5 Tips To Minimise Fire Damage In Your Home

A fire in the home can be one of the most traumatic and difficult times in any family’s life. We know dealing with insurance people afterwards is very trying and so we take care of that for you. In the event of a fire we offer a range of services to repair your home and restore it to it’s former glory. In instances like this it’s always advised to contact professionals, but today I will be sharing some tips on how you can minimise the damage to your home after a fire.

1: Remove Soot From Household Textiles:

Objects in the house such as curtains, couches and carpets are very easily stained by soot. For this reason it’s imperative that you remove the soot before you attempt to clean or deodorize any textiles. It’s best to hire a professional with a heavy duty vacuum, however you can try it yourself by holding the nozzle of your hoover close to the surface of the items without touching them. It’s best to avoid using any hoover attachments or upright hoovers as they may cause more severe stains.


2: Remove The Smell Of Smoke From Your Textiles:

The odor of smoke is quite strong and can last a very long time if it gets into your furniture or clothes etc. Once again this is carried out most effectively by trained fire restoration experts. If you are to try this yourself I would advise at least contacting a professional and asking about the correct counteractant to use as it varies depending on what material your items are made of. Some household sprays may offer relief but it’s only temporary and in some cases they react badly with the smoke and create a new odor.


3: Clean Your Furnishings & Clothes:

After you have removed the smell of smoke from your possessions it’s time to clean them. Bring non washable items such as carpets and curtains to a dry cleaner to have them cleaned. Wash your regular clothing in warm water using a liquid detergent. If you have a carpet it’s a good idea to get it washed twice and allow it to completely dry, especially if you have a wood floor underneath it.

4: Clean Soot Stains From Walls:

For this you will have to contact a cleaning supply company to get a chemical sponge or some other non water based cleaner to clean the soot from the walls. Paint thinners and rubbing alcohol also help to clean soot from walls, however it’s advised that you wear a mask and open the windows, even using a fan if possible to increase ventilation due to the toxicity and the fumes.The final step that you can undertake to minimise fire damage is to eliminate the odor of smoke from your home. the smoke from a fire can permeate walls and other surfaces in your home where it gets trapped. It recurs over time if not taken care of properly. For this you should always contact a professional to ensure your home doesn’t smell of smoke for the foreseeable future.

Fire restoration and repairs should always be carried out by or at least supervised by professionals to make sure that no more damage is being caused. Always check with the fire marshall to make sure your home is safe to re-enter before beginning any repairs.