5 Steps To Take Control Of Your Facility’s Energy Costs

Managing a facility’s energy is a great way you can save more money for your business and lower your overheads. It might not be at the top of your mind but energy savings are an integral part of businesses these days. Below is a list of 5 steps to lowering your energy bills.


1: Find Out Just How Much Your Spending:

To do this you must know how much money is being spent on electricity and natural gas etc. Once you have the full amount for the year you can continue to break it down by time year, week, day

s and times of the day where power usage fluctuates. Completing this will allow you to move on to the next step.


2: Plan:

Now that you know how much you are spending it is time to figure out your options. The facilities manager should create a committee of people made up from different sections of the business that can come together from different perspectives to develop an energy strategy that fits the goals of the organization. For example if the organization was a nursing

home the committee should include nurses, facilities staff, managers and whomever is in charge of finance.


3: Implement Changes:

Once the changes hav

e been

decided on the facilities manager and other executives need to negotiate the best terms with each supplier in order to maximise their investment.


4: Maintain & Optimize:

This phase involves ensuring the smooth running of all the newly implemented features while also accurately measuring and analysing the energy consumption of the facilities. Once you have some data on how the changes have affected energy consumption then it is time to demonstrate their ROI and make any changes they can to improve it further.


5: Analyse Results:

Once all of the other steps have been completed it’s time to take a step back and analyse all of your results so far and determine how successful your energy saving campaign was. You can do this by comparing your expected results, which you would have from the planning stage, with your actual results. Then you may take further action if necessary.

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