Home Fire Damage: The First Steps To Take

If your home has been damaged by fire this can be an extremely traumatic event. The shock and sense of loss can be overwhelming and unfortunately during this hard time some quick decisions need to be made. It’s hard to know where to start to get things on the path back to normal but here is a starting point for you.

  • When the fire brigade has left, the building requires your responsibility. First things first, you should contact your insurance company as soon as possible for them to send out a claim form and arrange for a loss adjuster to call. The damage will need to be inspected before you begin to clean or start any initial work on the property. However, if emergency work is required to protect the property from further damage discuss this with your insurer. 
  • Your insurer may ask you to ensure a few things are in place to prevent any further loss or damage to the property. These can include securing doors, windows and marking areas unsafe for entry. If the roof or stairs has been damaged do not enter the property until it has been deemed safe by a building contractor. 
  • If your home is going to be left unoccupied contact your local Garda station to let them know. 
  • If your home is not habitable it may be necessary to make alternative arrangements. Short-term rentals are available but before you book anything check your insurance policy to see if alternative accommodation is covered by your insurance policy.

Advance Maintenance Limited offer clients an experienced and efficient team to deal with your home or business insurance claim. As general contractors and insurance company approved contractors we are experienced in dealing with insurance companies and our systemised approach to claims ensures a quick and responsive service to fire damage repair claims. Contact us to find out more.