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Fire Damage Repair Company Cork

When the initial shock and emotional trauma of seeing damage caused to your property by fire is overcome, the next important step is to see how to restore your property to normalcy. Some of the ravages of fire can be

  • To the ceiling
  • To the floors
  • To the carpeting
  • To the electrical system
  • Smoke damage

In order to assess the damage and estimate the work to be done in restoration, it is important to get in touch with a professional Fire Damage Repair Company like Advanced Maintenance LTD. They will be able to tell you which items can be restored and what has to be replaced. The contractors need to have adequate experience and knowledge not only in cleaning up, but also in the assessment of the construction and safety of the structure.

Some of the first steps to be taken would be

  • Securing the property
  • Ventilate the property
  • Discard contaminated items

Other than the actual burnt out material, restoration would involve

  • Smoke damage repair and
  • Water damage repair

Smoke Damage

The problem with smoke damage is that it is not immediately as obvious as fire damage. Smoke gets into all the hidden recesses of the house including closed closets and cupboards. It is only a professional Fire Damage Repair Company, who can effectively take care of the problem. Chemical substances are released into the atmosphere when the synthetic material in furniture and flooring is burnt. Not only soot and residue are to be cleaned up but it is only professionals, who can effectively remove smoke odour. This could include the use of ozone generating machines for deodorization.

Water Damage

Many do not realise that with fire damage there is also water damage involved as a result of water that is copiously used to douse the fire. Here again it is the professionals who can handle this. Drying out the area is of utmost importance, failing which there is the danger of mildew and mould infestation in the damp areas of floors and walls and carpets. Air circulation is essential and fans, heaters and dehumidifiers are used effectively by the experts to completely get rid of moisture and humidity. So, one cannot emphasise enough the importance of a Fire Damage professional in restoring normalcy after a fire.

Hence, hiring a professional company for fire damage restoration work is crucial as the restoration process involves expertise and delegating the work to amateur teams will only lead to further damage and loss.

Apart from this, companies which claim to be professional are not necessarily expert so before hiring, proper checks should be made about its past work and reputation.

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Fire Damage Repair

Fires in residences cause not just untold damage to property but cause a deep traumatic shock and wound to the homeowner. At such a time, it’s deemed lucky for the folks inside to have their lives saved but at the same time effective and efficient restoration of the building  to its original state and in the shortest time possible can help to heal the wounds. Fire damage repair has to be handled at many levels.

When a fire occurs in a residential or commercial property, it is not just the burned out structure that has to be repaired but the following has to be considered:

  • Water damage caused by fire fighting mechanisms
  • Smoke and soot damage to the structure itself as well as to articles and objects in the house
  • Neutralising smoke odour
  • Disposal of burnt material

Repair of Structure

This has to be undertaken by professionals and specialists. Structural damage may not be easily visible.  There is also the danger of falling debris or collapsing portions of the roof or walls, so proper boarding up has to be undertaken. This will also help with the safety of the restoration crew.

Water Damage Restoration

Water used to douse flames also cause extensive damage. It is important to have trained personnel to use machine dryers to dry out the property as well as the objects damaged by water. Failure to do so can cause mould and mildew to grow causing further problems.

Smoke and Soot Damage Restoration

Fire damage repair has to take into serious consideration the damage caused by soot and smoke. During a fire certain breakdown reactions occur from construction material, glues and solvents. This leads to toxic chemicals being released. Therefore, it is important to call professionals to estimate toxic gases and neutralise them. Another difficult fallout of a fire is the soot and smoke odour which permeates just about everything in the house. So removing soot from electronic items, artwork, documents, books and furniture is the work of specialists. It is also an important task to evaluate what can possibly be restored and to replace what cannot be restored.

Neutralising Smoke Odour

Recently, new methods for removing smoke odour are now being used. These include:

  • Ozone Treatment: here ozone generators are used to pump ozone into sealed rooms which are affected by smoke. The ozone reacts with the smoke molecules and destroys them and, in the process, removes the smell of smoke.
  • Thermal Fogging: Here chemical fog is sent into the damaged building after properly isolating it. This fog goes through walls and into the same areas where the smoke has permeated and effectively removes the odour of smoke.

Disposal of Burned Out Material

The process of disposing off the burned out material can be overwhelming and a key part of fire damage repair. It is advisable to get fire restoration professionals to handle the process of debris removal as well.

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