3 More Ways To Cheaply Cool Your Office During Summer

3 More Ways To Cheaply Cool Your Office During Summer

3 More Ways To Cheaply Cool Your Office During SummerThe summer might be nearing its end, but there’s still time to save money on your air conditioning bill. With a little bit of ingenuity and some careful planning you can reduce your HVAC energy costs for this summer and for every summer to come. Here are 3 more ways to cheaply cool your office during summer.

1: Add Film To Your Windows

Sun protecting window film can be a huge help in keeping your building cool without putting stress on your air conditioning unit. This simple film can block up to 75% of the sun’s heat that would normally come through your windows and it is fairly inexpensive. With the savings you make on air conditioning costs, the window films will pay for themselves in no time.

2: Keep Windows Closed

It’s a natural reaction to go to open a window on a particularly sweltering day, but if you are using a HVAC system it can actually have the opposite effect of cooling you down. It allows all of the cool air your system is producing to escape which puts more strain on the system and causes your electricity bills to start skyrocketing. Opening windows is fine if there is no HVAC system running, but if there is it is extremely counter productive.

3: Reduce Lighting

The winter months are darker than the summer and so more lights in the office will need to be turned on throughout the working day. Lights being turned on generate heat while also increasing your electricity bill, so they have a 2 fold effect on your cooling costs. Take a walk through your office and identify the lights that aren’t necessary and make a note to keep them turned off as much as possible.

Adding sun protection film to windows, keeping windows closed when air conditioning units are running and minimising the amount of lights that are turned on inside the office at any given time will save you money and keep your office cooler. If you’re looking for more than just a few quick tips to keep your office cool contact us about facilities management today.