How Does Smoke Damage Impact Your Home?

Fires themselves can cause a huge amount of destruction to your home, the flames burning items and the structure of your home. Things melt and shatter and after that, the smoke damage from the fire can be devastating. Smoke damage left unassessed can ruin your home and the contents of it. Even if it is an area that was not impacted by the flames themselves.

It doesn’t take a big fire to cause smoke damage. Not only can this impact your items like furniture but even has the ability to impact the very structure of your home. This is why the cleaning process is vital. Making sure that soot and smoke are cleaned up as they can act like an acid eating away at your home if left be.

How Does Smoke Impact My Home?

Smoke can impact different materials differently, alongside the temperature and type of fire this can also make a difference to the smoke damage. The worst way smoke can do damage is by seeping into any cracks or small spaces similar in your home and go unnoticed for years causing structural damage to your home.

How Fast Do You Need To Act?

Time is not on your side when it comes to smoke damage, the sooner you act the better. The faster you act, the less likely you are to cause permanent damage. For example, painted walls and flooring need to be addressed within 24-48 hours dependent on the level of damage. Staining can also be a major issue. Metal surfaces can also corrode if left untreated. The longer the damage is left untreated the higher the bill will be when it comes to repairs.

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