3 Spring Property Maintenance Tips

3 Spring Property Maintenance Tips

3 Spring Property Maintenance TipsAfter your property has had to endure the winter, spring can be a welcome relief. The improving weather and increased amount of daylight hours give you a great opportunity to maintain your property and make sure everything is up to scratch. Here are 3 spring property maintenance tips.

1: Check Flooring & Carpets

Over the course of the winter wear and tear on flooring tends to speed up. This is largely due to bad weather which can cause people to walk in with damp or muddy shoes. This makes the spring the perfect season to properly check and maintain your floors with a once per year deep clean. For hard surfaces such, stripping and waxing (choose the most suitable technique for the surface in question) can go a long way to extending the lifetime of your flooring. When it comes to keeping your carpets/rugs in tip top condition, wait until the bulk of spring pollen is gone from the air and have your carpets professionally cleaned and shampooed. This is a fantastic way to keep carpets and rugs looking great for longer while also reducing allergens in the building.

2: Inspect Carparks & Footpaths

Spring is the ideal time to inspect carparks and footpaths for cracks, resurfacing, sealing and lining. Ireland’s wet and rainy winters have a tendency to introduce a few new potholes each year, this is also something you should be looking out for. Compiling your carpark and footpath snag list early in the year leaves you with plenty of time to plan and carry out all of the necessary repairs.

3: Air Conditioner Check-Up

For any property that makes use of air conditioners, proper maintenance is fundamental to their performance when trying to cool down the building on hot summer days. Without proper maintenance, your a/c unit may still work but not nearly as efficiently and the difference in running costs can be astronomical. Cleaning the coils greatly improves air quality and ensure you have a healthy and productive workforce. This is especially true when it has gone unused for several months. Call in an air conditioning professional and make sure your units are up to standard and fit to run for another summer.

Maintain your property properly this spring time. Remember to check your flooring and carpets for dirt or damage and either give them a deep clean or replace them if they are too far gone, inspect carparks and footpaths for potholes, cracks and other issues and make sure you have a professional take a look at all of your a/c units to make sure they are ready to do their job for the summer. If you need help maintaining your property, don’t hesitate to contact Advance Maintenance today. Simply visit us online or call us on 021-4866-133.