to keeping a building cool. But even just making sure that all of the air conditioning ducts, fans and filters are clean will make your system much more efficient when it comes to dealing with the heat.

3: Close The Blinds

Closing the blinds and curtains is yet another simple technique that can have a big impact on office temperature and the costs associated with it. This will help prevent the sun from creating a greenhouse effect in your building which increases the temperature. The reduction in the temperature will also take some more strain off of your air conditioning system, so it can run using less energy.

If you want to keep your office cool this summer on a budget you should consider leaving cool night air run through your building at night through secure windows, make sure that the fans, ducts and filters in your HVAC system are clean and functioning as they should and lastly, close your blinds to stop the sun getting in and heating up the room.

For more advanced techniques and cost saving measures, you need a professional facilities management company. They help you save money while relieving you of the headache of dealing with maintenance issues and allowing you to concentrate on your business. Let’s discuss what facilities management can do for you, call us on 021-486-6133.

Fire Damage Repair - 3 More Reasons To Choose Advance Maintenance

Fire Damage Repair – 3 More Reasons To Choose Advance Maintenance

Fire Damage Repair - 3 More Reasons To Choose Advance MaintenanceIf you ever have the misfortune of having to call a fire damage restoration company, you will know how difficult choosing the right people for the job when you are under such a huge amount of stress. We recommend being prepared just in case disaster strikes and selecting your fire damage repair company in advance, this cuts down on time spent searching which is crucial as the quicker action is taken the better. When choosing your fire damage repair company, here’s 3 more reasons to choose Advance Maintenance.

1: We Have A Huge Amount Of Experience

When it comes to your home or business, the fire damage repair company you choose should have extensive experience in dealing with every aspect of the repairs and cleaning work that goes into restoring a building after a fire. The last thing you need is for an inexperienced worker omitting something important or making a costly mistake that could lead to further damage down the line. Even with the best of intentions, a lack of experience can end up making the situation a whole lot worse and may not be fully covered by your insurance providers.

2: We Have Unmatched Customer Service

When fire strikes, we understand how difficult it can be and we make sure to give you the best possible customer service to help you feel as much at ease with the situation as possible. Through every step of the process from insurance claim to fully restored building, we will keep you in the loop and be happy to answer any questions you have along the way.

3: We Don’t Just Repair The Visible Damage

We don’t just repair the visible damage that the fire has done, we fix any structural damage or weakening and we also clean up the mess it has caused and have all of the specialist equipment at our disposal that is necessary to clear the smell of soot and smoke from the home so it doesn’t linger once the repairs are completed.

If you need a fire damage restoration company, visit us online or call us on 021-486-6133 today. We have a wealth of experience, unrivalled customer service and we handle everything from structural repairs to cleaning.

Fire Damage Repair - 3 Reasons To Choose Advance Maintenance

Fire Damage Repair – 3 Reasons To Choose Advance Maintenance

Fire Damage Repair - 3 Reasons To Choose Advance MaintenanceA fire in your home or business can be an extremely stressful ordeal, the last thing you need is to be forced to try pick up the pieces alone. At Advance Maintenance Ltd, we have a full range of fire damage repair services to speed up the process and take some of the stress out of the situation. If you need a professional fire damage repair service, here’s 3 reasons to choose AMLTD.

1: We Help With Your Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Business and home fire damage insurance claims can be very complex and it’s easy for your claims to get bogged down. Advance Maintenance puts a highly skilled and experienced insurance claim team that can help you through the whole process. We are also insurance company approved contractors and we have an extremely efficient and systematic approach to your home or business insurance claim that ensures we can speed along the process and start making repairs to get you back to your routine as soon as possible.

2: We React Quickly

The quicker a fire damage repair company can get to the scene and start assessing the damage and cost of repair, the sooner you can get your home or business back to it’s former glory. We can generally arrange a site visit within 24 hours of your call so that we can secure your property and start making repairs as soon as possible.

3: We Handle All Repairs

When you choose Advance Maintenance as your fire damage repair company you can rest assured that we will take it from there. You won’t have to deal with multiple contractors as we have experts ready and waiting to restore your home or business in any way necessary. This includes general building, plumbing, heating repairs, electrical repairs, joinery, roof repairs, plastering, tiling, interior design/decor and more.

When choosing the right fire damage repair company for you, remember we help you through the insurance claim process, we can visit your site within 24 hours of your initial call and we are well prepared to deal with any type of damage the fire has caused.

If you need a fire damage repair company, call us now on 086-260-4782. The quicker you call, the quicker we can help.

2 More Tips For Choosing The Best Flood Damage Repair Company

2 More Tips For Choosing The Best Flood Damage Repair Company

2 More Tips For Choosing The Best Flood Damage Repair CompanyIf you’re ever unlucky enough to have to deal with flooding in your home, you have to be able to choose the right company to help you pick up the pieces and mitigate the damage. You will need a water damage repair company that has a wealth of experience dealing with insurance companies and that acts as fast as possible. But that’s not all, here are 2 more tips for choosing the best flood damage repair company.

24/7 Flood Damage Repair Services

If your home or business has the potential to be flooded, you need a flood damage repair company that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. A lot of flood damage is caused at night time, if your chosen repair company closes at night they are putting your property at risk as they won’t be able to mitigate any damage until the morning. Having a water damage mitigation company that is always there for you when you need them most should be one of your top priorities.

Fully Licensed & Insured

To have the best chance of selecting the best flood damage repair company for your needs, make sure they are fully licensed and insured to carry out flood damage mitigation and repairs. If they aren’t licensed and insured then you should move on to the next candidate as it’s possible for them to do more harm than good.

There are very few things, if any, that can cause as much damage as water. Every second that goes by, without proper action being taken by a responsible and efficient flood damage repair company, significantly increases the risk of more damage to your property. When selecting the best company for your needs, remember to make sure they offer a 24/7 service 365 days a year and also ensure that they are fully licensed and insured to carry out all of the necessary repairs to get you back to your routine.

If you need a flood damage repair company, trust the experts at Advance Maintenance. Contact us today by visiting us online or by calling 021-486-6133.

2 Tips For Choosing The Best Flood Damage Repair Company

2 Tips For Choosing The Best Flood Damage Repair Company

2 Tips For Choosing The Best Flood Damage Repair CompanyIf your home or business gets flooded, it can be an extremely trying time. The whole situation is extremely stressful, but you have to act fast and call in a professional flood damage repair company as soon as possible. The quicker you are able to find a suitable company and they can get started on their work, the better. The longer it takes them to get onsite the greater the overall extent of the damage and the higher your repair bill will be. Here are 2 tips for choosing the best flood damage repair company to help mitigate the damage.

1: Experience With Insurance Policies

Flood damage can be very costly if you are forced to foot the entire bill yourself, but many homes and businesses around Ireland are covered by their insurance in the event of a flood. When selecting a flood damage repair company, make sure that your insurance company recognises and approves them before they begin any work. If they aren’t approved by your insurer and your policy covers flood damage, keep searching until you find a company that’s the right fit. The company you select should also have extensive experience in dealing with insurance companies and policies so that they can help you through the whole process as it can be complicated, especially when you are new to it.

2: Choose A Company That Acts Fast

In the event of a flood, every minute that goes by without any action being taken causes more and more damage. You should always choose a company that is willing to act fast, immediately if possible. If you make contact with a company and they say it will take a few days or a week, move on to the next company as that will be too late to stop the majority of the damage. A fast response is always a crucial component when attempting to mitigate flood damage.

When choosing the best flood damage repair company to help you, ensure they are approved by your insurance company, have a lot of experience dealing with claims and know how to accelerate the process. Also, you should always choose a flood damage repair company that responds quickly to minimise the amount of damage caused.

If your home or business has been flooded and you need help, contact Advance Maintenance immediately by visiting us online or by calling us on 021-486-6133.

3 Spring Property Maintenance Tips

3 Spring Property Maintenance Tips

3 Spring Property Maintenance TipsAfter your property has had to endure the winter, spring can be a welcome relief. The improving weather and increased amount of daylight hours give you a great opportunity to maintain your property and make sure everything is up to scratch. Here are 3 spring property maintenance tips.

1: Check Flooring & Carpets

Over the course of the winter wear and tear on flooring tends to speed up. This is largely due to bad weather which can cause people to walk in with damp or muddy shoes. This makes the spring the perfect season to properly check and maintain your floors with a once per year deep clean. For hard surfaces such, stripping and waxing (choose the most suitable technique for the surface in question) can go a long way to extending the lifetime of your flooring. When it comes to keeping your carpets/rugs in tip top condition, wait until the bulk of spring pollen is gone from the air and have your carpets professionally cleaned and shampooed. This is a fantastic way to keep carpets and rugs looking great for longer while also reducing allergens in the building.

2: Inspect Carparks & Footpaths

Spring is the ideal time to inspect carparks and footpaths for cracks, resurfacing, sealing and lining. Ireland’s wet and rainy winters have a tendency to introduce a few new potholes each year, this is also something you should be looking out for. Compiling your carpark and footpath snag list early in the year leaves you with plenty of time to plan and carry out all of the necessary repairs.

3: Air Conditioner Check-Up

For any property that makes use of air conditioners, proper maintenance is fundamental to their performance when trying to cool down the building on hot summer days. Without proper maintenance, your a/c unit may still work but not nearly as efficiently and the difference in running costs can be astronomical. Cleaning the coils greatly improves air quality and ensure you have a healthy and productive workforce. This is especially true when it has gone unused for several months. Call in an air conditioning professional and make sure your units are up to standard and fit to run for another summer.

Maintain your property properly this spring time. Remember to check your flooring and carpets for dirt or damage and either give them a deep clean or replace them if they are too far gone, inspect carparks and footpaths for potholes, cracks and other issues and make sure you have a professional take a look at all of your a/c units to make sure they are ready to do their job for the summer. If you need help maintaining your property, don’t hesitate to contact Advance Maintenance today. Simply visit us online or call us on 021-4866-133.

3 Facility Maintenance Tips For After Winter

3 Facility Maintenance Tips For After Winter

Winter takes it’s toll on buildings. The cold, wet, windy weather is enough to test any structure and make sure that facility maintenance teams have their work cut out for them. Acting now and making repairs before issues become larger will save you money through the whole year. Here are 3 facility maintenance tips for after winter.

1: Examine The Exterior Of The Facility

3 Facility Maintenance Tips For After WinterWinter tends to speed up the ageing process of the exterior of buildings as they are on the frontline against the harsh weather. Examine the facility by looking for chipping paint, damage to siding and for any new or expanding cracks in walls or the foundation.

2: Examine The Roof

Gusty winds and ice over the winter months cause a roofs craftsmanship to be put to the test. If it’s safe to do so, you should inspect your roof. Watch out for loose or missing shingles, missing materials like flashing or seals around skylights, areas where water pools and any other type of leak, tear or puncture damage you can find. Roof damage can be extremely costly if left unchecked so this is your chance to nip it in the bud.

3: Check Downspouts & Gutters

Living in Ireland, the rainy season is never really over so your downspouts and gutters should be in tip top shape. Improper guttering will very often lead to water damage and roof leaks so it’s important to check them for damage and clogging both before and after the winter.

To ensure your facility is properly maintained after winter make sure you examine the outside of buildings looking for chipped paint, damaged siding or cracks in walls or the foundation. Similarly you should take some time to check your roof for any damage to missing roof tiles and materials and make sure your downspouts and gutters are clog free and aren’t showing any signs of damage.

You should only carry out these checks yourself if it is safe to do so. If you would like us to carry out any checks or to fix any issues that you have found simply visit us online or call us on 021-486-6133 today.

4 More Ways To Lower Heating Bills This Winter

4 More Ways To Lower Heating Bills This Winter

As mentioned in 4 ways to lower your heating bills this winter, it can be easy to lose your grip on your heating bills during the winter. The helpful tips in that article will go a long way to reducing your heating costs, but here are 4 more ways to lower your heating bills this winter.

1: Position Workstations Thoughtfully

Electronics like computers and photocopiers in your office generate heat which can be wasted if they are placed without much thought. Positioning your employees workstations in a way that allows their computer fans to heat up the room, by aiming them into the room instead of at walls etc. This might not save a huge amount, depending on how many computers are running, but everything adds up and the computers are being used anyway.

4 More Ways To Lower Heating Bills This Winter2: Seal Up Holes In Exterior Walls

Electrical cables, gas lines and pipes all come in through exterior walls and if they aren’t properly sealed then you could be losing a lot of heat through the gaps, you could also be leaving your premises open to mice and insects. Even if they have been sealed with caulk, the seal can degrade over time and become obsolete. Get a can of expanding foam and simply seal the gaps, this is very cost effective and takes very little time.

3: Book A Thermal Image Leak Detection

Thermal imaging technology is very advanced and allows us to identify exactly where heat is escaping from a room. By booking a thermal image leak detection you can find gaps that you didn’t know were there and fill them in. This helps to eliminate wasted heat and reduce your dependency on your heating system.

4: Turn Down Your Thermostat

Turning down your thermostat might sound like an obvious solution, but it is one of the best ways to save money on heating. Lowering your thermostat by just one degree can save you as much as 3% on heating bills.

Stay warm for less this winter. Position workstations in a way that best uses the heat they generate, seal up holes in exterior walls, get a thermal imaging leak detection expert to show you exactly where heat is escaping and slightly adjust your thermostat to make big savings.

4 Ways To Lower Heating Bills This Winter

4 Ways To Lower Heating Bills This Winter

No matter how careful you are, your heating bills will be at their highest in the winter. If left unchecked those bills can skyrocket out of control and cost you a fortune. Here are 4 ways to lower heating bills this winter.

1: Replace Door & Window Seals

Over time, door and window seals wear out and become less effective which allows more cold air in and leaves more warm air out. Most seals can be replaced easily, simply remove the old one and tacking on the new one. This will exclude more drafts and help to lower your heating bills.

2: Take Advantage Of The Sun

While it may be freezing outside, the sun still shines every day. Take advantage of this free solar heating by opening up blinds and curtains in your home/office. This will take significant strain off of your heating system and allow you to heat your building for less.

3: Schedule A Boiler Service

It might seem like an unnecessary expense to some people, but servicing your boiler annually can have a dramatic impact on your heating costs. Older boilers are nowhere near as efficient as the models available today, so if your boiler is more than 15 years old you should consider purchasing a new one. This can be expensive but it can save you around 30 cent per euro that is spent on your heating and hot water bills.

4 Ways To Lower Heating Bills This Winter4: Insulate Your Pipes

Insulating your heating and hot water pipes can be hugely beneficial when making an effort to reduce your heating costs. Using pre-scored foam tubes that snap around the pipes as insulation is quick and easy and it significantly reduces the amount of heat lost. Insulating your pipes also has the added benefit of reducing the likelihood that your pipes will freeze.

Getting control over your home or office winter heating bill is extremely important and it can be easy to get started. Simply replace worn out door and window seals with new ones, take advantage of the free heating offered by the sun, get your boiler serviced or consider investing in a new one if it’s 15 years old or more and insulate your heating and hot water pipes to keep in the heat and stop them from freezing. If you don’t have time to carry out these tasks or you need a facilities management expert to get you to the next level, visit our contact us page or call us on 021-486-6133 today!

4 Benefits Of Installing Security Lights

4 Benefits Of Installing Security Lights

4 Benefits Of Installing Security LightsKeeping your property protected from potential intruders is at the top of almost every home or business owner’s’ mind. Security lights that illuminate areas around the property when a sensor is triggered can play a crucial role in the security of your home or business. Here are 4 benefits of installing security lights.

1: They Actively Deter Criminals

Criminals prefer to work in the dark where there is a low chance of someone being able to recognise their face. Security lighting takes the darkness away and illuminates them. This can often lead to the intruder moving away from your property.

2: You Get Notice Before They Enter The Property

If you are dealing with a foolhardy criminal who has their heart set on breaking and entering and is undeterred by the light, the light being set off will give you a warning that they are approaching. This can give you the time you need to get somewhere safe and call the Gardaí.

3: They Protect Your Property When You’re Not There

Security lights are activated automatically by tripping a sensor. This means that even when you are away, your lighting will continue to make intruders think twice before committing a crime. This is great for late nights when no one is at the office and for keeping your home protected when you are away on holidays.

4: Accident Prevention

Whether you are installing security lighting to protect your home or your business, they have the benefit of preventing accidents, especially in the winter months. There have been countless accidents involving people tripping and injuring themselves when leaving work in the dark, security lighting helps prevent accidents in the dark by brightening the way.

If you are thinking about installing security lighting but haven’t decided yet, remember they actively deter criminals, they give you prior notice of an intruder’s presence so you have time to get somewhere safe, they keep deterring criminals even when you aren’t there and they can help prevent accidents in the dark. Start protecting your property, have your security lighting installed by the experts. Click here to visit us online today.

How To Prepare Your Building For Autumn

The summer is over and autumn just beginning. The colder weather and rain that comes with autumn means you will have to take an entirely different approach when it comes to building maintenance. Here is how to prepare your building for autumn.

1: Clean Your Gutters

Over the summer months debris can begin to clog up your gutters. The results aren’t as noticeable in summer as there is less rain, but as rain levels increase so will the risks of having a blocked gutter. If left clogged, your gutters will not be able to function correctly and bring rain water away from your house. This can lead to water permeating your home which can lead to countless problems down the line. Properly maintaining a gutter is far cheaper and easier than finding and repairing the leak.

2: Seal Up The Cracks

Going into autumn, you will be beginning to frequently use your heating system again. This means that you should be attempting to keep the inside air in and the outside air out whenever possible to minimise heat loss and keep your bills down. Warm air will quickly escape through any cracks. So, go around to all of the windows and doors leading to outside in the building looking for cracks in the frames and sealings. Sealing up these cracks with caulk can have a noticeable impact on your heating bill.

3: Install Low Energy Lightbulbs

As the days grow shorter you will be using your lightbulbs far more often. This is a great opportunity to replace your normal bulbs with energy saving or LED bulbs. This has two major benefits, Firstly your electricity bill will be lower as these types of bulbs require less energy to run. Secondly, you generally have to replace them far less often than traditional bulbs, saving you money long term. Some LED light bulbs have a lifespan of over 20 years so they are definitely worth the initially more expensive price.

Prepare your building for autumn and make savings in the process by cleaning out your gutters, using caulk to seal up cracks in window and door frames and by installing energy saving light bulbs, especially in rooms where lights are on for an extended period of time. Book your facilities management consultation now by visiting us online or by calling 021 486-6133.

4 Ways To Spot Subsidence

4 Ways To Spot Subsidence

4 Ways To Spot SubsidenceSubsidence is the term for the caving in or sinking of an area of land. Subsidence in homes and office buildings is generally caused by unstable soil beneath the property rather than the weight of the structure that has been built on top of it. Subsidence can have negative effects on the visual appearance of a building, but it can also be more serious and cause structural problems. It’s crucial to catch subsidence early on, here are 4 ways to spot subsidence.

1: Doors & Windows

Some of the early signs of subsidence in a property can be spotted by checking the windows and doors of a property as they are weak spots. Go around to all of the windows and doors in the property and look for small cracks appearing in the walls around them, if you observe cracks in more than one spot it is likely you are dealing with subsidence. You can also open and close the windows and doors. Doors and windows sticking is another tell tale sign of subsidence.

2: Cracks In Walls

Some small cracks appearing in walls is normal in a lot of circumstances, but watch out for larger cracks especially if they get wider as they get higher up on the wall. If the cracks are 3mm or wider and moving upwards diagonally, you should contact a subsidence specialist to get a second opinion immediately.

3: Extension

If you have added an extension onto your home or office then you should go and check the point where it meets the main building. As subsidence is caused by movement underground, you may be able to see a crack where the two meet, as your extension may be being pulled away from the main building.

4: Wallpaper

If you have wallpaper in building there is another sign of subsidence that you can look out for. Go around to all of the rooms with wallpaper looking in particular at where the walls meet the ceiling for signs of crinkling.

Always be conscious and on the lookout for subsidence. Check if your doors or windows are sticking or have small cracks around them, watch out for diagonal cracks in the wall especially if they are 3mm or wider, check where any extensions meet the main building for cracks and finally look for crinkles in your wallpaper where the walls meet the ceiling. If you have any or all of these signs of subsidence, call a professional out to get to the bottom of the problem. Book your subsidence consultation by visiting us online today.

3 Cost Effective Tips To Keep Your Office Cool In Summer

3 Cost Effective Tips To Keep Your Office Cool In Summer

3 Cost Effective Tips To Keep Your Office Cool In SummerKeeping your staff comfortable during the summer months is crucial to keep them happy and working optimally. However, cooling the office inefficiently drives up your costs of doing business and eats into your profit margins. Here are 3 cost effective tips to keep your office cool in summer.

1: Switch To LED Lighting

Your air conditioning system has to work to keep a steady temperature. It does this by diminishing the heat produced by every person, piece of equipment and light bulb that is in the building. LED lights are one of the coolest running light types available today, so they can genuinely reduce strain put on your HVAC system, thus reducing the costs to keep it running. Not only are LED lights cool running and energy efficient, they also last a lot longer before needing to be replaced compared with traditional lamp types. The prices of LED lights have also dramatically decreased over the past few years so it is crazy not to consider them.

2: Review Air-Con Run Time

The running time of your HVAC system should be reviewed regularly. Look at the office schedule and see if there are any times when the air conditioning is set to run and there is no one in the office. Sometimes you can find a few hours or maybe even a full day during the week where the system is running and doesn’t need to be.

3: Turn Off Unnecessary Equipment

All of the equipment in an office produces heat which in turn warms up the office. Reducing the amount of equipment that is running is a way of instantly reducing the amount of heat produced. Whether you use an air conditioning unit, your electricity bill will be lower. Some pieces of equipment are integral to the running of your business and may need to run through the entire working day, but some are not. One easy way of reducing the amount of equipment running in an office is by asking your employees either put their computers to sleep or shut them down completely at break times.

Keep your office cool the cost effective way this summer by switching to LED lighting, reviewing the run time of your air conditioning unit and turning off any equipment that isn’t being used. For more comprehensive ways to save on running costs you should hire a professional facilities management company. Visit us online or call 021-486-6133.

3 Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Facilities Management

3 Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Facilities Management

3 Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Facilities ManagementThere a can be huge benefits to for your business by outsourcing your facilities management to a company that specialises in that area. There is so much to get through in a working day that facilities management and maintenance can sometimes slip to the back of your mind, outsourcing solves that problem. Here are 3 benefits of outsourcing your facilities management.

1: Lower Maintenance & Repair Costs

Buildings are generally one of the highest sources of expenditure for any company. By outsourcing your facilities management to experts, you allow them to formulate a proper maintenance schedule to ensure your business keeps running smoothly. This also frees up employees to focus on their work rather than managing aspects of the building and dramatically reduces the number of unexpected breakdowns of important equipment

2: Industry Expertise

Hiring a facilities management company also gives you peace of mind in knowing that industry experts are on hand to help if any issues arise. They have the skills and equipment to get the job done well so you don’t have to worry about specially training employees or seeking out and paying for the expensive equipment that needs to be used for some tasks.

3: Occupant Retention

If you own a building and are letting it out to businesses or for residential purposes, keeping your occupant turnover rate as low as possible is very important. It’s far easier to keep a good occupant than it is to find a new one. Showing occupants that you pay attention to their concerns such as the temperature of the office or strange smell coming from the sink will make them happier and more likely to stay. A good facilities management company will take care of this for you and help you retain your occupants.

Facilities management should never be viewed as a cost to cut out, but a way of lowering your overall costs and improving your business. Outsourcing your facilities management to experts can lower your maintenance and repair costs, it allows you get to rely on experts in their field to come to your aid if something needs to be done and the occupants of the building will be happier and more likely to stay there.

If you are looking for a company to manage your facilities then visit us online or call us today on 021-486-6133.

4 Warning Signs That You Have Faulty Wiring

4 Warning Signs That You Have Faulty WiringBad or old wiring can be an inconvenience when it causes you to lose power, but it can also be very dangerous as faulty wiring is one of the main causes of house fires. Here are 4 warning signs that you have faulty wiring.

1: Dimming Or Flickering Lights

If your lights dim or flicker when something is turned on it is a sign of an overloaded circuit. In some cases lights can dim and flicker occasionally even when the wiring of the building is sound. However if it happens regularly, then you should call a professional electrician as this is a sign that you have faulty wiring or that an old circuit breaker has to be replaced.

2: Burning Odour

Sometimes the first few uses of a new appliance may produce a strange odour, that can be normal. But if the odour is coming from the outlet, fuse box or a breaker panel then you need to call an electrician right away to avoid any further damage.

3: Discolouration Of Outlets & Switches

If you notice any discolouration or charring of switches or outlets then it will have to be replaced as soon as possible. The outlets and switches themselves are not always to blame, sometimes the cause of the problem lies with the wiring, usually close to the outlet or switch, in the circuit being faulty. This causes the outlet or switch to arc and cause small fires that die out quickly.

4: Blown Fuses & Tripped Breakers

Fuses and circuit breakers are there as a precaution to prevent a circuit from overloading and causing a fire. Fuses have to be replaced every time they are blown and circuit breakers are reusable, generally just having to be flipped back up. Eventually however circuit breakers can get worn down and need replacing. Another sign of faulty wiring is if you regularly have to replace fuses and circuit breakers. If this is an issue that you have then you need to call a fully qualified electrician to come in and resolve the problem.

If you notice your lights regularly dimming and flickering, a burning odour from outlets, fuse boxes or circuit breakers, discolouration of outlets or switches or that you routinely have to replace fuses and circuit breakers you may have faulty wiring. If you think that this is the case then it’s essential that you call a reliable, professional electrical repair service immediately to assess your wiring and fix any problems before the issue becomes more serious.

3 Signs You Have A Plumbing Problem

3 Signs You Have A Plumbing Problem

Small plumbing problems often lead to much larger and more expensive problems down the line. Sometimes it’s hard to know whether or not you even have a problem to being with, so in this article I will be telling you the 3 signs you have a plumbing problem.

1: Spluttering Faucet

A warning sign to look out for is if the faucet of your tap starts spluttering. Often this can be harmless as it is just air trapped in the pipes. However if it is happening to several faucets around the house, or if it is a common occurrence it may be a sign of a bigger problem. Usually when taps splutter on a consistent basis it means there is a crack somewhere in the pipes. If you are worried that this is happening to you, it’s time to call a plumber before the issue before it gets out of hand.

3 Signs You Have A Plumbing Problem2: Slow Draining Water

Another sign that you have a plumbing problem is if water is draining more slowly than usual in sinks, showers or baths. Before a drain blocks completely, it usually slows down. Sometimes even taking minutes to drain a shower. If you are experiencing slow draining water, act fast to rectify the situation. It saves you time and money to catch the problem early. A slow drain can be harmless if it doesn’t happen often. However if it is a persistent issue then you more than likely have a blocked pipe. This is also the case for toilets, so keep an eye on it and take action before it becomes a bigger problem.

3: Visible Mould Or Mildew

This can occur in your bathroom and may not be a serious issue. If it is a recurring issue however you may have a larger plumbing problem. Look out for mould or mildew on non shower walls. If it is present, you may have a water leak. Even small water leaks can cause serious damage to the structure of your home over time. It also helps create the dark, damp conditions that mold and mildew love. If you are facing this issue call a plumber before that small leak causes a big problem.

Check around your home, if you have any of these 3 signs of a plumbing problem, call a professional. It saves you time, money and a lot of headaches down the line. If you spot any of these issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

4 Simple Tips For Keeping Your Drain Unclogged

4 Simple Tips For Keeping Your Drains Unclogged

Drain blockages can happen at the most inopportune times and wreak havoc on your daily routine. If your drains ever do get blocked then don’t hesitate to call us, However in this blog I will be going over tips on how  you can avoid getting blocked drains in the first place. The first step is to have them cleaned by a professional, it stops any build up and may just save you a headache down the line. Once they are cleaned you should follow these simple steps to keep them clear.


1: Don’t Pour Grease Down Your Drain:

Grease from things like frying pans and grill trays can be a nightmare for your drains. Once it goes down the drain it cools down and solidifies which can lead to them blocking and backing up. Try pouring this grease into a can and disposing of it another way to save yourself hassle down the line.


2: Be Careful What You Flush:

Only flush toilet paper down your toilet. The so called “flushable” wipes that are everywhere now are one of the biggest causes for blockages in households. Throw them in the bin after use to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


3: Use Strainers in Kitchen & Bathroom Drains:

Strainers are quite inexpensive and are extremely useful in kitchen sinks so that any waste food can be caught before it falls down into the drain. Using them in bathroom drains is also advisable as they stop hairs from going down into drains and getting tangled up. This is especially good advice for anyone who bathes their pets in the bath.


4: Run Hot Water Down Your Drains:

Running hot water down your kitchen sink can help to get rid of any grease or oil deposits that have become trapped in your drains. Similarly running very hot water down your bathroom drains can get rid of soap build up in your bathroom drains.


Being conscientious about what you put down your drains can save you time and money in the long run. If you use these 4 simple tips for keeping your drain unclogged you shouldn’t have any trouble. However if you do run into trouble Advance Maintenance is here to help.


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5 Fireplace Safety Tips

5 Fireplace Safety Tips

The weather is starting to get colder so logically you are going to want to start using the fireplace again. Fireplaces in the home are an embodiment of comfort and warmth. However fire is dangerous and should never be taken lightly. Your fireplace can even become a lifeline in certain situations if there are power outages or your heating system fails. Keeping up to date with proper fireplace safety & maintenance is crucial and will lead to a safer, happier home. In this article I will be giving you 5 fireplace safety tips to keep you and your family safe this Winter.


1: Annual Cleaning:

Your fireplace should always be cleared out properly after each fire. However if you have a fireplace with doors you should clean them thoroughly before lighting the first fire of the year to remove any built up smog that’s residing on them.


2: Sweep Your Chimney:

The best way to effectively perform a chimney sweep is by hiring a professional to do it. There are countless nooks and crannies that are near impossible to see which often go unnoticed when you attempt the sweep yourself. Professional chimney sweeps have special tools to make sure dangerous obstructions are removed and your chimney is cleaned thoroughly.


3: Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

Be sure to install both a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector especially if you’re moving into a new home. In the event of a disaster these two little tools could literally save the lives of you and your family.


4: Clear Mantlepiece & Surrounding Areas:

Decorating fireplace mantels, especially during the holidays, is something that goes on in nearly every home in Ireland. If you are careful this doesn’t have to be an unsafe practice. It’s important to make sure there’s a 2 ft. space between any object and the fireplace. This ensures that flammable objects will not become overheated and catch fire.


5: Have A Fire Guard:

You can find fire guards very easily and often at very low cost. It’s important to keep the fire guard up if the fire is ever left unattended. This blocks sparks, lumps of coal or anything else from falling out onto your floor if it gets spat out of the fire.


These 5 fireplace safety tips will help you stay safe when using your fireplace. If you ever do get into trouble use the fire extinguisher, but if it’s too late for that, keep low, get out of the building and call the fire brigade. If you ever do lose or damage your home due to fire then AMLTD is here to help you deal with your insurance company and rebuild your life.

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10 Ways To Prepare For The Winter

10 Ways To Prepare For The Winter

Being prepared for the Winter is always a good idea. While we live in quite a temperate climate which means we generally don’t suffer with extreme weather, we do occasionally get snow and ice and it’s still always better to be prepared than to end up stuck in your home with nothing. This Winter preparation checklist should help you to be ready if the worst happens:


  1. Have a small supply of non-perishable, easy to prepare foods on hand. This can include things such as tins of beans.

  2. Keep extra supplies of essential medication in case it’s too difficult to get to the pharmacy.

  3. Have an adequate supply of fuel for your heating system and cooker. If possible have suitable alternatives should the main ones fail.

  4. Have a shovel and a large bag of salt on hand to keep pathways safe and avoid any painful falls or slips.

  5. Have torches and spare batteries in case of a power cut.

  6. Have candles ready also, they should be kept in proper candle holders and away from draughts. Never leave a candle unattended or by a christmas tree.

  7. Ensure your heating system is working correctly.

  8. Know how to turn off your water supply in case of burst pipes.

  9. Keep a water container so you will always have a drinking supply.

  10. Keep warm & avoid unnecessary travel


This checklist should help you to stay safe this winter. This list is just the basics and is by no means all encompassing, if you think of anything you feel will benefit yoursafety and preparedness this Winter you should do it. If you do run into any problems such as faulty heating systems or burst frozen pipes we would be happy to help you.


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4 Ways You Can Prevent Frozen Water Pipes

4 Ways You Can Prevent Frozen Water Pipes

With this year’s winter projected to be one of the coldest that we have ever experienced here in Ireland it’s more important than ever that you are prepared in order to avoid disasters like frozen pipes bursting. In this article I will be sharing 4 ways you can prevent frozen water pipes. These tips are especially essential if you are leaving your home unattended for any length of time over the winter months.


1: Insulate Your Pipes:

Keeping your water pipes insulated will help save them from the freezing conditions and give them the ability to endure freezing conditions for a little bit longer. However this will only stave off the cold for a limited amount of time, if the temperature falls below -2°C for more than four hours this won’t be enough to save them.


2: Don’t Turn Off Your Heating When You Are Away:

By this I don’t mean keep it on full blast day and night. Lower the temperature on your thermostat to as low as 10°C. This will prevent the temperature in your home from dropping dangerously low and into frozen pipe territory, while also not breaking the bank with the heating bill.


3: Keep Your Water Running:

I know what you’re thinking, you would be insane to leave your water running for a full week while you are on holidays, especially now that the water charges are in. However all that’s necessary is to keep faucets dripping at a slow rate, this prevents the water in the pipe from freezing as it isn’t kept in the ice cold pipe indefinitely.


4: Open Cabinet Doors

The final piece of advice that I will be giving you today is when you are away leave your cabinet doors open. Generally under the sink isn’t the best insulated place in the world so leaving the cabinet doors open allow the heat from your house make contact with your pipes and further reduce the risk of them flooding.

If your pipes do freeze and burst while you are away, call a professional. At AMLTD we have all the tools for the job, but hopefully it never comes to that. Good luck this winter and don’t let your pipes freeze.

3 Tips To Prepare Older Buildings For Winter

3 Tips To Prepare Older Buildings For Winter

Winter is now just around the corner. This means it is the perfect time for you to start preparing your buildings for the coming season. This is especially necessary if you have older buildings that haven’t been refurbished recently. Old fashioned heating systems, insufficient insulation & damaged foundations that leave the cold and damp in are just some of the problems you will face. All of this combined will see you drain your energy budget in no time at all. In this article I will be going over a few easy ways you can try to get your buildings up to scratch before the winter hits.

1: Inspect Your Heating System Checked:
The first thing that you should do going into winter is get your heating system checked by a professional. This is even more important if your system has been in place for more than 10 years. It’s important to make sure everything’s running smoothly as a system failure on a freezing day in December is no laughing matter. Older heating systems in large buildings often require a lot of manual oversight. According to the HVAC manager for Princeton University, valves need to be adjusted in each building starting in early to mid-October. Such a seemingly simple task could become quite complicated if you’re unsure of all the proper procedures.

2: Inspect Your Windows:
Windows are a huge reason for heat leakage in older buildings. Single pane windows are very inefficient and should be replaced wherever possible. Double glazed windows have a gap between the two panes of glass that acts as a cushion and slows the transfer of heat, this means that they are far more efficient when it comes to reducing heating bills.

3: Inspect Your Doors:
If the windows of your buildings are leaking heat, chances are your doors are doing the same and need an assessment. Gaps in masonry not only let the cold in, rodents also see it as a door to a new home inside your building. Ensure that all of your doors are sealed properly before you get a few unwanted guests for the winter months.

Going through with these preventative measures will save you countless headaches as well as reducing your energy costs. It’s better to prevent something than to fix it so save yourself the time and money and do it now.

take control of your energy costs

5 Steps To Take Control Of Your Facility’s Energy Costs

Managing a facility’s energy is a great way you can save more money for your business and lower your overheads. It might not be at the top of your mind but energy savings are an integral part of businesses these days. Below is a list of 5 steps to lowering your energy bills.


1: Find Out Just How Much Your Spending:

To do this you must know how much money is being spent on electricity and natural gas etc. Once you have the full amount for the year you can continue to break it down by time year, week, day

s and times of the day where power usage fluctuates. Completing this will allow you to move on to the next step.


2: Plan:

Now that you know how much you are spending it is time to figure out your options. The facilities manager should create a committee of people made up from different sections of the business that can come together from different perspectives to develop an energy strategy that fits the goals of the organization. For example if the organization was a nursing

home the committee should include nurses, facilities staff, managers and whomever is in charge of finance.


3: Implement Changes:

Once the changes hav

e been

decided on the facilities manager and other executives need to negotiate the best terms with each supplier in order to maximise their investment.


4: Maintain & Optimize:

This phase involves ensuring the smooth running of all the newly implemented features while also accurately measuring and analysing the energy consumption of the facilities. Once you have some data on how the changes have affected energy consumption then it is time to demonstrate their ROI and make any changes they can to improve it further.


5: Analyse Results:

Once all of the other steps have been completed it’s time to take a step back and analyse all of your results so far and determine how successful your energy saving campaign was. You can do this by comparing your expected results, which you would have from the planning stage, with your actual results. Then you may take further action if necessary.

Facilities Services


4 Key Tips For Selecting A Plumbing & Heating Service

If you own a business and you haven’t got a professional plumbing & heating service lined up then you are just asking for trouble. You need someone with a comprehensive service that can cover everything from full installations to emergency repairs. In this articles I will be going over 4 key tips for selecting a plumbing & heating service.


1: Make Sure There Is An Insurance Schedule:

An insurance schedule, also known as a policy schedule, is document which says the amount of insurance the plumbing company has. In other words it tells you the amount of redress that you would be entitled to if something went wrong. It’s important that this cover is adequate, if there is no insurance schedule whatsoever then you should definitely avoid that company.


2: Check The Number Of References They Have:

Any plumbing & heating service company should be able to provide at least five references. Usually you can check a company’s website and they will have them listed. If they have less than four or five references then you should also avoid them as it shows how few happy customers they have had in the past.


3: Ask About Any Jobs In Progress:

If a plumbing service is good then it should always be in demand. Also it’s likely the current customer will be contactable so you can get an idea of how satisfied their customers generally are with their work.


4: Look At Images Of Current & Completed Jobs:

Before during and after pictures of a work site can give you a great indicator of how the plumbing company in question

s operates and what you can visually expect from them. Many plumbers take before and after pictures these days for insurance purposes so that should not be too much of a problem.

Using these 4 tips for selecting a plumbing & heating service will help you avoid any costly mistakes in the future. For more information on our plumbing & heating services please visit the plumbing section of our website

How To Pick The Right Storm Damage Repair Company

How To Pick The Right Storm Damage Repair Company

Storm damage is becoming more and more frequent these days, this is due to both climate change and there simply being more properties around to get damaged as areas become more built up. Storms can leave your home or business with no electricity, broken windows and even holes in your roof. It’s crucial to make an effort to rectify the situation as soon as possible to limit any further damage that may be caused by the issues going untreated.


With any type of storm damage it’s important to consult a trusted repair company to assess the damage. The type of company you count on to get you back on your feet should be one that can effectively deal with all of the eventualities that are mentioned above as well as any surprise headaches. This will save you time and money as they will be able to quickly assess what needs to be done as well as ensuring everything is properly fixed. Hiring experts means that you can get back to business as usual as fast as possible.


Another important thing that should be considered when selecting such a maintenance company is how they deal with you and your insurance companies. They should be willing to help you in your home or business insurance claim. If they haven’t done this before then it’s unlikely they have repaired a homes or businesses storm damage in the past. This inexperience could lead to oversights when assessing damages, leaving you with a costly bill down the line due to their negligence.

It’s common to not have a company that springs to mind right away when you suffer storm damage to your home or business. When you do get a few names of companies that might be able to help you should always go to their websites and look at their customers testimonials. If the website has no testimonials it’s likely that they either don’t care what their customers say or don’t want you to see what their previous customers have said about them.

These few tips for picking the right company to repair your storm damage should help you ensure you pick the right people for the job.Here at Advanced Maintenance Ltd we can repair all kinds of storm damage to your property in a prompt and professional fashion. We take the headache out of dealing with your insurance company by helping you deal with them. We also have an excellent reputation due to the high standards we hold ourselves to and our concern for our customers. Just check out our testimonial sections.

Professional Electrical Repair Service

4 Reasons To Hire A Professional Electrical Repair Service

It’s tempting to want to do all repairs yourself to save on the cost of running a business or home. However when it comes to electrical repairs it really is essential to go with a professional electrical repair service. This article will be highlighting some of the reasons why work with electricity should only be carried out by the experts.


1: On The Job Safety Issues:

Working with electricity can be extremely dangerous especially if you aren’t entirely sure of what you are doing. It can be as simple as forgetting to turn off the power and you could get yourself in serious trouble. Electricians are experts in their field and it’s important not to hesitate in finding one if you are ever in doubt.


2: Long Term Safety Issues:

If for some reason you have decided to throw caution to the wind and somehow completed the job yourself there can still be some serious safety hazards. If you haven’t hired a professional electrical repair service, chances are you have made some mistakes in completing the job. If electrical repairs aren’t completed correctly they can lead to electrical failures which can lead to shocks, fires and other dangers which could have been completely avoided if the job was done properly.


3: Long Term Money Saving:

In any area mistakes can prove to be very costly, in many cases even more expensive than resolving the issue in the first place. This is especially true when it comes to electrical repairs. If you make a mistake in this area you could end up needing to rewire the building, or even burning it down. You can also save time as these projects are huge undertakings for non-professionals and may end up taking a lot longer than you initially expected.

4: Troubleshooting Abilities:

When there is an electrical issue it can be extremely difficult for the lay person to find the actual cause. A representative from a professional electrical repair service has a wealth of knowledge and experience in these kinds of issues which gives them a huge advantage when it comes to assessing what has gone wrong. This enables them to quickly get to the root of the problem which ultimately saves you time and money.

Hopefully this list of tips will help you to make the right decision and hire a professional electrical repair service for any issues that arise. It will end up saving you time and money and it could even save your life.