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Case Study: Advanced Maintenance LTD Flood Damage Repair Project For Marks & Spencers

Douglas Village Shopping Centre were part of the many properties in Cork that were flooded during the early hours of June 28th after flash flooding devastated many homes and businesses throughout Cork city and council.

Advance Maintenance Ltd were quick to respond after receiving a call from Marks & Spencer Facilities Managers to attend the Douglas store and evaluate the extent of the flood damage. Christy Kenneally of Advanced Maintenance LTD worked closely with McLaughlin & Harvey Facilities Management and Marks & Spencer Management to gain access to the store and establish that it was safe to proceed with the initial stage of the water extraction and clean up.

A number of safety checks and inspections were undertaken to confirm the integrity of the building before any works commenced.
As the store was completely flooded to a level of 750mm the contamination of stock was quiet extensive. As the store was completely stocked there had to be special considerations made for the disposing of all the stock.

Once all M&S policy and health & safety measures had been put in place a huge logistical operation begun to de-merchandise the store in accordance with M&S policy. The store was completely de-slugged at which stage we begun breaking down store equipment and packaging to remove off site. Once the drying out process was completed the store was completely sanitised.

As the reconstruction of the store begun we worked closely with the main contractors to ensure that works were completed on time by providing support services through our building maintenance division.

Ways To Reduce Flood And Water Damage To Your Property

According to leading UCC professor Robert Devoy, weather conditions will be more unpredictable in the coming years. He believes that stormy conditions and flash floods recently experienced will to be more widespread than the usual.

These storms and flash floods have greatly affected many areas throughout Cork like Douglas, Glanmire, Clonakilty, Midleton, Ballyvolane, Blackpool & also many other parts of the country. Based on Mr. Devoy’s statement on The Cork News, he believes that recent weather conditions are part of a trend that have been developing for the past three of four years.

Likewise, Mr. Devoy said that the abrupt changes in climate and significant increase in stormy weather conditions were consistent and were part of human-impacted climate change. It has been said that the devastating rainfall is caused by the oceans around Ireland getting significantly warmer. As a result, heavier rainfall is expected throughout the nation in the coming years ahead.

Global warming is indeed one of the most significant factors with regards the unpredictable weather conditions. In Ireland, different places have suffered from widespread floods and devastating storms. However, if floods have already affected a certain place or water damage to properties is likely, it is a must to know the best ways to get rid of it.

These days, there are ways that can help people lessen flood and water damage to their property. Here are some of the tips that should be known beforehand in order to reduce flood & water damage.

• Have the phone number of an expert Emergency Flood Damage Repair Company – In that way, families & businesses will have the chance to restore their damaged properties quickly after an incident.

• Put important documents in the safest area of the house – Households & Businesses should put their keepsakes and important documents in the safest area of the house or building. Lower areas of a house are more likely to be effected so placing important items on the second floor is more likely to protect them in the case of a flood.

• Home improvement and property maintenance should be considered – From cleaning the gutters and downspouts, up to making sure that there are no blockages in drains, maintenance must be done to avoid any problems during floods. Proper home improvement and property maintenance will lessen any factors that may further increase the chance of flooding around the home or business.

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