4 Ways To Lower Heating Bills This Winter

4 Ways To Lower Heating Bills This Winter

No matter how careful you are, your heating bills will be at their highest in the winter. If left unchecked those bills can skyrocket out of control and cost you a fortune. Here are 4 ways to lower heating bills this winter.

1: Replace Door & Window Seals

Over time, door and window seals wear out and become less effective which allows more cold air in and leaves more warm air out. Most seals can be replaced easily, simply remove the old one and tacking on the new one. This will exclude more drafts and help to lower your heating bills.

2: Take Advantage Of The Sun

While it may be freezing outside, the sun still shines every day. Take advantage of this free solar heating by opening up blinds and curtains in your home/office. This will take significant strain off of your heating system and allow you to heat your building for less.

3: Schedule A Boiler Service

It might seem like an unnecessary expense to some people, but servicing your boiler annually can have a dramatic impact on your heating costs. Older boilers are nowhere near as efficient as the models available today, so if your boiler is more than 15 years old you should consider purchasing a new one. This can be expensive but it can save you around 30 cent per euro that is spent on your heating and hot water bills.

4 Ways To Lower Heating Bills This Winter4: Insulate Your Pipes

Insulating your heating and hot water pipes can be hugely beneficial when making an effort to reduce your heating costs. Using pre-scored foam tubes that snap around the pipes as insulation is quick and easy and it significantly reduces the amount of heat lost. Insulating your pipes also has the added benefit of reducing the likelihood that your pipes will freeze.

Getting control over your home or office winter heating bill is extremely important and it can be easy to get started. Simply replace worn out door and window seals with new ones, take advantage of the free heating offered by the sun, get your boiler serviced or consider investing in a new one if it’s 15 years old or more and insulate your heating and hot water pipes to keep in the heat and stop them from freezing. If you don’t have time to carry out these tasks or you need a facilities management expert to get you to the next level, visit our contact us page or call us on 021-486-6133 today!