2 Tips To Keep Your Staff Safe This Winter

Man lies on the wet floor on which he slipped in spite of caution sign selective focus on man's chinWinter is well and truly underway and the rain and ice have substantially increased the risk of staff getting hurt or injured due slipping and falling. But there are some property maintenance steps that you can take to make your work environment as safe as possible. Here are 2 tips to keep your staff safe this winter.

1: Clear Footpaths

Keeping your footpaths clear of ice and snow throughout the day is the best way to reduce the chance of one of your staff members slipping and falling on their way to or from work which could result in a nasty injury. Use a combination of salt, sand and other materials to help melt snow and ice as well as provide some much-needed traction in slippery conditions.

2: Ensure Floors Are Dry

Winters in Ireland are filled with rain, and as your staff are coming into your building they bring a lot of water in from the outdoors. This is especially dangerous on smoothly finished floors and can cause a lot of falls if the problem isn’t solved. Putting down mats at entrances is a fantastic way to stop the spread of rainwater throughout the building. The mats should be non-slip, good at absorbing water and as long as possible so that your employee’s feet will be dry by the time they have walked over them in around 3-6 steps. Another step you should take is to provide umbrella bins next to every entrance so staff can put their umbrellas straight in there and they don’t drip all over the floor. You should also mop and dry the floors as frequently as is necessary to keep them clean and dry, the frequency will change depending on how bad the rain is outside and how many people are coming and going from your building. Finally, make sure you put out caution signs in affected areas to let people know about the wet floors so that they can take a bit more care while walking.

Keep your staff and office safe this winter by making sure all footpaths are clear from ice and gritted for extra traction and also by making sure any smooth finished floors by entrances are maintained properly. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss our full property maintenance services. Call now on 021-486-1633!