3 More Ways To Protect Your Home Or Business From Flooding

3 More Ways To Protect Your Home Or Business From Flooding

3 More Ways To Protect Your Home Or Business From FloodingFloods strike fast and they leave a trail of damage to homes and businesses in their wake. You can’t always completely mitigate the damage a flood is going to cause, but being well prepared is the best way to minimise the damage it can cause to your property. Here are 3 more ways to protect your home or business from flooding.

1: Raise Outdoor Fuel Tanks

If you have an oil tank outside of your home or business, make sure they are placed well above historic flood levels and that they are anchored securely. The same should be done for any outdoor equipment you have such as backup generators or your office’s air conditioning system. If they are below the flood level and not anchored securely enough, there is a risk of them breaking free. Not only will you use your tanks and equipment, but they can cause a serious amount of damage to your property and others.

2: Inspect Window & Door Seals

Ground floor entryways and windows below flood level need to be extremely secure if they are going to have any chance of battling the pressures that flood waters can throw at them. Inspect the seals of your doors and windows. If you find any cracks or deformities in the seal, then replace them in a timely manner. It may be too late to do so by the time a flood warning is given.

3: Make Sure Drains Are Clear

Keeping your outdoor drains clear might sound like an obvious way to protect your home or business from flooding, but it can be easy to forget about if there is a panic about floods. You should also check them at intervals throughout the day, heavy winds usually accompany flooding and they can cause branches to break off and other debris to clog your drains.

To keep your home or business protected from flooding this year make sure to raise and anchor all fuel tanks and outdoor equipment above the flood level if possible, inspect your window and door seals for damage and replace them if necessary, and make sure you keep your outdoor drains clear. However even if you take all of the precautions it’s not always possible to defend your property from flood damage. If you need an expert, insurance approved flood company contact us at Advance Maintenance Ltd today.