Emergency Plumber Cork: Why You Might Need One.

Plumbing emergencies like burst pipes and blocked sewers can occur any time of the day or night. You cannot use just any plumber to fix them. These things require expertise and knowhow.  Hence it is imperative to have the contact number of an emergency plumber in your city handy at all times and prior to the occurrence of such problems. Often, people try to find the cheapest plumber available or worse, they try to fix these things themselves. However, such solutions only add up to the damage. Failure to fix burst pipes, for example, can harm your floorboards, wall art pieces, rugs or carpets and other expensive and cherished items. Hence, it is worthwhile spending some time in researching an honest, reliable and reputed plumber that offers 24 hour emergency services. This way; you will be able to rest easy knowing you are in good, reliable hands.

First let us consider some of the most common plumbing emergencies that require the expertise of a plumber.

Common plumbing emergencies and ways to tackle them

  • I have no water– In such a case, it is best to first contact the neighbours and check if they are having the problem too. If there are no water pressure restrictions in your area and no known major water work going on around, it is best to contact an emergency plumber right away.
  • I have poor water pressure– Inadequate supply or improper pumping and routine maintenance work are the most common causes of such plumbing/water emergencies. If you have an internal leak in your pipes, or your home’s stop tap is partially closed then you are responsible for fixing these issues. It is best not to attempt a DIY plumbing because without adequate experience or training, the problem is likely to worsen in most cases. Hence, contact your emergency plumbing contractor immediately.
  • I have an airlock in my hot water system– Faulty internal plumbing is usually the culprit in case of most kinds of hot water airlocks. First you must ensure closing all the hot water taps in the house. You need to try and get rid of the airlock by forcing the air back into the attic water supply either by using a hose or cloth. In either case, it is essential to exercise extreme caution as failure to do so can result in accidental scalding with hot water. It is best if the job is left to an expert emergency plumber.
  • I have water in the kitchen but none in the bathroom– This is usually an issue with airlock as well. Do contact your 24 hour emergency plumbing company as internal plumbing is not handled by the city council’s water work department.
  • My pipes are frozen– First of all; a good plumbing company can help you minimize the risk of frozen pipes. This is done through insulation of pipes, tanks and cisterns using quality foam lagging. Additionally, warm air can also be circulated throughout the building taking extra care that it enters the overhead attic space where the water tanks are stored. If, despite these precautions, your pipes are frozen, you should immediately contact a professional to thaw the pipes. In the mean time, take care to remove furniture and other items that are likely to get damaged by the melting ice once the system is corrected.
  • I need to insulate my pipes and tanks-Many stores sell lagging material. The job is best left to a professional contractor as one would know the best materials to use that will prevent the system from freezing.
  • How do I deal with leaks from property above ours? The first thing to do is contact the neighbours if they are in, or at least try and turn off their external stop cock if they are not. Then contact a plumber to fix the issue as soon as possible.
  • I have damp patches on my walls or floors- Try and determine the source of the leaks. It could be burst pipes, clogged gutters or other sources. Get these fixed first instead of simply painting the walls, as the problem is just going to repeat unless the source is corrected.
  • My pipes seem to be blocked.-Drains and water pipes usually have a U bend with clogs therein. Simple plungers can often do the trick of unclogging, but, in case of severe clogs, you might need an emergency plumber for helping you out.


How to find an emergency plumber

We often plan for most emergencies in life. However; plumbing emergencies are the last thing we think about.  When at last we are faced with hiring a plumber during such emergencies, we end up selecting the first one we come across on the Internet or the Yellow Pages. However, it is advisable not to leave such matters in anyone’s hands but the experts. Experienced and well established plumbers are the best candidates for all our plumbing needs as the fact that they have survived for so long in this business usually means they are indeed very good at what they do.

Here are some steps of finding the best emergency plumber in your city:

  • Get word of mouth reviews from neighbours– This is usually the best way of selecting an emergency plumber as chances are they have used one before and been satisfied with his services.
  • Certified, insured and licensed– Naturally, do find out if the selected contractor is licensed and certified by the SNIPEF (Scottish & Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers’ Federation) or CIPHE. These members tend to have public and employers’ liability insurance.
  • Well Trained-Approved emergency plumbers that are SNIPEF or CIPHE members would also have training in Water Fitting Regulations.  This can ensure that you get the right installations which guarantee no contamination of the drinking water supply.
  • Regulations and Guarantees-Try to pre-determine the shortlisted plumbing company’s methods of resolving technical issues, if the need arises. Northern Ireland Water usually enforces certain requirements on approved business and the plumbers are required, by law, to put their work right if it does not meet the Water Fitting Regulations.
  • References– A good emergency plumber will also come with good references. If possible try and contact the ex-clients that the contractor has worked with to get useful input about the individual/company.

All said and done, the plumbing company or individual you select must also offer good customer service and stand behind the  work they do. Thus, the price alone should not be the criteria whilst selecting an emergency plumber. We hope these tips mentioned above will help you find the best emergency plumber in town.

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