3 Ways To Cheaply Cool Your Office During Summer

3 Ways To Cheaply Cool Your Office During Summer

3 Ways To Cheaply Cool Your Office During SummerRunning an office can be expensive during the summer. You have all of the usual running costs along with trying to maintain a temperature inside the building that’s comfortable for the employees. It can be hard to strike a balance between cost effectiveness and temperature that both you and the office workers are happy, but it can be done with a little ingenuity. Here are 3 ways to cheaply cool your office during summer.

1: Night Cooling

Night cooling is a technique whereby you allow cool night air to run through the building during the night. This can remove a lot of the heat that has built up over the course of the day. Similarly, interior building fabric such as walls, doors and floor slabs that are cooled in this manner can absorb much more heat the following day which helps to keep internal temperatures down making you less reliant on your HVAC system. This should only be done through secure windows and vents, if you don’t have any such windows or vents then try out some of the other techniques to keep your office cool.

2: HVAC Maintenance

Initially, HVAC maintenance might not look like the cheap option when it comes to keeping a building cool. But even just making sure that all of the air conditioning ducts, fans and filters are clean will make your system much more efficient when it comes to dealing with the heat.

3: Close The Blinds

Closing the blinds and curtains is yet another simple technique that can have a big impact on office temperature and the costs associated with it. This will help prevent the sun from creating a greenhouse effect in your building which increases the temperature. The reduction in the temperature will also take some more strain off of your air conditioning system, so it can run using less energy.

If you want to keep your office cool this summer on a budget you should consider leaving cool night air run through your building at night through secure windows, make sure that the fans, ducts and filters in your HVAC system are clean and functioning as they should and lastly, close your blinds to stop the sun getting in and heating up the room.

For more advanced techniques and cost saving measures, you need a professional facilities management company. They help you save money while relieving you of the headache of dealing with maintenance issues and allowing you to concentrate on your business. Let’s discuss what facilities management can do for you, call us on 021-486-6133.