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How Does Smoke Damage Impact Your Home?

Fires themselves can cause a huge amount of destruction to your home, the flames burning items and the structure of your home. Things melt and shatter and after that, the smoke damage from the fire can be devastating. Smoke damage left unassessed can ruin your home and the contents of it. Even if it is an area that was not impacted by the flames themselves.

It doesn’t take a big fire to cause smoke damage. Not only can this impact your items like furniture but even has the ability to impact the very structure of your home. This is why the cleaning process is vital. Making sure that soot and smoke are cleaned up as they can act like an acid eating away at your home if left be.

How Does Smoke Impact My Home?

Smoke can impact different materials differently, alongside the temperature and type of fire this can also make a difference to the smoke damage. The worst way smoke can do damage is by seeping into any cracks or small spaces similar in your home and go unnoticed for years causing structural damage to your home.

How Fast Do You Need To Act?

Time is not on your side when it comes to smoke damage, the sooner you act the better. The faster you act, the less likely you are to cause permanent damage. For example, painted walls and flooring need to be addressed within 24-48 hours dependent on the level of damage. Staining can also be a major issue. Metal surfaces can also corrode if left untreated. The longer the damage is left untreated the higher the bill will be when it comes to repairs.

If you are looking for professional advice on smoke damage in your home contact us here.

Home Fire Evacuation Plan: Before, During and After a Fire

Evacuating your home may seem like a terrifying ordeal and probably is one of the scariest things that can happen any homeowner. The danger for you and your family, as well as the potential of losing your home, is a devastating thought. Having an evacuation plan can be vital in aiding the ability to act promptly should need ever arise.

Here is what you should do:

Before –

Preparation is key and here are some vital things to have prepared in advance:

  1. Go Bag – This is a pick up and go bag that contains all the essentials you need to leave in a hurry. Cash, footwear, clothing, emergency medication are all examples of items suitable for your Gobag.
  2. Preparation – Prepare your family by highlighting the nearest exits from every room and pick a place outdoors for everyone to meet should an emergency every arise. There is no harm in practicing this with some drills.
  3. Car – making sure that your fuel is never too low can be vital in an emergency situation. Make sure that you always have surplus fuel for an emergency.

During –

During an evacuation, panic can set in and preparation can sometimes go out the window. However, having practiced how to get out and where to go will give you structure and provide you with the best decisions to maintain your safety.

  1. Communicate and Talk – Try to keep in contact with your family, those in the home during the time of the fire and if it is a more widespread fire, then keeping in touch with officials may be necessary too.
  2. Animals and Pets – Part of your evacuation plan and prep should be to have your animals well trained enough to come when they are called. Always keep your pets in a place where they can be easily evacuated.
  3. Health & Safety – always think health and safety in such an event and afterwards be sure to work with medical services as required to deal with any injuries, smoke inhalation or other medial issues.

After –

Once the fire is out you might start thinking about going inside to find something or to check on the damage. Do not put yourself in danger. Wait for professionals to arrive to help you through the process.

If your home has been affected by anything mentioned in our article feel free to contact us here for additional help

Home Fire Damage: The First Steps To Take

If your home has been damaged by fire this can be an extremely traumatic event. The shock and sense of loss can be overwhelming and unfortunately during this hard time some quick decisions need to be made. It’s hard to know where to start to get things on the path back to normal but here is a starting point for you.

  • When the fire brigade has left, the building requires your responsibility. First things first, you should contact your insurance company as soon as possible for them to send out a claim form and arrange for a loss adjuster to call. The damage will need to be inspected before you begin to clean or start any initial work on the property. However, if emergency work is required to protect the property from further damage discuss this with your insurer. 
  • Your insurer may ask you to ensure a few things are in place to prevent any further loss or damage to the property. These can include securing doors, windows and marking areas unsafe for entry. If the roof or stairs has been damaged do not enter the property until it has been deemed safe by a building contractor. 
  • If your home is going to be left unoccupied contact your local Garda station to let them know. 
  • If your home is not habitable it may be necessary to make alternative arrangements. Short-term rentals are available but before you book anything check your insurance policy to see if alternative accommodation is covered by your insurance policy.

Advance Maintenance Limited offer clients an experienced and efficient team to deal with your home or business insurance claim. As general contractors and insurance company approved contractors we are experienced in dealing with insurance companies and our systemised approach to claims ensures a quick and responsive service to fire damage repair claims. Contact us to find out more.

Fire Damage Repair - 3 More Reasons To Choose Advance Maintenance

Fire Damage Repair – 3 More Reasons To Choose Advance Maintenance

Fire Damage Repair - 3 More Reasons To Choose Advance MaintenanceIf you ever have the misfortune of having to call a fire damage restoration company, you will know how difficult choosing the right people for the job when you are under such a huge amount of stress. We recommend being prepared just in case disaster strikes and selecting your fire damage repair company in advance, this cuts down on time spent searching which is crucial as the quicker action is taken the better. When choosing your fire damage repair company, here’s 3 more reasons to choose Advance Maintenance.

1: We Have A Huge Amount Of Experience

When it comes to your home or business, the fire damage repair company you choose should have extensive experience in dealing with every aspect of the repairs and cleaning work that goes into restoring a building after a fire. The last thing you need is for an inexperienced worker omitting something important or making a costly mistake that could lead to further damage down the line. Even with the best of intentions, a lack of experience can end up making the situation a whole lot worse and may not be fully covered by your insurance providers.

2: We Have Unmatched Customer Service

When fire strikes, we understand how difficult it can be and we make sure to give you the best possible customer service to help you feel as much at ease with the situation as possible. Through every step of the process from insurance claim to fully restored building, we will keep you in the loop and be happy to answer any questions you have along the way.

3: We Don’t Just Repair The Visible Damage

We don’t just repair the visible damage that the fire has done, we fix any structural damage or weakening and we also clean up the mess it has caused and have all of the specialist equipment at our disposal that is necessary to clear the smell of soot and smoke from the home so it doesn’t linger once the repairs are completed.

If you need a fire damage restoration company, visit us online or call us on 021-486-6133 today. We have a wealth of experience, unrivalled customer service and we handle everything from structural repairs to cleaning.

Fire Damage Repair - 3 Reasons To Choose Advance Maintenance

Fire Damage Repair – 3 Reasons To Choose Advance Maintenance

Fire Damage Repair - 3 Reasons To Choose Advance MaintenanceA fire in your home or business can be an extremely stressful ordeal, the last thing you need is to be forced to try pick up the pieces alone. At Advance Maintenance Ltd, we have a full range of fire damage repair services to speed up the process and take some of the stress out of the situation. If you need a professional fire damage repair service, here’s 3 reasons to choose AMLTD.

1: We Help With Your Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Business and home fire damage insurance claims can be very complex and it’s easy for your claims to get bogged down. Advance Maintenance puts a highly skilled and experienced insurance claim team that can help you through the whole process. We are also insurance company approved contractors and we have an extremely efficient and systematic approach to your home or business insurance claim that ensures we can speed along the process and start making repairs to get you back to your routine as soon as possible.

2: We React Quickly

The quicker a fire damage repair company can get to the scene and start assessing the damage and cost of repair, the sooner you can get your home or business back to it’s former glory. We can generally arrange a site visit within 24 hours of your call so that we can secure your property and start making repairs as soon as possible.

3: We Handle All Repairs

When you choose Advance Maintenance as your fire damage repair company you can rest assured that we will take it from there. You won’t have to deal with multiple contractors as we have experts ready and waiting to restore your home or business in any way necessary. This includes general building, plumbing, heating repairs, electrical repairs, joinery, roof repairs, plastering, tiling, interior design/decor and more.

When choosing the right fire damage repair company for you, remember we help you through the insurance claim process, we can visit your site within 24 hours of your initial call and we are well prepared to deal with any type of damage the fire has caused.

If you need a fire damage repair company, call us now on 086-260-4782. The quicker you call, the quicker we can help.

5 Fireplace Safety Tips

The weather is starting to get colder so logically you are going to want to start using the fireplace again. Fireplaces in the home are an embodiment of comfort and warmth. However fire is dangerous and should never be taken lightly. Your fireplace can even become a lifeline in certain situations if there are power outages or your heating system fails. Keeping up to date with proper fireplace safety & maintenance is crucial and will lead to a safer, happier home. In this article I will be giving you 5 fireplace safety tips to keep you and your family safe this Winter.


1: Annual Cleaning:

Your fireplace should always be cleared out properly after each fire. However if you have a fireplace with doors you should clean them thoroughly before lighting the first fire of the year to remove any built up smog that’s residing on them.


2: Sweep Your Chimney:

The best way to effectively perform a chimney sweep is by hiring a professional to do it. There are countless nooks and crannies that are near impossible to see which often go unnoticed when you attempt the sweep yourself. Professional chimney sweeps have special tools to make sure dangerous obstructions are removed and your chimney is cleaned thoroughly.


3: Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

Be sure to install both a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector especially if you’re moving into a new home. In the event of a disaster these two little tools could literally save the lives of you and your family.


4: Clear Mantlepiece & Surrounding Areas:

Decorating fireplace mantels, especially during the holidays, is something that goes on in nearly every home in Ireland. If you are careful this doesn’t have to be an unsafe practice. It’s important to make sure there’s a 2 ft. space between any object and the fireplace. This ensures that flammable objects will not become overheated and catch fire.


5: Have A Fire Guard:

You can find fire guards very easily and often at very low cost. It’s important to keep the fire guard up if the fire is ever left unattended. This blocks sparks, lumps of coal or anything else from falling out onto your floor if it gets spat out of the fire.


These 5 fireplace safety tips will help you stay safe when using your fireplace. If you ever do get into trouble use the fire extinguisher, but if it’s too late for that, keep low, get out of the building and call the fire brigade. If you ever do lose or damage your home due to fire then AMLTD is here to help you deal with your insurance company and rebuild your life.

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5 Tips To Minimise Fire Damage In Your Home

A fire in the home can be one of the most traumatic and difficult times in any family’s life. We know dealing with insurance people afterwards is very trying and so we take care of that for you. In the event of a fire we offer a range of services to repair your home and restore it to it’s former glory. In instances like this it’s always advised to contact professionals, but today I will be sharing some tips on how you can minimise the damage to your home after a fire.

1: Remove Soot From Household Textiles:

Objects in the house such as curtains, couches and carpets are very easily stained by soot. For this reason it’s imperative that you remove the soot before you attempt to clean or deodorize any textiles. It’s best to hire a professional with a heavy duty vacuum, however you can try it yourself by holding the nozzle of your hoover close to the surface of the items without touching them. It’s best to avoid using any hoover attachments or upright hoovers as they may cause more severe stains.


2: Remove The Smell Of Smoke From Your Textiles:

The odor of smoke is quite strong and can last a very long time if it gets into your furniture or clothes etc. Once again this is carried out most effectively by trained fire restoration experts. If you are to try this yourself I would advise at least contacting a professional and asking about the correct counteractant to use as it varies depending on what material your items are made of. Some household sprays may offer relief but it’s only temporary and in some cases they react badly with the smoke and create a new odor.


3: Clean Your Furnishings & Clothes:

After you have removed the smell of smoke from your possessions it’s time to clean them. Bring non washable items such as carpets and curtains to a dry cleaner to have them cleaned. Wash your regular clothing in warm water using a liquid detergent. If you have a carpet it’s a good idea to get it washed twice and allow it to completely dry, especially if you have a wood floor underneath it.

4: Clean Soot Stains From Walls:

For this you will have to contact a cleaning supply company to get a chemical sponge or some other non water based cleaner to clean the soot from the walls. Paint thinners and rubbing alcohol also help to clean soot from walls, however it’s advised that you wear a mask and open the windows, even using a fan if possible to increase ventilation due to the toxicity and the fumes.The final step that you can undertake to minimise fire damage is to eliminate the odor of smoke from your home. the smoke from a fire can permeate walls and other surfaces in your home where it gets trapped. It recurs over time if not taken care of properly. For this you should always contact a professional to ensure your home doesn’t smell of smoke for the foreseeable future.

Fire restoration and repairs should always be carried out by or at least supervised by professionals to make sure that no more damage is being caused. Always check with the fire marshall to make sure your home is safe to re-enter before beginning any repairs.

Fire Damage Repair Company Cork

When the initial shock and emotional trauma of seeing damage caused to your property by fire is overcome, the next important step is to see how to restore your property to normalcy. Some of the ravages of fire can be

  • To the ceiling
  • To the floors
  • To the carpeting
  • To the electrical system
  • Smoke damage

In order to assess the damage and estimate the work to be done in restoration, it is important to get in touch with a professional Fire Damage Repair Company like Advanced Maintenance LTD. They will be able to tell you which items can be restored and what has to be replaced. The contractors need to have adequate experience and knowledge not only in cleaning up, but also in the assessment of the construction and safety of the structure.

Some of the first steps to be taken would be

  • Securing the property
  • Ventilate the property
  • Discard contaminated items

Other than the actual burnt out material, restoration would involve

  • Smoke damage repair and
  • Water damage repair

Smoke Damage

The problem with smoke damage is that it is not immediately as obvious as fire damage. Smoke gets into all the hidden recesses of the house including closed closets and cupboards. It is only a professional Fire Damage Repair Company, who can effectively take care of the problem. Chemical substances are released into the atmosphere when the synthetic material in furniture and flooring is burnt. Not only soot and residue are to be cleaned up but it is only professionals, who can effectively remove smoke odour. This could include the use of ozone generating machines for deodorization.

Water Damage

Many do not realise that with fire damage there is also water damage involved as a result of water that is copiously used to douse the fire. Here again it is the professionals who can handle this. Drying out the area is of utmost importance, failing which there is the danger of mildew and mould infestation in the damp areas of floors and walls and carpets. Air circulation is essential and fans, heaters and dehumidifiers are used effectively by the experts to completely get rid of moisture and humidity. So, one cannot emphasise enough the importance of a Fire Damage professional in restoring normalcy after a fire.

Hence, hiring a professional company for fire damage restoration work is crucial as the restoration process involves expertise and delegating the work to amateur teams will only lead to further damage and loss.

Apart from this, companies which claim to be professional are not necessarily expert so before hiring, proper checks should be made about its past work and reputation.

Advanced Maintenance LTD have over 15 years’ experience  in fire damage repair & restoration.  Contact us today on 021-4866133

Fire Damage Repair

Fires in residences cause not just untold damage to property but cause a deep traumatic shock and wound to the homeowner. At such a time, it’s deemed lucky for the folks inside to have their lives saved but at the same time effective and efficient restoration of the building  to its original state and in the shortest time possible can help to heal the wounds. Fire damage repair has to be handled at many levels.

When a fire occurs in a residential or commercial property, it is not just the burned out structure that has to be repaired but the following has to be considered:

  • Water damage caused by fire fighting mechanisms
  • Smoke and soot damage to the structure itself as well as to articles and objects in the house
  • Neutralising smoke odour
  • Disposal of burnt material

Repair of Structure

This has to be undertaken by professionals and specialists. Structural damage may not be easily visible.  There is also the danger of falling debris or collapsing portions of the roof or walls, so proper boarding up has to be undertaken. This will also help with the safety of the restoration crew.

Water Damage Restoration

Water used to douse flames also cause extensive damage. It is important to have trained personnel to use machine dryers to dry out the property as well as the objects damaged by water. Failure to do so can cause mould and mildew to grow causing further problems.

Smoke and Soot Damage Restoration

Fire damage repair has to take into serious consideration the damage caused by soot and smoke. During a fire certain breakdown reactions occur from construction material, glues and solvents. This leads to toxic chemicals being released. Therefore, it is important to call professionals to estimate toxic gases and neutralise them. Another difficult fallout of a fire is the soot and smoke odour which permeates just about everything in the house. So removing soot from electronic items, artwork, documents, books and furniture is the work of specialists. It is also an important task to evaluate what can possibly be restored and to replace what cannot be restored.

Neutralising Smoke Odour

Recently, new methods for removing smoke odour are now being used. These include:

  • Ozone Treatment: here ozone generators are used to pump ozone into sealed rooms which are affected by smoke. The ozone reacts with the smoke molecules and destroys them and, in the process, removes the smell of smoke.
  • Thermal Fogging: Here chemical fog is sent into the damaged building after properly isolating it. This fog goes through walls and into the same areas where the smoke has permeated and effectively removes the odour of smoke.

Disposal of Burned Out Material

The process of disposing off the burned out material can be overwhelming and a key part of fire damage repair. It is advisable to get fire restoration professionals to handle the process of debris removal as well.

Here at Advanced Maintenance LTD our trained team can help take the hassle out of your Fire Damage Claim. We can work directly with your insurance company & carry out all the repairs necessary saving you time & hassle. Contact us today on 021 4866133

Fire Damage Repair & Fire Damage Insurance Claims (A How To Guide)

Fire damage can be one of the most devastating disasters that can happen to your home or business. It’s important to know what to do after fire strikes. Unless you have the necessary knowledge and skill, it is difficult to restore the fire damaged property. It is always good to turn to a professional for fire damage restoration.

Your primary focus should be safety first. Ask yourself is it safe to stay in the house? Only perform activities that are safe. Remember do not take any unnecessary risks. Follow the items on this checklist:

  • Make sure that your property is secure.
  • Make sure your property is ventilated.
  • Cover carpeted areas with towels or old linens to prevent additional soiling.
  • Discard open food packages as this food could be contaminated.
  • Report the damage to your insurance company as soon as possible.

You may desperately want to get your home or office cleaned immediately after the fire. But if you are not careful, you may cause more damage to your property. Here are some things NOT to do:

  • Don’t attempt to wash any walls or painted surfaces or shampoo carpet or upholstery without contacting a professional restoration company.
  • Don’t attempt to clean any electrical appliances that may have been close to fire, heat or water without consulting an electrician.
  • Don’t enter the property unless it is safe to do so.

Advance Maintenance Ltd provides a totally free insurance claim management service for all building insurance claims from quotation to completion

  • Arrange a site visit within 24 hours of your call
  • Ensure your property is secured and the repairs addressed as soon as possible.
  • Assess the extent of the damage which has been caused.
  • Meet with the Loss Adjuster appointed by your insurance company
  • Prepare a detailed specification of Proposed Remedial Works.
  • Negotiate costs with the Loss Adjuster for the consideration of the Insured.
  • Draw up a repair schedule and time frame for restoration work to be carried out.
  • Carry out repairs as agreed with the Loss Adjuster.
  • Project manage all reinstatement works until completion, at no extra cost.

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