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2 Reasons To Hire A Dehumidifier Instead Of Buying

2 Reasons To Hire A Dehumidifier Instead Of Buying

A dehumidifier is a machine which reduces and maintains the level of humidity in the air. You may need to use a dehumidifier for a variety of different reasons, it could be needed for health reasons, comfort reasons, humidity control, water damage restoration, eliminate musty odours and prevention of mould and bacteria. It is a sophisticated electrical appliance that comes with a significant price tag. A common question asked is should I buy or rent a dehumidifier? Before you go and spend a bunch of your money getting one, here are 2 reasons to hire a dehumidifier instead of buying one.

2 Reasons To Hire A Dehumidifier Instead Of Buying1: Frequency Of Use

The frequency of use is a big thing to consider when deciding to rent or buy a dehumidifier. If you are cleaning up due to a sudden flood or leak, you may only require the one-off services of a dehumidifier. In this case, it is best to rent, however, if you happen to deal with regular leaks and water infiltration, having your own dehumidifier helps you manage your problems before health and structural damage occur. Owning a dehumidifier is not cost effective unless you suffer from frequent water damage. Renting is much more cost effective and then you should focus your efforts on preventing future water damage.

2: Maintenance Cost & Efforts

It is important to understand that all dehumidifiers require regular maintenance in order to function effectively. Just like any other electrical appliance, your dehumidifier needs electricity to work. Dehumidifiers require power from a source which will affect the cost of your electricity bills. They come equipped with an air filter to remove harmful particles and allergens in the air. Filters ensure the efficient operation and create healthier, cleaner air in the building. These filters need to be replaced regularly to maintain optimal performance. On top of all that you’ll also need to remove the water from the collection bin, replace your hose, and clean the machine regularly.

The costs involved and the frequency of use are two important factors to why you should rent instead of buying one. Owning a dehumidifier will set you back a significant sum of money and if you are not going to use it regularly then there’s no point of purchasing one. Contact us today by visiting us online or call us on 021-4866133 with any questions relating to dehumidifier hire. 

2 Things To Look Out For When Picking The Right Plumber

2 Things To Look Out For When Picking The Right Plumber

2 Things To Look Out For When Picking The Right PlumberMost people look for a plumber when a plumbing emergency strikes in their home. The last thing you want to be doing at the time of an emergency is spending time researching and finding a good plumber. If you know what to look for, the whole experience will be much quicker and easier for you. There are a variety of things you should look out for when choosing a plumber to ensure you’re getting the right professional for the job. Here are 2 things to look out for when picking the right plumber.

1: Online Presence

Looking online is a great way of discovering a wide selection of plumbers. A quick search will bring up plenty of results, however, with so much choice, it can be tough to choose the best option for you. Having a website or different social media channels gives people the chance to see how they work, what they offer, their knowledge and makes contacting them a lot easier when you have a problem. Having a blog with useful information and tips is often a great indication that they are professional, knowledgeable and willing to help customers. A blog with useful information and advice shows they are willing to share what they know with their audience as well as that it shows they are open to attracting further business and growth. If they have no website or one that doesn’t include adequate information about their services then you should do a deeper research into them to find out how reliable they are. While a lack of online presence doesn’t necessarily mean they are a bad plumber, it does make it a lot more difficult to build a picture in your head of what they are like to deal and work with.

2: Qualifications/Experience

One of the most important things to look out for when choosing a good plumber is their qualifications and experience. Professional plumbers have to do different academic and industry training and pass various industry tests to carry out their work. Their accreditations and certifications will determine the work they are able to carry out. They should be licensed meaning they are registered by a governing body, however, many of them work without a license. Most homeowners assume every plumber needs to have one, so this question is always worth asking, you shouldn’t just take the plumbers word for it. Experience is also very important on top of qualifications. You should always find out how long their plumbing business has been in operation. Check and see what experience they have and how long they’ve been working in the trade. Also, you should see how many years experience the person who will be carrying out the work has. It takes several years for most great plumbers to acquire their knowledge and skills. The existence of the plumbing service is a great measure of how reputable they are. You want an experienced plumber capable of handling your needs. The more experience a plumber has, the more likely they are to get the job done right the first time.

If you ever experience a plumbing emergency, hiring a professional to fix the problem is the best option. Knowing what to look for in a plumber before hiring one can make dealing with a home disaster so much easier. Call us now on 021-4866133 or visit us online today.

Importance Of Electrical Maintenance

Importance Of Electrical Maintenance

Electricity is a resource that is extremely important to us in our daily lives. No matter what kind of business or property you own, it is a key part of your operations. Electricity can be taken for granted in the modern world. It is very important to remember that electricity and electrical systems are and can be extremely dangerous if not taken care of properly. Safety should be your biggest concern as a home or business owner. All business and property owners need to ensure that their electrical systems are maintained properly so that they can be safe and reliable for themselves, their employees and/or their tenants.

The quality and operation of any electrical system are important. It can be easy to forget about the wiring behind the walls and sockets, assuming that everything is in working order. If your electrical systems and appliances seem to be working fine, there could still be serious problems that are developing with any part of it. An unseen issue with your electrics is a safety hazard to you or could be draining your finances unnecessarily. That is why it is important to keep your electrical appliances and outlets regularly maintained.

Apart from the clear dangers poorly maintained electrical systems and appliances bring, there can be other more serious issues that can have horrible consequences. How regularly and effectively a company or person carries out electrical maintenance can be the difference between life and death. For example, if a fire breaks out in the property it is critically important that the lighting is still working to facilitate people evacuating the building.

Proper installation and maintenance are very important in both commercial and residential facilities. Faulty electrical wiring that is not attended to immediately can result in a greater danger like a fire or even electrocution. Hiring a fully qualified professional is crucial in the proper installation and maintenance of electrical systems and appliancesImportance Of Electrical Maintenance. This is evident in situations like complicated wiring which would require high levels of skill, only professionals are able to do the work clean and safe.

By doing a regular electrical system check for any small or big issues you will eliminate any problems which may arise in the near or distant future. To book an electrical maintenance, call us today on 021-486-6133 or visit us online to see more of the different services we provide.

Benefits Of Outsourcing A Facility Services Management Company

Benefits Of Outsourcing A Facility Services Management Company

Facility Services Management provides a comprehensive range of services to owners and occupiers of commercial properties who are looking to outsource a facilities management strategy and require tasks to be done to their property. Whether you decide to outsource or manage them yourself, a great facilities management programme is essential to have in place. It is an integral part of any property maintenance from maintaining it to ensuring you have all of the essential elements needed to effectively manage it. There are many benefits of outsourcing a facility services management company.Benefits Of Outsourcing A Facility Services Management Company

Works With Experts

Facility services management companies are experts. They pride themselves on high standards and the best work possible being done for their clients. Having a team of skilled and experienced professionals to look after your premises will ensure everything is done impeccable and on schedule. Industry experts are constantly reviewing the latest industry best practices, regulations and innovations so you will always be supported by the best and most up to date work and practices available. They will also provide you with knowledge and expertise that can be extremely helpful for you.

Reduces Your Costs

A professional facilities management company will offer a range of different services to maintain your property at a competitive price. Quality labour, specialist equipment and cutting-edge technologies are offered. You avoid the direct and indirect costs of doing the work internally, through outsourcing. There are a number of ways outsourcing a facility services company reduces your costs;- experienced maintenance staff will get more work done in less time, you won’t have to worry about any administration, insurance and safety procedures involved with cleaning staff, you eliminate costs of recruiting, hiring, training and the day-to-day management of employees for maintenance work and you don’t have to deal with the purchasing, maintenance, repair and replacement costs involved with maintenance equipment and materials. These are all the responsibility of the commercial management company.

Safety Ensured

Safety in a property is the ultimate requirement. People expect safety standards to be met no matter what. Property owners and occupants really have to take safety seriously. Outsourcing a facilities management company ensures that safety is never compromised. They are experts who will cover every possible aspect and part of a property that could possibly cause an accident. Being experienced and undergone the best training in the industry will ensure safety will never be a problem.

If you would like to learn more about facilities services management then call us today on 021-486-6133 or visit us online to learn more about our services.


2 Tips To Keep Your Staff Safe This Winter

Man lies on the wet floor on which he slipped in spite of caution sign selective focus on man's chinWinter is well and truly underway and the rain and ice have substantially increased the risk of staff getting hurt or injured due slipping and falling. But there are some property maintenance steps that you can take to make your work environment as safe as possible. Here are 2 tips to keep your staff safe this winter.

1: Clear Footpaths

Keeping your footpaths clear of ice and snow throughout the day is the best way to reduce the chance of one of your staff members slipping and falling on their way to or from work which could result in a nasty injury. Use a combination of salt, sand and other materials to help melt snow and ice as well as provide some much-needed traction in slippery conditions.

2: Ensure Floors Are Dry

Winters in Ireland are filled with rain, and as your staff are coming into your building they bring a lot of water in from the outdoors. This is especially dangerous on smoothly finished floors and can cause a lot of falls if the problem isn’t solved. Putting down mats at entrances is a fantastic way to stop the spread of rainwater throughout the building. The mats should be non-slip, good at absorbing water and as long as possible so that your employee’s feet will be dry by the time they have walked over them in around 3-6 steps. Another step you should take is to provide umbrella bins next to every entrance so staff can put their umbrellas straight in there and they don’t drip all over the floor. You should also mop and dry the floors as frequently as is necessary to keep them clean and dry, the frequency will change depending on how bad the rain is outside and how many people are coming and going from your building. Finally, make sure you put out caution signs in affected areas to let people know about the wet floors so that they can take a bit more care while walking.

Keep your staff and office safe this winter by making sure all footpaths are clear from ice and gritted for extra traction and also by making sure any smooth finished floors by entrances are maintained properly. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss our full property maintenance services. Call now on 021-486-1633!

3 Spring Property Maintenance Tips

3 Spring Property Maintenance Tips

3 Spring Property Maintenance TipsAfter your property has had to endure the winter, spring can be a welcome relief. The improving weather and increased amount of daylight hours give you a great opportunity to maintain your property and make sure everything is up to scratch. Here are 3 spring property maintenance tips.

1: Check Flooring & Carpets

Over the course of the winter wear and tear on flooring tends to speed up. This is largely due to bad weather which can cause people to walk in with damp or muddy shoes. This makes the spring the perfect season to properly check and maintain your floors with a once per year deep clean. For hard surfaces such, stripping and waxing (choose the most suitable technique for the surface in question) can go a long way to extending the lifetime of your flooring. When it comes to keeping your carpets/rugs in tip top condition, wait until the bulk of spring pollen is gone from the air and have your carpets professionally cleaned and shampooed. This is a fantastic way to keep carpets and rugs looking great for longer while also reducing allergens in the building.

2: Inspect Carparks & Footpaths

Spring is the ideal time to inspect carparks and footpaths for cracks, resurfacing, sealing and lining. Ireland’s wet and rainy winters have a tendency to introduce a few new potholes each year, this is also something you should be looking out for. Compiling your carpark and footpath snag list early in the year leaves you with plenty of time to plan and carry out all of the necessary repairs.

3: Air Conditioner Check-Up

For any property that makes use of air conditioners, proper maintenance is fundamental to their performance when trying to cool down the building on hot summer days. Without proper maintenance, your a/c unit may still work but not nearly as efficiently and the difference in running costs can be astronomical. Cleaning the coils greatly improves air quality and ensure you have a healthy and productive workforce. This is especially true when it has gone unused for several months. Call in an air conditioning professional and make sure your units are up to standard and fit to run for another summer.

Maintain your property properly this spring time. Remember to check your flooring and carpets for dirt or damage and either give them a deep clean or replace them if they are too far gone, inspect carparks and footpaths for potholes, cracks and other issues and make sure you have a professional take a look at all of your a/c units to make sure they are ready to do their job for the summer. If you need help maintaining your property, don’t hesitate to contact Advance Maintenance today. Simply visit us online or call us on 021-4866-133.

4 More Ways To Lower Heating Bills This Winter

4 More Ways To Lower Heating Bills This Winter

As mentioned in 4 ways to lower your heating bills this winter, it can be easy to lose your grip on your heating bills during the winter. The helpful tips in that article will go a long way to reducing your heating costs, but here are 4 more ways to lower your heating bills this winter.

1: Position Workstations Thoughtfully

Electronics like computers and photocopiers in your office generate heat which can be wasted if they are placed without much thought. Positioning your employees workstations in a way that allows their computer fans to heat up the room, by aiming them into the room instead of at walls etc. This might not save a huge amount, depending on how many computers are running, but everything adds up and the computers are being used anyway.

4 More Ways To Lower Heating Bills This Winter2: Seal Up Holes In Exterior Walls

Electrical cables, gas lines and pipes all come in through exterior walls and if they aren’t properly sealed then you could be losing a lot of heat through the gaps, you could also be leaving your premises open to mice and insects. Even if they have been sealed with caulk, the seal can degrade over time and become obsolete. Get a can of expanding foam and simply seal the gaps, this is very cost effective and takes very little time.

3: Book A Thermal Image Leak Detection

Thermal imaging technology is very advanced and allows us to identify exactly where heat is escaping from a room. By booking a thermal image leak detection you can find gaps that you didn’t know were there and fill them in. This helps to eliminate wasted heat and reduce your dependency on your heating system.

4: Turn Down Your Thermostat

Turning down your thermostat might sound like an obvious solution, but it is one of the best ways to save money on heating. Lowering your thermostat by just one degree can save you as much as 3% on heating bills.

Stay warm for less this winter. Position workstations in a way that best uses the heat they generate, seal up holes in exterior walls, get a thermal imaging leak detection expert to show you exactly where heat is escaping and slightly adjust your thermostat to make big savings.

4 Ways To Lower Heating Bills This Winter

4 Ways To Lower Heating Bills This Winter

No matter how careful you are, your heating bills will be at their highest in the winter. If left unchecked those bills can skyrocket out of control and cost you a fortune. Here are 4 ways to lower heating bills this winter.

1: Replace Door & Window Seals

Over time, door and window seals wear out and become less effective which allows more cold air in and leaves more warm air out. Most seals can be replaced easily, simply remove the old one and tacking on the new one. This will exclude more drafts and help to lower your heating bills.

2: Take Advantage Of The Sun

While it may be freezing outside, the sun still shines every day. Take advantage of this free solar heating by opening up blinds and curtains in your home/office. This will take significant strain off of your heating system and allow you to heat your building for less.

3: Schedule A Boiler Service

It might seem like an unnecessary expense to some people, but servicing your boiler annually can have a dramatic impact on your heating costs. Older boilers are nowhere near as efficient as the models available today, so if your boiler is more than 15 years old you should consider purchasing a new one. This can be expensive but it can save you around 30 cent per euro that is spent on your heating and hot water bills.

4 Ways To Lower Heating Bills This Winter4: Insulate Your Pipes

Insulating your heating and hot water pipes can be hugely beneficial when making an effort to reduce your heating costs. Using pre-scored foam tubes that snap around the pipes as insulation is quick and easy and it significantly reduces the amount of heat lost. Insulating your pipes also has the added benefit of reducing the likelihood that your pipes will freeze.

Getting control over your home or office winter heating bill is extremely important and it can be easy to get started. Simply replace worn out door and window seals with new ones, take advantage of the free heating offered by the sun, get your boiler serviced or consider investing in a new one if it’s 15 years old or more and insulate your heating and hot water pipes to keep in the heat and stop them from freezing. If you don’t have time to carry out these tasks or you need a facilities management expert to get you to the next level, visit our contact us page or call us on 021-486-6133 today!

4 Benefits Of Installing Security Lights

4 Benefits Of Installing Security Lights

4 Benefits Of Installing Security LightsKeeping your property protected from potential intruders is at the top of almost every home or business owner’s’ mind. Security lights that illuminate areas around the property when a sensor is triggered can play a crucial role in the security of your home or business. Here are 4 benefits of installing security lights.

1: They Actively Deter Criminals

Criminals prefer to work in the dark where there is a low chance of someone being able to recognise their face. Security lighting takes the darkness away and illuminates them. This can often lead to the intruder moving away from your property.

2: You Get Notice Before They Enter The Property

If you are dealing with a foolhardy criminal who has their heart set on breaking and entering and is undeterred by the light, the light being set off will give you a warning that they are approaching. This can give you the time you need to get somewhere safe and call the Gardaí.

3: They Protect Your Property When You’re Not There

Security lights are activated automatically by tripping a sensor. This means that even when you are away, your lighting will continue to make intruders think twice before committing a crime. This is great for late nights when no one is at the office and for keeping your home protected when you are away on holidays.

4: Accident Prevention

Whether you are installing security lighting to protect your home or your business, they have the benefit of preventing accidents, especially in the winter months. There have been countless accidents involving people tripping and injuring themselves when leaving work in the dark, security lighting helps prevent accidents in the dark by brightening the way.

If you are thinking about installing security lighting but haven’t decided yet, remember they actively deter criminals, they give you prior notice of an intruder’s presence so you have time to get somewhere safe, they keep deterring criminals even when you aren’t there and they can help prevent accidents in the dark. Start protecting your property, have your security lighting installed by the experts. Click here to visit us online today.

How To Prepare Your Building For Autumn

The summer is over and autumn just beginning. The colder weather and rain that comes with autumn means you will have to take an entirely different approach when it comes to building maintenance. Here is how to prepare your building for autumn.

1: Clean Your Gutters

Over the summer months debris can begin to clog up your gutters. The results aren’t as noticeable in summer as there is less rain, but as rain levels increase so will the risks of having a blocked gutter. If left clogged, your gutters will not be able to function correctly and bring rain water away from your house. This can lead to water permeating your home which can lead to countless problems down the line. Properly maintaining a gutter is far cheaper and easier than finding and repairing the leak.

2: Seal Up The Cracks

Going into autumn, you will be beginning to frequently use your heating system again. This means that you should be attempting to keep the inside air in and the outside air out whenever possible to minimise heat loss and keep your bills down. Warm air will quickly escape through any cracks. So, go around to all of the windows and doors leading to outside in the building looking for cracks in the frames and sealings. Sealing up these cracks with caulk can have a noticeable impact on your heating bill.

3: Install Low Energy Lightbulbs

As the days grow shorter you will be using your lightbulbs far more often. This is a great opportunity to replace your normal bulbs with energy saving or LED bulbs. This has two major benefits, Firstly your electricity bill will be lower as these types of bulbs require less energy to run. Secondly, you generally have to replace them far less often than traditional bulbs, saving you money long term. Some LED light bulbs have a lifespan of over 20 years so they are definitely worth the initially more expensive price.

Prepare your building for autumn and make savings in the process by cleaning out your gutters, using caulk to seal up cracks in window and door frames and by installing energy saving light bulbs, especially in rooms where lights are on for an extended period of time. Book your facilities management consultation now by visiting us online or by calling 021 486-6133.

4 Ways To Spot Subsidence

4 Ways To Spot Subsidence

4 Ways To Spot SubsidenceSubsidence is the term for the caving in or sinking of an area of land. Subsidence in homes and office buildings is generally caused by unstable soil beneath the property rather than the weight of the structure that has been built on top of it. Subsidence can have negative effects on the visual appearance of a building, but it can also be more serious and cause structural problems. It’s crucial to catch subsidence early on, here are 4 ways to spot subsidence.

1: Doors & Windows

Some of the early signs of subsidence in a property can be spotted by checking the windows and doors of a property as they are weak spots. Go around to all of the windows and doors in the property and look for small cracks appearing in the walls around them, if you observe cracks in more than one spot it is likely you are dealing with subsidence. You can also open and close the windows and doors. Doors and windows sticking is another tell tale sign of subsidence.

2: Cracks In Walls

Some small cracks appearing in walls is normal in a lot of circumstances, but watch out for larger cracks especially if they get wider as they get higher up on the wall. If the cracks are 3mm or wider and moving upwards diagonally, you should contact a subsidence specialist to get a second opinion immediately.

3: Extension

If you have added an extension onto your home or office then you should go and check the point where it meets the main building. As subsidence is caused by movement underground, you may be able to see a crack where the two meet, as your extension may be being pulled away from the main building.

4: Wallpaper

If you have wallpaper in building there is another sign of subsidence that you can look out for. Go around to all of the rooms with wallpaper looking in particular at where the walls meet the ceiling for signs of crinkling.

Always be conscious and on the lookout for subsidence. Check if your doors or windows are sticking or have small cracks around them, watch out for diagonal cracks in the wall especially if they are 3mm or wider, check where any extensions meet the main building for cracks and finally look for crinkles in your wallpaper where the walls meet the ceiling. If you have any or all of these signs of subsidence, call a professional out to get to the bottom of the problem. Book your subsidence consultation by visiting us online today.

3 Signs You Have A Plumbing Problem

3 Signs You Have A Plumbing Problem

Small plumbing problems often lead to much larger and more expensive problems down the line. Sometimes it’s hard to know whether or not you even have a problem to being with, so in this article I will be telling you the 3 signs you have a plumbing problem.

1: Spluttering Faucet

A warning sign to look out for is if the faucet of your tap starts spluttering. Often this can be harmless as it is just air trapped in the pipes. However if it is happening to several faucets around the house, or if it is a common occurrence it may be a sign of a bigger problem. Usually when taps splutter on a consistent basis it means there is a crack somewhere in the pipes. If you are worried that this is happening to you, it’s time to call a plumber before the issue before it gets out of hand.

3 Signs You Have A Plumbing Problem2: Slow Draining Water

Another sign that you have a plumbing problem is if water is draining more slowly than usual in sinks, showers or baths. Before a drain blocks completely, it usually slows down. Sometimes even taking minutes to drain a shower. If you are experiencing slow draining water, act fast to rectify the situation. It saves you time and money to catch the problem early. A slow drain can be harmless if it doesn’t happen often. However if it is a persistent issue then you more than likely have a blocked pipe. This is also the case for toilets, so keep an eye on it and take action before it becomes a bigger problem.

3: Visible Mould Or Mildew

This can occur in your bathroom and may not be a serious issue. If it is a recurring issue however you may have a larger plumbing problem. Look out for mould or mildew on non shower walls. If it is present, you may have a water leak. Even small water leaks can cause serious damage to the structure of your home over time. It also helps create the dark, damp conditions that mold and mildew love. If you are facing this issue call a plumber before that small leak causes a big problem.

Check around your home, if you have any of these 3 signs of a plumbing problem, call a professional. It saves you time, money and a lot of headaches down the line. If you spot any of these issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

4 Simple Tips For Keeping Your Drains Unclogged

Drain blockages can happen at the most inopportune times and wreak havoc on your daily routine. If your drains ever do get blocked then don’t hesitate to call us, However in this blog I will be going over tips on how  you can avoid getting blocked drains in the first place. The first step is to have them cleaned by a professional, it stops any build up and may just save you a headache down the line. Once they are cleaned you should follow these simple steps to keep them clear.


1: Don’t Pour Grease Down Your Drain:

Grease from things like frying pans and grill trays can be a nightmare for your drains. Once it goes down the drain it cools down and solidifies which can lead to them blocking and backing up. Try pouring this grease into a can and disposing of it another way to save yourself hassle down the line.


2: Be Careful What You Flush:

Only flush toilet paper down your toilet. The so called “flushable” wipes that are everywhere now are one of the biggest causes for blockages in households. Throw them in the bin after use to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


3: Use Strainers in Kitchen & Bathroom Drains:

Strainers are quite inexpensive and are extremely useful in kitchen sinks so that any waste food can be caught before it falls down into the drain. Using them in bathroom drains is also advisable as they stop hairs from going down into drains and getting tangled up. This is especially good advice for anyone who bathes their pets in the bath.


4: Run Hot Water Down Your Drains:

Running hot water down your kitchen sink can help to get rid of any grease or oil deposits that have become trapped in your drains. Similarly running very hot water down your bathroom drains can get rid of soap build up in your bathroom drains.


Being conscientious about what you put down your drains can save you time and money in the long run. If you use these 4 simple tips for keeping your drain unclogged you shouldn’t have any trouble. However if you do run into trouble Advance Maintenance is here to help.


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5 Fireplace Safety Tips

The weather is starting to get colder so logically you are going to want to start using the fireplace again. Fireplaces in the home are an embodiment of comfort and warmth. However fire is dangerous and should never be taken lightly. Your fireplace can even become a lifeline in certain situations if there are power outages or your heating system fails. Keeping up to date with proper fireplace safety & maintenance is crucial and will lead to a safer, happier home. In this article I will be giving you 5 fireplace safety tips to keep you and your family safe this Winter.


1: Annual Cleaning:

Your fireplace should always be cleared out properly after each fire. However if you have a fireplace with doors you should clean them thoroughly before lighting the first fire of the year to remove any built up smog that’s residing on them.


2: Sweep Your Chimney:

The best way to effectively perform a chimney sweep is by hiring a professional to do it. There are countless nooks and crannies that are near impossible to see which often go unnoticed when you attempt the sweep yourself. Professional chimney sweeps have special tools to make sure dangerous obstructions are removed and your chimney is cleaned thoroughly.


3: Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

Be sure to install both a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector especially if you’re moving into a new home. In the event of a disaster these two little tools could literally save the lives of you and your family.


4: Clear Mantlepiece & Surrounding Areas:

Decorating fireplace mantels, especially during the holidays, is something that goes on in nearly every home in Ireland. If you are careful this doesn’t have to be an unsafe practice. It’s important to make sure there’s a 2 ft. space between any object and the fireplace. This ensures that flammable objects will not become overheated and catch fire.


5: Have A Fire Guard:

You can find fire guards very easily and often at very low cost. It’s important to keep the fire guard up if the fire is ever left unattended. This blocks sparks, lumps of coal or anything else from falling out onto your floor if it gets spat out of the fire.


These 5 fireplace safety tips will help you stay safe when using your fireplace. If you ever do get into trouble use the fire extinguisher, but if it’s too late for that, keep low, get out of the building and call the fire brigade. If you ever do lose or damage your home due to fire then AMLTD is here to help you deal with your insurance company and rebuild your life.

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10 Ways To Prepare For The Winter

Being prepared for the Winter is always a good idea. While we live in quite a temperate climate which means we generally don’t suffer with extreme weather, we do occasionally get snow and ice and it’s still always better to be prepared than to end up stuck in your home with nothing. This Winter preparation checklist should help you to be ready if the worst happens:


  1. Have a small supply of non-perishable, easy to prepare foods on hand. This can include things such as tins of beans.

  2. Keep extra supplies of essential medication in case it’s too difficult to get to the pharmacy.

  3. Have an adequate supply of fuel for your heating system and cooker. If possible have suitable alternatives should the main ones fail.

  4. Have a shovel and a large bag of salt on hand to keep pathways safe and avoid any painful falls or slips.

  5. Have torches and spare batteries in case of a power cut.

  6. Have candles ready also, they should be kept in proper candle holders and away from draughts. Never leave a candle unattended or by a christmas tree.

  7. Ensure your heating system is working correctly.

  8. Know how to turn off your water supply in case of burst pipes.

  9. Keep a water container so you will always have a drinking supply.

  10. Keep warm & avoid unnecessary travel


This checklist should help you to stay safe this winter. This list is just the basics and is by no means all encompassing, if you think of anything you feel will benefit yoursafety and preparedness this Winter you should do it. If you do run into any problems such as faulty heating systems or burst frozen pipes we would be happy to help you.


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4 Ways You Can Prevent Frozen Water Pipes

With this year’s winter projected to be one of the coldest that we have ever experienced here in Ireland it’s more important than ever that you are prepared in order to avoid disasters like frozen pipes bursting. In this article I will be sharing 4 ways you can prevent frozen water pipes. These tips are especially essential if you are leaving your home unattended for any length of time over the winter months.


1: Insulate Your Pipes:

Keeping your water pipes insulated will help save them from the freezing conditions and give them the ability to endure freezing conditions for a little bit longer. However this will only stave off the cold for a limited amount of time, if the temperature falls below -2°C for more than four hours this won’t be enough to save them.


2: Don’t Turn Off Your Heating When You Are Away:

By this I don’t mean keep it on full blast day and night. Lower the temperature on your thermostat to as low as 10°C. This will prevent the temperature in your home from dropping dangerously low and into frozen pipe territory, while also not breaking the bank with the heating bill.


3: Keep Your Water Running:

I know what you’re thinking, you would be insane to leave your water running for a full week while you are on holidays, especially now that the water charges are in. However all that’s necessary is to keep faucets dripping at a slow rate, this prevents the water in the pipe from freezing as it isn’t kept in the ice cold pipe indefinitely.


4: Open Cabinet Doors

The final piece of advice that I will be giving you today is when you are away leave your cabinet doors open. Generally under the sink isn’t the best insulated place in the world so leaving the cabinet doors open allow the heat from your house make contact with your pipes and further reduce the risk of them flooding.

If your pipes do freeze and burst while you are away, call a professional. At AMLTD we have all the tools for the job, but hopefully it never comes to that. Good luck this winter and don’t let your pipes freeze.

3 Tips To Prepare Older Buildings For Winter

Winter is now just around the corner. This means it is the perfect time for you to start preparing your buildings for the coming season. This is especially necessary if you have older buildings that haven’t been refurbished recently. Old fashioned heating systems, insufficient insulation & damaged foundations that leave the cold and damp in are just some of the problems you will face. All of this combined will see you drain your energy budget in no time at all. In this article I will be going over a few easy ways you can try to get your buildings up to scratch before the winter hits.

1: Inspect Your Heating System Checked:
The first thing that you should do going into winter is get your heating system checked by a professional. This is even more important if your system has been in place for more than 10 years. It’s important to make sure everything’s running smoothly as a system failure on a freezing day in December is no laughing matter. Older heating systems in large buildings often require a lot of manual oversight. According to the HVAC manager for Princeton University, valves need to be adjusted in each building starting in early to mid-October. Such a seemingly simple task could become quite complicated if you’re unsure of all the proper procedures.

2: Inspect Your Windows:
Windows are a huge reason for heat leakage in older buildings. Single pane windows are very inefficient and should be replaced wherever possible. Double glazed windows have a gap between the two panes of glass that acts as a cushion and slows the transfer of heat, this means that they are far more efficient when it comes to reducing heating bills.

3: Inspect Your Doors:
If the windows of your buildings are leaking heat, chances are your doors are doing the same and need an assessment. Gaps in masonry not only let the cold in, rodents also see it as a door to a new home inside your building. Ensure that all of your doors are sealed properly before you get a few unwanted guests for the winter months.

Going through with these preventative measures will save you countless headaches as well as reducing your energy costs. It’s better to prevent something than to fix it so save yourself the time and money and do it now.

4 Key Tips For Selecting A Plumbing & Heating Service

If you own a business and you haven’t got a professional plumbing & heating service lined up then you are just asking for trouble. You need someone with a comprehensive service that can cover everything from full installations to emergency repairs. In this articles I will be going over 4 key tips for selecting a plumbing & heating service.


1: Make Sure There Is An Insurance Schedule:

An insurance schedule, also known as a policy schedule, is document which says the amount of insurance the plumbing company has. In other words it tells you the amount of redress that you would be entitled to if something went wrong. It’s important that this cover is adequate, if there is no insurance schedule whatsoever then you should definitely avoid that company.


2: Check The Number Of References They Have:

Any plumbing & heating service company should be able to provide at least five references. Usually you can check a company’s website and they will have them listed. If they have less than four or five references then you should also avoid them as it shows how few happy customers they have had in the past.


3: Ask About Any Jobs In Progress:

If a plumbing service is good then it should always be in demand. Also it’s likely the current customer will be contactable so you can get an idea of how satisfied their customers generally are with their work.


4: Look At Images Of Current & Completed Jobs:

Before during and after pictures of a work site can give you a great indicator of how the plumbing company in question

s operates and what you can visually expect from them. Many plumbers take before and after pictures these days for insurance purposes so that should not be too much of a problem.

Using these 4 tips for selecting a plumbing & heating service will help you avoid any costly mistakes in the future. For more information on our plumbing & heating services please visit the plumbing section of our website

4 Reasons To Hire A Professional Electrical Repair Service

It’s tempting to want to do all repairs yourself to save on the cost of running a business or home. However when it comes to electrical repairs it really is essential to go with a professional electrical repair service. This article will be highlighting some of the reasons why work with electricity should only be carried out by the experts.


1: On The Job Safety Issues:

Working with electricity can be extremely dangerous especially if you aren’t entirely sure of what you are doing. It can be as simple as forgetting to turn off the power and you could get yourself in serious trouble. Electricians are experts in their field and it’s important not to hesitate in finding one if you are ever in doubt.


2: Long Term Safety Issues:

If for some reason you have decided to throw caution to the wind and somehow completed the job yourself there can still be some serious safety hazards. If you haven’t hired a professional electrical repair service, chances are you have made some mistakes in completing the job. If electrical repairs aren’t completed correctly they can lead to electrical failures which can lead to shocks, fires and other dangers which could have been completely avoided if the job was done properly.


3: Long Term Money Saving:

In any area mistakes can prove to be very costly, in many cases even more expensive than resolving the issue in the first place. This is especially true when it comes to electrical repairs. If you make a mistake in this area you could end up needing to rewire the building, or even burning it down. You can also save time as these projects are huge undertakings for non-professionals and may end up taking a lot longer than you initially expected.

4: Troubleshooting Abilities:

When there is an electrical issue it can be extremely difficult for the lay person to find the actual cause. A representative from a professional electrical repair service has a wealth of knowledge and experience in these kinds of issues which gives them a huge advantage when it comes to assessing what has gone wrong. This enables them to quickly get to the root of the problem which ultimately saves you time and money.

Hopefully this list of tips will help you to make the right decision and hire a professional electrical repair service for any issues that arise. It will end up saving you time and money and it could even save your life.

Property Maintenance Munster

3 Common Property Maintenance Mistakes

Property Maintenance Cork

Let’s face it – whether we’re talking about property maintenance or any other area of our lives, we’re bound to make mistakes. We’re only human after all. Most people are afraid of making mistakes because ever since they were little they were told that mistakes are bad. However, this is not entirely the case because mistakes help us see what we did wrong and how we can do it better in the future. Smart people always learn from their mistakes. That being said, you don’t have to only learn from your own misadventures. Rather, you can learn from other people’s mistakes (that’s what wise people do). Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to domestic upkeep. The good news is that even if you slip up, you can always hire a reputable and reliable property maintenance company in Cork, but we hope that this article well help you avoid making these errors.

1. Not doing any maintenance

We’re a society of chronic procrastinators. We rarely do things unless we absolutely have to and it can’t wait until tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, or next Easter. That’s why we have sayings like, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” We like it when things just work, so we don’t pay attention to minor issues. We d

Proper maintenance, routine check-ups of plumbing and electric circuitry, dehumidifying if the humidity is too high are all important. You never know if there are minor leaks in the plumbing or potential problems with the circuitry that’s just waiting to “blow up” and take your appliances with it. It’s apparent that most people today either don’t have the expertise or the time to perform their own check-ups, but property maintenance services in Cork are readily available. It’s far cheaper to deal with a minor problem than to wait for it become an emergency. Stop making this mistake and start taking your maintenance seriously.on’t take measures before something happens. We wait for it to occur and then deal with the crisis we have on our hands. This is one of the most common practices for most people today, but the truth is that it absolutely destroys good property maintenance. If you think that your maintenance is good just because everything works, then you’re in it for a treat when everything starts breaking down all at once.

2.  Using a new property maintenance company every time

Sometimes in the interest of saving money we don’t make the best decisions we can make. One of the most popular decisions that fall into this category is using a new property maintenance company every time because in some ways it feels like we’re saving a bit.

There are legitimate reasons for changing the company you use, especially if they’re not doing the job you hired them to do in a proper manner. However, using a different company every time is counterproductive on several fronts.

First, even if it seems like you’re saving a bit of money when hiring a new company, this may very well not be the case because you can never be sure what you’ll get in return. Cheap ends up being more expensive sometimes.

Second, you scarcely have the time to conduct proper research and find out if a company is good or not, especially when we’re talking about an emergency, meaning that you will probably go for the company that offers you the lowest rates, which can do you more harm than good in some cases, as stated above.

Third, even if the company you choose is good, a new company has to get the overall picture of the building or accommodation in terms of plumbing, circuitry, environmental factors, etc. This takes time, effort, and is a pointless exercise in futility for several companies to go through this process if experts from your current company have a satisfactory performance. The Cork area offers high quality property maintenance services, so pick one you trust and stick with them.

Munster Property Maintenance3. DIY when you don’t know what you’re doing

While not doing any maintenance at all is rather bad, doing it even though you’re not sure what is it you have to do can be even worse. Especially when it comes to plumbing and electricity, basic understanding is a must so you don’t accidently cause irreparable damage. Furthermore, you may end up hurting yourself severely, especially in regards to circuitry maintenance. People who handle electricity and electrical systems are trained specialists. It’s not a simple job and can be quite dangerous. Even if you do remember to turn the power off, it still doesn’t mean that you will not get the wiring mixed up and fry your entire installation afterwards.

When it comes to plumbing, things are somewhat similar. Even if you do a decent job, you might miss something and that something might cause a flood in your living room, completely destroying your carpet. Hence, you’d have to pay for repairs, as well as a new carpet. This happens more often than you think. Taking proper care of your home is not easy so if you want to do it yourself, you need to have the knowhow. If not, better leave it to property maintenance specialists in the Cork area.


At the end of the day, repairs and maintenance are just two sides of the same coin. If you don’t have proper maintenance, then you will need to have repairs. Sometimes there are unforeseen events that cause an emergency need for repairs, but in most cases these unforeseen events can be easily seen through a proper inspection. Good property maintenance may seem like it costs you money, but can actually save you a lot on repairs that could have been easily avoided. The truth is that we often try to spend as little as we can and in our attempts we make mistakes that end up costing us more. DIY is admirable, but only if it doesn’t lead to calling the cavalry afterwards. A bit of foresight and understanding can go a long way toward ensuring that your property is well-maintained.

To discuss your property maintenance needs with us please call us on 021 4866133.

Emergency Plumber Cork: Why You Might Need One.

Plumbing emergencies like burst pipes and blocked sewers can occur any time of the day or night. You cannot use just any plumber to fix them. These things require expertise and knowhow.  Hence it is imperative to have the contact number of an emergency plumber in your city handy at all times and prior to the occurrence of such problems. Often, people try to find the cheapest plumber available or worse, they try to fix these things themselves. However, such solutions only add up to the damage. Failure to fix burst pipes, for example, can harm your floorboards, wall art pieces, rugs or carpets and other expensive and cherished items. Hence, it is worthwhile spending some time in researching an honest, reliable and reputed plumber that offers 24 hour emergency services. This way; you will be able to rest easy knowing you are in good, reliable hands.

First let us consider some of the most common plumbing emergencies that require the expertise of a plumber.

Common plumbing emergencies and ways to tackle them

  • I have no water– In such a case, it is best to first contact the neighbours and check if they are having the problem too. If there are no water pressure restrictions in your area and no known major water work going on around, it is best to contact an emergency plumber right away.
  • I have poor water pressure– Inadequate supply or improper pumping and routine maintenance work are the most common causes of such plumbing/water emergencies. If you have an internal leak in your pipes, or your home’s stop tap is partially closed then you are responsible for fixing these issues. It is best not to attempt a DIY plumbing because without adequate experience or training, the problem is likely to worsen in most cases. Hence, contact your emergency plumbing contractor immediately.
  • I have an airlock in my hot water system– Faulty internal plumbing is usually the culprit in case of most kinds of hot water airlocks. First you must ensure closing all the hot water taps in the house. You need to try and get rid of the airlock by forcing the air back into the attic water supply either by using a hose or cloth. In either case, it is essential to exercise extreme caution as failure to do so can result in accidental scalding with hot water. It is best if the job is left to an expert emergency plumber.
  • I have water in the kitchen but none in the bathroom– This is usually an issue with airlock as well. Do contact your 24 hour emergency plumbing company as internal plumbing is not handled by the city council’s water work department.
  • My pipes are frozen– First of all; a good plumbing company can help you minimize the risk of frozen pipes. This is done through insulation of pipes, tanks and cisterns using quality foam lagging. Additionally, warm air can also be circulated throughout the building taking extra care that it enters the overhead attic space where the water tanks are stored. If, despite these precautions, your pipes are frozen, you should immediately contact a professional to thaw the pipes. In the mean time, take care to remove furniture and other items that are likely to get damaged by the melting ice once the system is corrected.
  • I need to insulate my pipes and tanks-Many stores sell lagging material. The job is best left to a professional contractor as one would know the best materials to use that will prevent the system from freezing.
  • How do I deal with leaks from property above ours? The first thing to do is contact the neighbours if they are in, or at least try and turn off their external stop cock if they are not. Then contact a plumber to fix the issue as soon as possible.
  • I have damp patches on my walls or floors- Try and determine the source of the leaks. It could be burst pipes, clogged gutters or other sources. Get these fixed first instead of simply painting the walls, as the problem is just going to repeat unless the source is corrected.
  • My pipes seem to be blocked.-Drains and water pipes usually have a U bend with clogs therein. Simple plungers can often do the trick of unclogging, but, in case of severe clogs, you might need an emergency plumber for helping you out.


How to find an emergency plumber

We often plan for most emergencies in life. However; plumbing emergencies are the last thing we think about.  When at last we are faced with hiring a plumber during such emergencies, we end up selecting the first one we come across on the Internet or the Yellow Pages. However, it is advisable not to leave such matters in anyone’s hands but the experts. Experienced and well established plumbers are the best candidates for all our plumbing needs as the fact that they have survived for so long in this business usually means they are indeed very good at what they do.

Here are some steps of finding the best emergency plumber in your city:

  • Get word of mouth reviews from neighbours– This is usually the best way of selecting an emergency plumber as chances are they have used one before and been satisfied with his services.
  • Certified, insured and licensed– Naturally, do find out if the selected contractor is licensed and certified by the SNIPEF (Scottish & Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers’ Federation) or CIPHE. These members tend to have public and employers’ liability insurance.
  • Well Trained-Approved emergency plumbers that are SNIPEF or CIPHE members would also have training in Water Fitting Regulations.  This can ensure that you get the right installations which guarantee no contamination of the drinking water supply.
  • Regulations and Guarantees-Try to pre-determine the shortlisted plumbing company’s methods of resolving technical issues, if the need arises. Northern Ireland Water usually enforces certain requirements on approved business and the plumbers are required, by law, to put their work right if it does not meet the Water Fitting Regulations.
  • References– A good emergency plumber will also come with good references. If possible try and contact the ex-clients that the contractor has worked with to get useful input about the individual/company.

All said and done, the plumbing company or individual you select must also offer good customer service and stand behind the  work they do. Thus, the price alone should not be the criteria whilst selecting an emergency plumber. We hope these tips mentioned above will help you find the best emergency plumber in town.

At Advanced Maintenance LTD we provide an emergency repairs service & are available 24 hours a day to help your home or business if a repair is needed. Call us on 021-4866133