Home Fire Evacuation Plan: Before, During and After a Fire

Evacuating your home may seem like a terrifying ordeal and probably is one of the scariest things that can happen any homeowner. The danger for you and your family, as well as the potential of losing your home, is a devastating thought. Having an evacuation plan can be vital in aiding the ability to act promptly should need ever arise.

Here is what you should do:

Before –

Preparation is key and here are some vital things to have prepared in advance:

  1. Go Bag – This is a pick up and go bag that contains all the essentials you need to leave in a hurry. Cash, footwear, clothing, emergency medication are all examples of items suitable for your Gobag.
  2. Preparation – Prepare your family by highlighting the nearest exits from every room and pick a place outdoors for everyone to meet should an emergency every arise. There is no harm in practicing this with some drills.
  3. Car – making sure that your fuel is never too low can be vital in an emergency situation. Make sure that you always have surplus fuel for an emergency.

During –

During an evacuation, panic can set in and preparation can sometimes go out the window. However, having practiced how to get out and where to go will give you structure and provide you with the best decisions to maintain your safety.

  1. Communicate and Talk – Try to keep in contact with your family, those in the home during the time of the fire and if it is a more widespread fire, then keeping in touch with officials may be necessary too.
  2. Animals and Pets – Part of your evacuation plan and prep should be to have your animals well trained enough to come when they are called. Always keep your pets in a place where they can be easily evacuated.
  3. Health & Safety – always think health and safety in such an event and afterwards be sure to work with medical services as required to deal with any injuries, smoke inhalation or other medial issues.

After –

Once the fire is out you might start thinking about going inside to find something or to check on the damage. Do not put yourself in danger. Wait for professionals to arrive to help you through the process.

If your home has been affected by anything mentioned in our article feel free to contact us here for additional help