3 Cost Effective Tips To Keep Your Office Cool In Summer

3 Cost Effective Tips To Keep Your Office Cool In Summer

3 Cost Effective Tips To Keep Your Office Cool In SummerKeeping your staff comfortable during the summer months is crucial to keep them happy and working optimally. However, cooling the office inefficiently drives up your costs of doing business and eats into your profit margins. Here are 3 cost effective tips to keep your office cool in summer.

1: Switch To LED Lighting

Your air conditioning system has to work to keep a steady temperature. It does this by diminishing the heat produced by every person, piece of equipment and light bulb that is in the building. LED lights are one of the coolest running light types available today, so they can genuinely reduce strain put on your HVAC system, thus reducing the costs to keep it running. Not only are LED lights cool running and energy efficient, they also last a lot longer before needing to be replaced compared with traditional lamp types. The prices of LED lights have also dramatically decreased over the past few years so it is crazy not to consider them.

2: Review Air-Con Run Time

The running time of your HVAC system should be reviewed regularly. Look at the office schedule and see if there are any times when the air conditioning is set to run and there is no one in the office. Sometimes you can find a few hours or maybe even a full day during the week where the system is running and doesn’t need to be.

3: Turn Off Unnecessary Equipment

All of the equipment in an office produces heat which in turn warms up the office. Reducing the amount of equipment that is running is a way of instantly reducing the amount of heat produced. Whether you use an air conditioning unit, your electricity bill will be lower. Some pieces of equipment are integral to the running of your business and may need to run through the entire working day, but some are not. One easy way of reducing the amount of equipment running in an office is by asking your employees either put their computers to sleep or shut them down completely at break times.

Keep your office cool the cost effective way this summer by switching to LED lighting, reviewing the run time of your air conditioning unit and turning off any equipment that isn’t being used. For more comprehensive ways to save on running costs you should hire a professional facilities management company. Visit us online or call 021-486-6133.