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How To Prepare Your Building For Autumn

The summer is over and autumn just beginning. The colder weather and rain that comes with autumn means you will have to take an entirely different approach when it comes to building maintenance. Here is how to prepare your building for autumn.

1: Clean Your Gutters

Over the summer months debris can begin to clog up your gutters. The results aren’t as noticeable in summer as there is less rain, but as rain levels increase so will the risks of having a blocked gutter. If left clogged, your gutters will not be able to function correctly and bring rain water away from your house. This can lead to water permeating your home which can lead to countless problems down the line. Properly maintaining a gutter is far cheaper and easier than finding and repairing the leak.

2: Seal Up The Cracks

Going into autumn, you will be beginning to frequently use your heating system again. This means that you should be attempting to keep the inside air in and the outside air out whenever possible to minimise heat loss and keep your bills down. Warm air will quickly escape through any cracks. So, go around to all of the windows and doors leading to outside in the building looking for cracks in the frames and sealings. Sealing up these cracks with caulk can have a noticeable impact on your heating bill.

3: Install Low Energy Lightbulbs

As the days grow shorter you will be using your lightbulbs far more often. This is a great opportunity to replace your normal bulbs with energy saving or LED bulbs. This has two major benefits, Firstly your electricity bill will be lower as these types of bulbs require less energy to run. Secondly, you generally have to replace them far less often than traditional bulbs, saving you money long term. Some LED light bulbs have a lifespan of over 20 years so they are definitely worth the initially more expensive price.

Prepare your building for autumn and make savings in the process by cleaning out your gutters, using caulk to seal up cracks in window and door frames and by installing energy saving light bulbs, especially in rooms where lights are on for an extended period of time. Book your facilities management consultation now by visiting us online or by calling 021 486-6133.

3 Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Facilities Management

3 Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Facilities Management

3 Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Facilities ManagementThere a can be huge benefits to for your business by outsourcing your facilities management to a company that specialises in that area. There is so much to get through in a working day that facilities management and maintenance can sometimes slip to the back of your mind, outsourcing solves that problem. Here are 3 benefits of outsourcing your facilities management.

1: Lower Maintenance & Repair Costs

Buildings are generally one of the highest sources of expenditure for any company. By outsourcing your facilities management to experts, you allow them to formulate a proper maintenance schedule to ensure your business keeps running smoothly. This also frees up employees to focus on their work rather than managing aspects of the building and dramatically reduces the number of unexpected breakdowns of important equipment

2: Industry Expertise

Hiring a facilities management company also gives you peace of mind in knowing that industry experts are on hand to help if any issues arise. They have the skills and equipment to get the job done well so you don’t have to worry about specially training employees or seeking out and paying for the expensive equipment that needs to be used for some tasks.

3: Occupant Retention

If you own a building and are letting it out to businesses or for residential purposes, keeping your occupant turnover rate as low as possible is very important. It’s far easier to keep a good occupant than it is to find a new one. Showing occupants that you pay attention to their concerns such as the temperature of the office or strange smell coming from the sink will make them happier and more likely to stay. A good facilities management company will take care of this for you and help you retain your occupants.

Facilities management should never be viewed as a cost to cut out, but a way of lowering your overall costs and improving your business. Outsourcing your facilities management to experts can lower your maintenance and repair costs, it allows you get to rely on experts in their field to come to your aid if something needs to be done and the occupants of the building will be happier and more likely to stay there.

If you are looking for a company to manage your facilities then visit us online or call us today on 021-486-6133.