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5 Fireplace Safety Tips

The weather is starting to get colder so logically you are going to want to start using the fireplace again. Fireplaces in the home are an embodiment of comfort and warmth. However fire is dangerous and should never be taken lightly. Your fireplace can even become a lifeline in certain situations if there are power outages or your heating system fails. Keeping up to date with proper fireplace safety & maintenance is crucial and will lead to a safer, happier home. In this article I will be giving you 5 fireplace safety tips to keep you and your family safe this Winter.


1: Annual Cleaning:

Your fireplace should always be cleared out properly after each fire. However if you have a fireplace with doors you should clean them thoroughly before lighting the first fire of the year to remove any built up smog that’s residing on them.


2: Sweep Your Chimney:

The best way to effectively perform a chimney sweep is by hiring a professional to do it. There are countless nooks and crannies that are near impossible to see which often go unnoticed when you attempt the sweep yourself. Professional chimney sweeps have special tools to make sure dangerous obstructions are removed and your chimney is cleaned thoroughly.


3: Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

Be sure to install both a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector especially if you’re moving into a new home. In the event of a disaster these two little tools could literally save the lives of you and your family.


4: Clear Mantlepiece & Surrounding Areas:

Decorating fireplace mantels, especially during the holidays, is something that goes on in nearly every home in Ireland. If you are careful this doesn’t have to be an unsafe practice. It’s important to make sure there’s a 2 ft. space between any object and the fireplace. This ensures that flammable objects will not become overheated and catch fire.


5: Have A Fire Guard:

You can find fire guards very easily and often at very low cost. It’s important to keep the fire guard up if the fire is ever left unattended. This blocks sparks, lumps of coal or anything else from falling out onto your floor if it gets spat out of the fire.


These 5 fireplace safety tips will help you stay safe when using your fireplace. If you ever do get into trouble use the fire extinguisher, but if it’s too late for that, keep low, get out of the building and call the fire brigade. If you ever do lose or damage your home due to fire then AMLTD is here to help you deal with your insurance company and rebuild your life.

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10 Ways To Prepare For The Winter

Being prepared for the Winter is always a good idea. While we live in quite a temperate climate which means we generally don’t suffer with extreme weather, we do occasionally get snow and ice and it’s still always better to be prepared than to end up stuck in your home with nothing. This Winter preparation checklist should help you to be ready if the worst happens:


  1. Have a small supply of non-perishable, easy to prepare foods on hand. This can include things such as tins of beans.

  2. Keep extra supplies of essential medication in case it’s too difficult to get to the pharmacy.

  3. Have an adequate supply of fuel for your heating system and cooker. If possible have suitable alternatives should the main ones fail.

  4. Have a shovel and a large bag of salt on hand to keep pathways safe and avoid any painful falls or slips.

  5. Have torches and spare batteries in case of a power cut.

  6. Have candles ready also, they should be kept in proper candle holders and away from draughts. Never leave a candle unattended or by a christmas tree.

  7. Ensure your heating system is working correctly.

  8. Know how to turn off your water supply in case of burst pipes.

  9. Keep a water container so you will always have a drinking supply.

  10. Keep warm & avoid unnecessary travel


This checklist should help you to stay safe this winter. This list is just the basics and is by no means all encompassing, if you think of anything you feel will benefit yoursafety and preparedness this Winter you should do it. If you do run into any problems such as faulty heating systems or burst frozen pipes we would be happy to help you.


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4 Ways You Can Prevent Frozen Water Pipes

With this year’s winter projected to be one of the coldest that we have ever experienced here in Ireland it’s more important than ever that you are prepared in order to avoid disasters like frozen pipes bursting. In this article I will be sharing 4 ways you can prevent frozen water pipes. These tips are especially essential if you are leaving your home unattended for any length of time over the winter months.


1: Insulate Your Pipes:

Keeping your water pipes insulated will help save them from the freezing conditions and give them the ability to endure freezing conditions for a little bit longer. However this will only stave off the cold for a limited amount of time, if the temperature falls below -2°C for more than four hours this won’t be enough to save them.


2: Don’t Turn Off Your Heating When You Are Away:

By this I don’t mean keep it on full blast day and night. Lower the temperature on your thermostat to as low as 10°C. This will prevent the temperature in your home from dropping dangerously low and into frozen pipe territory, while also not breaking the bank with the heating bill.


3: Keep Your Water Running:

I know what you’re thinking, you would be insane to leave your water running for a full week while you are on holidays, especially now that the water charges are in. However all that’s necessary is to keep faucets dripping at a slow rate, this prevents the water in the pipe from freezing as it isn’t kept in the ice cold pipe indefinitely.


4: Open Cabinet Doors

The final piece of advice that I will be giving you today is when you are away leave your cabinet doors open. Generally under the sink isn’t the best insulated place in the world so leaving the cabinet doors open allow the heat from your house make contact with your pipes and further reduce the risk of them flooding.

If your pipes do freeze and burst while you are away, call a professional. At AMLTD we have all the tools for the job, but hopefully it never comes to that. Good luck this winter and don’t let your pipes freeze.

3 Tips To Prepare Older Buildings For Winter

Winter is now just around the corner. This means it is the perfect time for you to start preparing your buildings for the coming season. This is especially necessary if you have older buildings that haven’t been refurbished recently. Old fashioned heating systems, insufficient insulation & damaged foundations that leave the cold and damp in are just some of the problems you will face. All of this combined will see you drain your energy budget in no time at all. In this article I will be going over a few easy ways you can try to get your buildings up to scratch before the winter hits.

1: Inspect Your Heating System Checked:
The first thing that you should do going into winter is get your heating system checked by a professional. This is even more important if your system has been in place for more than 10 years. It’s important to make sure everything’s running smoothly as a system failure on a freezing day in December is no laughing matter. Older heating systems in large buildings often require a lot of manual oversight. According to the HVAC manager for Princeton University, valves need to be adjusted in each building starting in early to mid-October. Such a seemingly simple task could become quite complicated if you’re unsure of all the proper procedures.

2: Inspect Your Windows:
Windows are a huge reason for heat leakage in older buildings. Single pane windows are very inefficient and should be replaced wherever possible. Double glazed windows have a gap between the two panes of glass that acts as a cushion and slows the transfer of heat, this means that they are far more efficient when it comes to reducing heating bills.

3: Inspect Your Doors:
If the windows of your buildings are leaking heat, chances are your doors are doing the same and need an assessment. Gaps in masonry not only let the cold in, rodents also see it as a door to a new home inside your building. Ensure that all of your doors are sealed properly before you get a few unwanted guests for the winter months.

Going through with these preventative measures will save you countless headaches as well as reducing your energy costs. It’s better to prevent something than to fix it so save yourself the time and money and do it now.

5 Steps To Take Control Of Your Facility’s Energy Costs

Managing a facility’s energy is a great way you can save more money for your business and lower your overheads. It might not be at the top of your mind but energy savings are an integral part of businesses these days. Below is a list of 5 steps to lowering your energy bills.


1: Find Out Just How Much Your Spending:

To do this you must know how much money is being spent on electricity and natural gas etc. Once you have the full amount for the year you can continue to break it down by time year, week, day

s and times of the day where power usage fluctuates. Completing this will allow you to move on to the next step.


2: Plan:

Now that you know how much you are spending it is time to figure out your options. The facilities manager should create a committee of people made up from different sections of the business that can come together from different perspectives to develop an energy strategy that fits the goals of the organization. For example if the organization was a nursing

home the committee should include nurses, facilities staff, managers and whomever is in charge of finance.


3: Implement Changes:

Once the changes hav

e been

decided on the facilities manager and other executives need to negotiate the best terms with each supplier in order to maximise their investment.


4: Maintain & Optimize:

This phase involves ensuring the smooth running of all the newly implemented features while also accurately measuring and analysing the energy consumption of the facilities. Once you have some data on how the changes have affected energy consumption then it is time to demonstrate their ROI and make any changes they can to improve it further.


5: Analyse Results:

Once all of the other steps have been completed it’s time to take a step back and analyse all of your results so far and determine how successful your energy saving campaign was. You can do this by comparing your expected results, which you would have from the planning stage, with your actual results. Then you may take further action if necessary.

Facilities Services

4 Key Tips For Selecting A Plumbing & Heating Service

If you own a business and you haven’t got a professional plumbing & heating service lined up then you are just asking for trouble. You need someone with a comprehensive service that can cover everything from full installations to emergency repairs. In this articles I will be going over 4 key tips for selecting a plumbing & heating service.


1: Make Sure There Is An Insurance Schedule:

An insurance schedule, also known as a policy schedule, is document which says the amount of insurance the plumbing company has. In other words it tells you the amount of redress that you would be entitled to if something went wrong. It’s important that this cover is adequate, if there is no insurance schedule whatsoever then you should definitely avoid that company.


2: Check The Number Of References They Have:

Any plumbing & heating service company should be able to provide at least five references. Usually you can check a company’s website and they will have them listed. If they have less than four or five references then you should also avoid them as it shows how few happy customers they have had in the past.


3: Ask About Any Jobs In Progress:

If a plumbing service is good then it should always be in demand. Also it’s likely the current customer will be contactable so you can get an idea of how satisfied their customers generally are with their work.


4: Look At Images Of Current & Completed Jobs:

Before during and after pictures of a work site can give you a great indicator of how the plumbing company in question

s operates and what you can visually expect from them. Many plumbers take before and after pictures these days for insurance purposes so that should not be too much of a problem.

Using these 4 tips for selecting a plumbing & heating service will help you avoid any costly mistakes in the future. For more information on our plumbing & heating services please visit the plumbing section of our website

How To Pick The Right Storm Damage Repair Company

Storm damage is becoming more and more frequent these days, this is due to both climate change and there simply being more properties around to get damaged as areas become more built up. Storms can leave your home or business with no electricity, broken windows and even holes in your roof. It’s crucial to make an effort to rectify the situation as soon as possible to limit any further damage that may be caused by the issues going untreated.


With any type of storm damage it’s important to consult a trusted repair company to assess the damage. The type of company you count on to get you back on your feet should be one that can effectively deal with all of the eventualities that are mentioned above as well as any surprise headaches. This will save you time and money as they will be able to quickly assess what needs to be done as well as ensuring everything is properly fixed. Hiring experts means that you can get back to business as usual as fast as possible.


Another important thing that should be considered when selecting such a maintenance company is how they deal with you and your insurance companies. They should be willing to help you in your home or business insurance claim. If they haven’t done this before then it’s unlikely they have repaired a homes or businesses storm damage in the past. This inexperience could lead to oversights when assessing damages, leaving you with a costly bill down the line due to their negligence.

It’s common to not have a company that springs to mind right away when you suffer storm damage to your home or business. When you do get a few names of companies that might be able to help you should always go to their websites and look at their customers testimonials. If the website has no testimonials it’s likely that they either don’t care what their customers say or don’t want you to see what their previous customers have said about them.

These few tips for picking the right company to repair your storm damage should help you ensure you pick the right people for the job.Here at Advanced Maintenance Ltd we can repair all kinds of storm damage to your property in a prompt and professional fashion. We take the headache out of dealing with your insurance company by helping you deal with them. We also have an excellent reputation due to the high standards we hold ourselves to and our concern for our customers. Just check out our testimonial sections.

4 Reasons To Hire A Professional Electrical Repair Service

It’s tempting to want to do all repairs yourself to save on the cost of running a business or home. However when it comes to electrical repairs it really is essential to go with a professional electrical repair service. This article will be highlighting some of the reasons why work with electricity should only be carried out by the experts.


1: On The Job Safety Issues:

Working with electricity can be extremely dangerous especially if you aren’t entirely sure of what you are doing. It can be as simple as forgetting to turn off the power and you could get yourself in serious trouble. Electricians are experts in their field and it’s important not to hesitate in finding one if you are ever in doubt.


2: Long Term Safety Issues:

If for some reason you have decided to throw caution to the wind and somehow completed the job yourself there can still be some serious safety hazards. If you haven’t hired a professional electrical repair service, chances are you have made some mistakes in completing the job. If electrical repairs aren’t completed correctly they can lead to electrical failures which can lead to shocks, fires and other dangers which could have been completely avoided if the job was done properly.


3: Long Term Money Saving:

In any area mistakes can prove to be very costly, in many cases even more expensive than resolving the issue in the first place. This is especially true when it comes to electrical repairs. If you make a mistake in this area you could end up needing to rewire the building, or even burning it down. You can also save time as these projects are huge undertakings for non-professionals and may end up taking a lot longer than you initially expected.

4: Troubleshooting Abilities:

When there is an electrical issue it can be extremely difficult for the lay person to find the actual cause. A representative from a professional electrical repair service has a wealth of knowledge and experience in these kinds of issues which gives them a huge advantage when it comes to assessing what has gone wrong. This enables them to quickly get to the root of the problem which ultimately saves you time and money.

Hopefully this list of tips will help you to make the right decision and hire a professional electrical repair service for any issues that arise. It will end up saving you time and money and it could even save your life.

5 Tips To Minimise Fire Damage In Your Home

A fire in the home can be one of the most traumatic and difficult times in any family’s life. We know dealing with insurance people afterwards is very trying and so we take care of that for you. In the event of a fire we offer a range of services to repair your home and restore it to it’s former glory. In instances like this it’s always advised to contact professionals, but today I will be sharing some tips on how you can minimise the damage to your home after a fire.

1: Remove Soot From Household Textiles:

Objects in the house such as curtains, couches and carpets are very easily stained by soot. For this reason it’s imperative that you remove the soot before you attempt to clean or deodorize any textiles. It’s best to hire a professional with a heavy duty vacuum, however you can try it yourself by holding the nozzle of your hoover close to the surface of the items without touching them. It’s best to avoid using any hoover attachments or upright hoovers as they may cause more severe stains.


2: Remove The Smell Of Smoke From Your Textiles:

The odor of smoke is quite strong and can last a very long time if it gets into your furniture or clothes etc. Once again this is carried out most effectively by trained fire restoration experts. If you are to try this yourself I would advise at least contacting a professional and asking about the correct counteractant to use as it varies depending on what material your items are made of. Some household sprays may offer relief but it’s only temporary and in some cases they react badly with the smoke and create a new odor.


3: Clean Your Furnishings & Clothes:

After you have removed the smell of smoke from your possessions it’s time to clean them. Bring non washable items such as carpets and curtains to a dry cleaner to have them cleaned. Wash your regular clothing in warm water using a liquid detergent. If you have a carpet it’s a good idea to get it washed twice and allow it to completely dry, especially if you have a wood floor underneath it.

4: Clean Soot Stains From Walls:

For this you will have to contact a cleaning supply company to get a chemical sponge or some other non water based cleaner to clean the soot from the walls. Paint thinners and rubbing alcohol also help to clean soot from walls, however it’s advised that you wear a mask and open the windows, even using a fan if possible to increase ventilation due to the toxicity and the fumes.The final step that you can undertake to minimise fire damage is to eliminate the odor of smoke from your home. the smoke from a fire can permeate walls and other surfaces in your home where it gets trapped. It recurs over time if not taken care of properly. For this you should always contact a professional to ensure your home doesn’t smell of smoke for the foreseeable future.

Fire restoration and repairs should always be carried out by or at least supervised by professionals to make sure that no more damage is being caused. Always check with the fire marshall to make sure your home is safe to re-enter before beginning any repairs.

5 Steps To Minimise & Repair Flood Damage

When dealing with flood damage repair it’s always best to call in the professionals. However there are several ways in which you can help yourself in the mean time. In this article I will discuss how you can limit the damage of floods that have already occurred and how you can prepare yourself against future ones.

1:Create A Flood File:

Firstly you should create a file which lists all of your belongings that have been damaged or destroyed by the flood. This is particularly helpful when dealing with insurance companies as they will request a dossier before they do their own assessments. Pictures of all your possessions in all of your rooms should be in this file to further speed things up. This file should be kept in a watertight container so the documents themselves won’t be damaged in the event of a flood.

2: Turn Off The Electricity:

If the flood has already happened it’s very important that you get your electricity turned off. Water and electricity are a dangerous mix and not taking preventive actions could cause a very serious accident.

3: Remove The Water

Your next step is to try and remove as much of the flood water as possible. This can be done in many ways such as a pump or a wet vacuum. If there is too much water for you to do this with you may need to call the professionals in to make use of our hydraulic pumps as they do the job more efficiently.

4: Start The Cleanup Operation

Once you have all of the flood water removed you need to take action against mould and mildew. They thrive in damp conditions and can wreak havoc on your property if not stopped early. To do this you should scrub the floors and walls with warm soapy water with a scrubbing brush and rinse over everything when you are done. Then spray mildewcide or disinfectant over the affected areas. If mildew takes hold it can cause serious health problems such as respiratory issues so it must be stopped at all costs. If there is any moisture left in the walls or the air it will grow like wildfire, so to avoid this you need a dehumidifier to dry out the air and also keeping the windows open to air it out isn’t a bad idea.

5: Call The Professionals:

If you want to be sure that all of this is done correctly it’s probably best to call an expert to come to your property as flood damage can get out of hand very quickly and it can feel like an impossible task to rescue your property. Acting fast is paramount with flood damage and we have all the necessary resources and tools to help you get back to where you were before the flood.


5 Advantages Of Outsourcing Your Facilities Services

Today I will be talking about the advantages of outsourcing your facilities services to professionals and how it can be extremely beneficial for your business. When you say facilities services most people instantly think of a janitor. While cleaning services are a significant part of facilities services, they are in no way the only encompassed duty. Maintenance and repairs are time consuming and labour intensive and are critical to the smooth running of your business. The following are some reasons why you should go to the professionals so you have more time to do the things you’re good at, after all that’s why you started your business in the first place.

1: Preventive Maintenance:Preventive maintenance isa proactive approach to maintaining your property. Facilities managers don’t just sit around and wait for something to go wrong, they investigate what might go wrong and take action to ensure that it doesn’t. Some examples of preventive maintenance would be regular inspections within the property, bleeding radiators to make sure they keep working properly, repainting walls, cleaning out gutters, wrapping pipes and specialist tasks such as checking electrical devices.

2: Emergency Repairs:
Even with preventive maintenance some things are going to break and nee

d repair to make sure that the business continues to run smoothly. So another advantage of facilities services is that emergency repairs can be carried out on site with the minimal amount of fuss without disturbing the day to day running of your business. Outsourcing facilities services means that you gain access to technical experts in many different fields who can fix everything from sudden malfunctions of electri

cal equipment to leaking or cracked pipes.

3: Replacement Of Damaged or Obsolete Equipment:
It’s imperative for any business to replace old equipment efficiently so that it doesn’t get in the way of the smooth operation of the facility. Facilities services gives you access to experts with many contacts in the field which allows them to quickly and cost effectively replace any damaged or obsolete equipment in your building, this even includes glass and furniture.

4: Reduced Operational Costs:
Outsourcing your facilities services can actually lower your operational costs by a substantial amount. This is done by using the facilities manager’s experience to reduce the amount of repeated breakdowns and getting advice on whether repairing or replacing equipment is the best way to go. Similarly operational costs are kept down as effective maintenance leads to equipment having a longer life and operating more efficiently overall.

5: More Time To Focus On Your Business:
Regular cleaning and maintenance is extremely important for any business to function to it’s highest potential, however it’s inefficient and costly to invest all of your time and resources into them. Outsourcing your facilities services frees you up to concentrate on the core of your business and develop it further while allowing experts in their field to deal with issues in a cost effective and professional manner which doesn’t distract from your business.

So overall, outsourcing your facilities services is a great way to reduce running costs of your business, ensure it runs smoothly and is a safe and functional work environment for you and your employees to concentrate on your goals.

4 Useful Facilities Management Tips

Facilities Management MunsterFacilities management is an important aspect of the proper functioning of any organization. The difference between a good and a bad facilities manager, or even company, can be staggering. Good management means that everything runs as efficiently as possible. Bad management might still produce results, but at great costs and resources.

There can be a huge difference in responsibility, as well. Just because something is done according to the rules, doesn’t mean that the job has been properly conducted. This is a sad truth, but a truth nonetheless. Many facilities managers “wash their hands” of their responsibility by doing things “by the book”, but proper management requires so much more. However, the battle is not lost. Things can always get better. For this reason we’ve compiled a list of tips for improving the quality of facilities management in the Cork area.

1. Ensure that the maintenance workers follow safety procedures

Way too often maintenance workers decide to take shortcuts in the procedures and do so in the interest of saving time by sacrificing safety. Management should never allow this to happen. If something breaks down and needs repairs, proper safety protocols have to be executed each time. Cutting corners is dangerous and may lead to severe complications, further damage to the equipment, or worst case scenario – injure the worker. Because they believe in their own expertise, workers often underestimate the importance of safety, but no matter how good one is, there are any never guarantees. Good facilities management means that proper safety procedures are always followed, even if it means that the work of the entire facility is slowed down. This saves a lot of headaches in the long run. If you’re working with a facilities management company in Cork, make sure that they always follow safety requirements.

2. Check test equipment and ensure proper labeling

This should go without saying, but proper labeling is required for things to work out as they should. This especially includes the electrical panels. If changes happen around the facility, but they don’t get reflected in the appropriate labeling system, then potential damages and problems may occur. Especially when it comes to electricity, things get dangerous. A technician might be led to believe that they’ve turned the power off before they start working on the circuits. In the interest of saving time, they might not double check things before they start working, and accidents might happen. For this reason, routine labeling inspections should be conducted by the facilities management company or personnel. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Things are pretty much the same with test equipment. It should be routinely inspected in order to ensure that it works properly. If it doesn’t, then it should either be fixed or replaced. However, this can’t really be known in advance without performing regular check-ups.

Facilities Management Munster3. When hiring a facilities management company, make sure they’re available 24/7

It’s a common practice to outsource facilities management in Cork to a company that specializes in these types of services. One of the most important services of such a company is that they should be available 24/7. You never know what might happen in your facility and when emergency repairs will be required. There’s no point in paying for a service you’re not sure you can get at all times.

In the event of an emergency, it’s nice to know that you can always count on the company you’ve chosen. It’s crucial that they’re trustworthy and work with your best interests in mind. You can check this out with planned maintenance services. Planned maintenance is an important aspect of the whole endeavor, and a good company would always work in conjunction with you and follow the best recommendations in order to produce the best results, keeping your interests in mind.

A company should always be available for minor works, as well. Sometimes small things require fixing or changing, and you should be certain that you can count on your company to cover that for you when it’s needed. All in all, look for companies that care about your needs, not just their profits. After all, you would be placing enormous trust in the facilities management company you hire.

4. Solutions specific for the facility

Facilities management is an interdisciplinary field, meaning that it’s complex and involves several different disciplines. This is due to the fact that it covers a wide variety of areas. Add that to the fact that different facilities have different needs and you have something rather interesting on your hands.  That’s why you should always look at management in the context of a particular facility. There are universal principles involved in regards to managing a facility, but there are also requirements that are highly specific. If you’re a facilities manager, you should always pay close attention to the details concerning your facility. In case you’re hiring a company for that, make sure that they tailor their approach and don’t just do the same thing wherever they go.


Proper facilities management is not easy, though the Cork area offers some pretty affordable options to take that responsibility off your hands. There are many things that one needs to pay attention to in regards to management. The fact that there are rules and regulations doesn’t guarantee anything. Workers often disregard those rules, so a good manager should always put safety first and ensure that these regulations are being followed.

Labeling and test equipment are two areas where the ball is likely to be dropped, especially after doing some renovations in the building. For the sake of safety, routine inspections and check-ups should be scheduled in order to make sure that everything is fine in this regard.

If outsourcing, it is advisable to perform proper research and ensure that the company is available 24/7. There’s a lot that might go wrong and you need to know you can count on them at any point in time. This is not to be underestimate.

Finally, look for solutions specific for your facility. If all these tips are implemented, facilities management will be much easier and much safer.

To discuss your Facility management needs with us please call us on 021 4866133.
Property Maintenance Munster

3 Common Property Maintenance Mistakes

Property Maintenance Cork

Let’s face it – whether we’re talking about property maintenance or any other area of our lives, we’re bound to make mistakes. We’re only human after all. Most people are afraid of making mistakes because ever since they were little they were told that mistakes are bad. However, this is not entirely the case because mistakes help us see what we did wrong and how we can do it better in the future. Smart people always learn from their mistakes. That being said, you don’t have to only learn from your own misadventures. Rather, you can learn from other people’s mistakes (that’s what wise people do). Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to domestic upkeep. The good news is that even if you slip up, you can always hire a reputable and reliable property maintenance company in Cork, but we hope that this article well help you avoid making these errors.

1. Not doing any maintenance

We’re a society of chronic procrastinators. We rarely do things unless we absolutely have to and it can’t wait until tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, or next Easter. That’s why we have sayings like, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” We like it when things just work, so we don’t pay attention to minor issues. We d

Proper maintenance, routine check-ups of plumbing and electric circuitry, dehumidifying if the humidity is too high are all important. You never know if there are minor leaks in the plumbing or potential problems with the circuitry that’s just waiting to “blow up” and take your appliances with it. It’s apparent that most people today either don’t have the expertise or the time to perform their own check-ups, but property maintenance services in Cork are readily available. It’s far cheaper to deal with a minor problem than to wait for it become an emergency. Stop making this mistake and start taking your maintenance seriously.on’t take measures before something happens. We wait for it to occur and then deal with the crisis we have on our hands. This is one of the most common practices for most people today, but the truth is that it absolutely destroys good property maintenance. If you think that your maintenance is good just because everything works, then you’re in it for a treat when everything starts breaking down all at once.

2.  Using a new property maintenance company every time

Sometimes in the interest of saving money we don’t make the best decisions we can make. One of the most popular decisions that fall into this category is using a new property maintenance company every time because in some ways it feels like we’re saving a bit.

There are legitimate reasons for changing the company you use, especially if they’re not doing the job you hired them to do in a proper manner. However, using a different company every time is counterproductive on several fronts.

First, even if it seems like you’re saving a bit of money when hiring a new company, this may very well not be the case because you can never be sure what you’ll get in return. Cheap ends up being more expensive sometimes.

Second, you scarcely have the time to conduct proper research and find out if a company is good or not, especially when we’re talking about an emergency, meaning that you will probably go for the company that offers you the lowest rates, which can do you more harm than good in some cases, as stated above.

Third, even if the company you choose is good, a new company has to get the overall picture of the building or accommodation in terms of plumbing, circuitry, environmental factors, etc. This takes time, effort, and is a pointless exercise in futility for several companies to go through this process if experts from your current company have a satisfactory performance. The Cork area offers high quality property maintenance services, so pick one you trust and stick with them.

Munster Property Maintenance3. DIY when you don’t know what you’re doing

While not doing any maintenance at all is rather bad, doing it even though you’re not sure what is it you have to do can be even worse. Especially when it comes to plumbing and electricity, basic understanding is a must so you don’t accidently cause irreparable damage. Furthermore, you may end up hurting yourself severely, especially in regards to circuitry maintenance. People who handle electricity and electrical systems are trained specialists. It’s not a simple job and can be quite dangerous. Even if you do remember to turn the power off, it still doesn’t mean that you will not get the wiring mixed up and fry your entire installation afterwards.

When it comes to plumbing, things are somewhat similar. Even if you do a decent job, you might miss something and that something might cause a flood in your living room, completely destroying your carpet. Hence, you’d have to pay for repairs, as well as a new carpet. This happens more often than you think. Taking proper care of your home is not easy so if you want to do it yourself, you need to have the knowhow. If not, better leave it to property maintenance specialists in the Cork area.


At the end of the day, repairs and maintenance are just two sides of the same coin. If you don’t have proper maintenance, then you will need to have repairs. Sometimes there are unforeseen events that cause an emergency need for repairs, but in most cases these unforeseen events can be easily seen through a proper inspection. Good property maintenance may seem like it costs you money, but can actually save you a lot on repairs that could have been easily avoided. The truth is that we often try to spend as little as we can and in our attempts we make mistakes that end up costing us more. DIY is admirable, but only if it doesn’t lead to calling the cavalry afterwards. A bit of foresight and understanding can go a long way toward ensuring that your property is well-maintained.

To discuss your property maintenance needs with us please call us on 021 4866133.

Emergency Plumber Cork: Why You Might Need One.

Plumbing emergencies like burst pipes and blocked sewers can occur any time of the day or night. You cannot use just any plumber to fix them. These things require expertise and knowhow.  Hence it is imperative to have the contact number of an emergency plumber in your city handy at all times and prior to the occurrence of such problems. Often, people try to find the cheapest plumber available or worse, they try to fix these things themselves. However, such solutions only add up to the damage. Failure to fix burst pipes, for example, can harm your floorboards, wall art pieces, rugs or carpets and other expensive and cherished items. Hence, it is worthwhile spending some time in researching an honest, reliable and reputed plumber that offers 24 hour emergency services. This way; you will be able to rest easy knowing you are in good, reliable hands.

First let us consider some of the most common plumbing emergencies that require the expertise of a plumber.

Common plumbing emergencies and ways to tackle them

  • I have no water– In such a case, it is best to first contact the neighbours and check if they are having the problem too. If there are no water pressure restrictions in your area and no known major water work going on around, it is best to contact an emergency plumber right away.
  • I have poor water pressure– Inadequate supply or improper pumping and routine maintenance work are the most common causes of such plumbing/water emergencies. If you have an internal leak in your pipes, or your home’s stop tap is partially closed then you are responsible for fixing these issues. It is best not to attempt a DIY plumbing because without adequate experience or training, the problem is likely to worsen in most cases. Hence, contact your emergency plumbing contractor immediately.
  • I have an airlock in my hot water system– Faulty internal plumbing is usually the culprit in case of most kinds of hot water airlocks. First you must ensure closing all the hot water taps in the house. You need to try and get rid of the airlock by forcing the air back into the attic water supply either by using a hose or cloth. In either case, it is essential to exercise extreme caution as failure to do so can result in accidental scalding with hot water. It is best if the job is left to an expert emergency plumber.
  • I have water in the kitchen but none in the bathroom– This is usually an issue with airlock as well. Do contact your 24 hour emergency plumbing company as internal plumbing is not handled by the city council’s water work department.
  • My pipes are frozen– First of all; a good plumbing company can help you minimize the risk of frozen pipes. This is done through insulation of pipes, tanks and cisterns using quality foam lagging. Additionally, warm air can also be circulated throughout the building taking extra care that it enters the overhead attic space where the water tanks are stored. If, despite these precautions, your pipes are frozen, you should immediately contact a professional to thaw the pipes. In the mean time, take care to remove furniture and other items that are likely to get damaged by the melting ice once the system is corrected.
  • I need to insulate my pipes and tanks-Many stores sell lagging material. The job is best left to a professional contractor as one would know the best materials to use that will prevent the system from freezing.
  • How do I deal with leaks from property above ours? The first thing to do is contact the neighbours if they are in, or at least try and turn off their external stop cock if they are not. Then contact a plumber to fix the issue as soon as possible.
  • I have damp patches on my walls or floors- Try and determine the source of the leaks. It could be burst pipes, clogged gutters or other sources. Get these fixed first instead of simply painting the walls, as the problem is just going to repeat unless the source is corrected.
  • My pipes seem to be blocked.-Drains and water pipes usually have a U bend with clogs therein. Simple plungers can often do the trick of unclogging, but, in case of severe clogs, you might need an emergency plumber for helping you out.


How to find an emergency plumber

We often plan for most emergencies in life. However; plumbing emergencies are the last thing we think about.  When at last we are faced with hiring a plumber during such emergencies, we end up selecting the first one we come across on the Internet or the Yellow Pages. However, it is advisable not to leave such matters in anyone’s hands but the experts. Experienced and well established plumbers are the best candidates for all our plumbing needs as the fact that they have survived for so long in this business usually means they are indeed very good at what they do.

Here are some steps of finding the best emergency plumber in your city:

  • Get word of mouth reviews from neighbours– This is usually the best way of selecting an emergency plumber as chances are they have used one before and been satisfied with his services.
  • Certified, insured and licensed– Naturally, do find out if the selected contractor is licensed and certified by the SNIPEF (Scottish & Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers’ Federation) or CIPHE. These members tend to have public and employers’ liability insurance.
  • Well Trained-Approved emergency plumbers that are SNIPEF or CIPHE members would also have training in Water Fitting Regulations.  This can ensure that you get the right installations which guarantee no contamination of the drinking water supply.
  • Regulations and Guarantees-Try to pre-determine the shortlisted plumbing company’s methods of resolving technical issues, if the need arises. Northern Ireland Water usually enforces certain requirements on approved business and the plumbers are required, by law, to put their work right if it does not meet the Water Fitting Regulations.
  • References– A good emergency plumber will also come with good references. If possible try and contact the ex-clients that the contractor has worked with to get useful input about the individual/company.

All said and done, the plumbing company or individual you select must also offer good customer service and stand behind the  work they do. Thus, the price alone should not be the criteria whilst selecting an emergency plumber. We hope these tips mentioned above will help you find the best emergency plumber in town.

At Advanced Maintenance LTD we provide an emergency repairs service & are available 24 hours a day to help your home or business if a repair is needed. Call us on 021-4866133


Leak Detection Equipment

Leak Detection Equipment

The Different Types of Leak Detection Equipment

Everything Leaks. Where there is a sealed system; there is a leak. The difference lies in the rate at which the leak occurs: it could be at the rate of 1lb per second or as slow as 1oz every few years. The fact is: every mechanical pressurized system has joints. Over time, environmental factors can lead to flaws in these joints. In the majority of cases, these flaws are often too small to see & as a result the leaks go unnoticed for long periods. Specialized leak detection techniques and equipment must be used to detect leaks in order to curtail them. Failure to do so can not only lead to huge financial losses, but, depending on the material leaking there may also be environmental factors.

In this article, we will look a some modern leak detection equipment and techniques as well as their pros and cons. We will also study the kind of leaks each of the methods is suitable for. Finally, we shall discuss why it is important to have good leak detection and repair programs in place.

Classification of leak detection equipment

Leak detection equipment can be classified on the basis of several factors. As far as classification on the basis of amount of human intervention required is concerned; leak detection equipment can be of the following types:

  1. Automated Leak Detection-These can be considered the ‘complete leak monitoring’ systems. They are most suited for gas, refrigeration, petroleum or water leaks. Once installed, they have no need of manual operators. Examples include: Fiber optic and cable sensors.
  2. Semi-automated Leak Detection-These systems require a bit of human intervention. Examples of these are Statistical and digital signal processing software leak detection systems.
  3. Manual Leak Detection– These systems completely need to be monitored and operated by humans. Thermal imagers and LIDAR (Light detection and ranging) systems are examples of these.

Leak detection can also be direct or indirect. Direct leak detection is done through Visual or handheld devices for sensing and measuring leaks. Indirect methods are based on mathematical calculations that rely upon changes in pipe parameters like flow rate, change in pressure and so on.

A third way of classifying leak detection methods is Hardware based or software based.

  • Hardware Leak Detection– Hardware leak detection methods rely on special sensing devices which can be further classified as Acoustic, Optical, Cable, Soil Monitoring or Ultrasonic.
  • Software Leak Detection: The embedded algorithms in software leak detection equipment continually monitor the pipes for changes in parameters like pressure, temperature, flow rate etc. Different approaches may be used for detecting leaks such as mass/volume balance, real time transient modeling, digital signal processing etc.

Non technical methods- The nontechnical means of leak detection rely upon sight, sound and hearing abilities. Smelling of gas leaks, visual inspections and hearing sounds of larger leakages are a few examples of these methods. Dogs are often utilized for this purpose, given their superior smelling and hearing abilities. Soap bubble screening is used for smaller leaks along valves and pipes in refrigeration units etc.

Advantages of non technical methods of leak detection:

(i) No special equipment is required. (ii)The leaks can be immediately localized upon detection.

Disadvantages: (i) On the downside, these methods require experienced personnel. The efficiency of detection depends on the personnel’s meticulousness.

(ii)The pipelines need to be accessible, so this method is ruled out when pipelines are buried or their exact location is not known when the network maps are missing or poorly made.

Leak Detection EquipmentComparison of Modern Leak Detection equipment

  • Acoustic– This acoustic method is used for gas leaks, water leaks and other leaks in pressurized plumbing systems. Acoustic sensors are fitted inside the pipeline and continuous monitoring may also be done of sensors placed outside the pipeline at regular intervals. Naturally, the sensitivity of the sensors decides the efficiency of this method. Also, if the sensors are placed at very large distances from each other then the chances of leaks going undetected are high.  Advantages: (i) The acoustic systems can help pinpoint exact location of the leaks and also determine its size (ii) This method is suitable for old as well as new pipelines. (iii) Continuous mode of operation or real time monitoring is feasible. (iv) The technique can be fully automated. Disadvantages: (i) Financial costs are high since numerous sensors may be needed. (ii) Flow noise conditions and high background noise can mask the noise of leaks.


  • Thermal– Thermal imaging cameras are used for detecting water leaks on floors, walls, roofs, as well as gas or water leaks in buried pipelines. The method mainly utilizes monitoring temperature differences between the leaked gas/liquid and that of its surrounding environment. This is a passive method of leak detection that needs manual intervention. Advantages: (i) It is a minimally destructive method; it can detect smallest leaks with minimal disruption. Disadvantages: (i) Some gas leaks may be missed especially if there is no temperature difference between the escaped gas and environment. (ii) For detecting very minute leaks, thermal imagers required may turn out expensive.


  • Tracer Compounds– This is a soil monitoring method used mainly for gas leaks in buried pipelines. It requires adding non-hazardous, volatile gas (such as helium) that exits the pipeline at the exact spot where the leak occurs. Advantages: (i) The method has very low false alarm rates (ii) It has high sensitivity. Disadvantages– (i) It can be a bit expensive since tracer elements have to be continuously added to the pipeline. (ii) The method is not suitable for exposed pipes.


  • Cable sensors– Electronic cable sensors are suitable for determining gas/refrigerant and water leaks. The sensors are built using materials that react to changes. When a leak occurs, the resistance or capacitance of the sensor changes and these can be monitored to detect leaks. Advantages: It gives fast response times. (ii) It has high sensitivity. Disadvantages: (i) Higher cost of retrofitting to existing pipes and (ii) The method cannot determine the actual leak size.

Why Opt for Professional Leak Detection program

Effective leak detection is an important part of asset management. As can be seen, there are numerous leak detection technologies available today at your disposal, however, a customized program is often the best solution.

The benefits of professional leak detection and repairs include:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Lower costs of operation
  • Lower potential of contamination
  • Extended life of facilities
  • Reduced water outage events
  • Reduced potential property damages
  • Reduced loss of human life or injuries
  • Increased potential savings on utility bills

Large commercial facilities can also benefit with:

  • Increased know-how of their distribution systems
  • More efficient use of existing systems and
  • Quicker response times

The benefits of hiring a professional for leak detection

  • Professionals inspect valves and hydrants in the distribution system
  • They help update existing distribution maps and systems
  • They have superior equipment for ongoing monitoring and analysis
  • They help inspect, clean, line and perform other maintenance tasks to prevent leaks and ruptures.

Old or poorly constructed pipelines, the inability to determine exact location of pipes and cables due to non-existent or poorly maintained network plans and inadequate corrosion protection etc can lead to huge financial losses or environmental damage. Preventive leak detection must hence be used for commercial as well as residential properties. Leak detection professionals are capable of spotting and fixing leaks with minimal disruption to avert hefty bills and potential property damage

At Advanced Maintenance LTD we can offer both emergency leak detection for home & business & build customised plan to help save your business money in the long term by preventing leaks which can cause downtime & loss of output.

cork floods - flood damage repair

How to Dry Out a Flooded Home or Building

Regardless of the region you live in, flood damage can be a serious concern. Broken dams, hurricanes, levees and large-scale rainstorms are all capable of flooding your home or building. If you are fortunate enough not to live in a region where natural disasters as well as man-made disasters are paramount, a leaky pipe or a broken water heater can still flood your home.

If and when your home or building gets flooded, you ought to act as fast as you can to dry out the building and effectively alleviate any destruction that has occurred.

How Do You Dry Out A Flooded Home?

First and foremost, you should lower the humidity in the home. This action will help your home dry out faster and it greatly reduces the risk of rot and mildew growth. Another action is opening all door and all windows and effectively reduce humidity in the home, you should only open windows and doors when it is more humid inside than it is outside.

However at night you shouldn’t open doors and windows, the humidity outdoors drops and to keep it from seeping back into your home during night time, keep all your doors and windows closed. Another way to reduce humidity in your home is by hiring a flood damage repair company that will come with an industrial humidifier to dry out your home .

A professional flood damage repair company such as AMLTD will open up cabinets, closet doors etc and use a humidifier together with a desiccant which is an approved chemical that greatly minimizes the humidity in your home. After having taken the right precautionary steps to effectively reduce humidity in your home, the next step is sorting out your belongings and determining which can and should be salvaged.
Mould and Mildew

This should be the next order of business as you tackle flood damage. Mould and mildew is capable of piling up rather quickly and the more it piles the higher the chances of contracting health problems.

Mould and Mildew can grow extremely fast and therefore it is necessary that you should call in a professional flood damage repair company who will humidify and carry out room to room inspections to ascertain that the mould and mildew are capped and to stop them from growing and expanding.

You are advised to also go from one room to the next with a disinfectant once the humidification is done. The disinfectant will effectively kill any germs that maybe lurking and it effectively removes any odours that might have been left behind by the flood water.

Once you are done with cleaning your home, it might be necessary that you should embark on repairs or rebuilding any parts of the home that might have caved after the flood .

Professionals like AMLTD also provide a full flood damage restoration service.

Fire Damage Repair Company Cork

When the initial shock and emotional trauma of seeing damage caused to your property by fire is overcome, the next important step is to see how to restore your property to normalcy. Some of the ravages of fire can be

  • To the ceiling
  • To the floors
  • To the carpeting
  • To the electrical system
  • Smoke damage

In order to assess the damage and estimate the work to be done in restoration, it is important to get in touch with a professional Fire Damage Repair Company like Advanced Maintenance LTD. They will be able to tell you which items can be restored and what has to be replaced. The contractors need to have adequate experience and knowledge not only in cleaning up, but also in the assessment of the construction and safety of the structure.

Some of the first steps to be taken would be

  • Securing the property
  • Ventilate the property
  • Discard contaminated items

Other than the actual burnt out material, restoration would involve

  • Smoke damage repair and
  • Water damage repair

Smoke Damage

The problem with smoke damage is that it is not immediately as obvious as fire damage. Smoke gets into all the hidden recesses of the house including closed closets and cupboards. It is only a professional Fire Damage Repair Company, who can effectively take care of the problem. Chemical substances are released into the atmosphere when the synthetic material in furniture and flooring is burnt. Not only soot and residue are to be cleaned up but it is only professionals, who can effectively remove smoke odour. This could include the use of ozone generating machines for deodorization.

Water Damage

Many do not realise that with fire damage there is also water damage involved as a result of water that is copiously used to douse the fire. Here again it is the professionals who can handle this. Drying out the area is of utmost importance, failing which there is the danger of mildew and mould infestation in the damp areas of floors and walls and carpets. Air circulation is essential and fans, heaters and dehumidifiers are used effectively by the experts to completely get rid of moisture and humidity. So, one cannot emphasise enough the importance of a Fire Damage professional in restoring normalcy after a fire.

Hence, hiring a professional company for fire damage restoration work is crucial as the restoration process involves expertise and delegating the work to amateur teams will only lead to further damage and loss.

Apart from this, companies which claim to be professional are not necessarily expert so before hiring, proper checks should be made about its past work and reputation.

Advanced Maintenance LTD have over 15 years’ experience  in fire damage repair & restoration.  Contact us today on 021-4866133

Fire Damage Repair

Fires in residences cause not just untold damage to property but cause a deep traumatic shock and wound to the homeowner. At such a time, it’s deemed lucky for the folks inside to have their lives saved but at the same time effective and efficient restoration of the building  to its original state and in the shortest time possible can help to heal the wounds. Fire damage repair has to be handled at many levels.

When a fire occurs in a residential or commercial property, it is not just the burned out structure that has to be repaired but the following has to be considered:

  • Water damage caused by fire fighting mechanisms
  • Smoke and soot damage to the structure itself as well as to articles and objects in the house
  • Neutralising smoke odour
  • Disposal of burnt material

Repair of Structure

This has to be undertaken by professionals and specialists. Structural damage may not be easily visible.  There is also the danger of falling debris or collapsing portions of the roof or walls, so proper boarding up has to be undertaken. This will also help with the safety of the restoration crew.

Water Damage Restoration

Water used to douse flames also cause extensive damage. It is important to have trained personnel to use machine dryers to dry out the property as well as the objects damaged by water. Failure to do so can cause mould and mildew to grow causing further problems.

Smoke and Soot Damage Restoration

Fire damage repair has to take into serious consideration the damage caused by soot and smoke. During a fire certain breakdown reactions occur from construction material, glues and solvents. This leads to toxic chemicals being released. Therefore, it is important to call professionals to estimate toxic gases and neutralise them. Another difficult fallout of a fire is the soot and smoke odour which permeates just about everything in the house. So removing soot from electronic items, artwork, documents, books and furniture is the work of specialists. It is also an important task to evaluate what can possibly be restored and to replace what cannot be restored.

Neutralising Smoke Odour

Recently, new methods for removing smoke odour are now being used. These include:

  • Ozone Treatment: here ozone generators are used to pump ozone into sealed rooms which are affected by smoke. The ozone reacts with the smoke molecules and destroys them and, in the process, removes the smell of smoke.
  • Thermal Fogging: Here chemical fog is sent into the damaged building after properly isolating it. This fog goes through walls and into the same areas where the smoke has permeated and effectively removes the odour of smoke.

Disposal of Burned Out Material

The process of disposing off the burned out material can be overwhelming and a key part of fire damage repair. It is advisable to get fire restoration professionals to handle the process of debris removal as well.

Here at Advanced Maintenance LTD our trained team can help take the hassle out of your Fire Damage Claim. We can work directly with your insurance company & carry out all the repairs necessary saving you time & hassle. Contact us today on 021 4866133

Why It’s Important To Find A Good Leak Detection Company

Water leaks can be notoriously difficult to detect & can cause serious damage. Moisture can ruin the interior of the house. If the leakage in pipes is not controlled on time, the results can be devastating.

Although, with time, certain leakage is usually expected in any pipe system, the pipe network in Dublin is in terrible condition due to its age. Pipe leakage problems are pretty common in the area. For this reason, leakage management systems are in place and there are several service provider companies which provide leak detection services. These companies help prevent any serious damages by restoring the pipes, however you are responsible for the pipes in your own home & if an undetected leak is not found & repaired quickly it can end up costing you a lot more money.

But, however, not all companies are to be trusted and not all are professional in their job.  It is important to find a good leak detection company in Dublin for various reasons.

Detecting pipe leakage is something which cannot be handed to just anyone. You need to look for professionals like Advanced Maintenance LTD who know their job and are sufficiently qualified. Moreover, the company you are looking for should also have adequate and relevant past experience too. This is important because handing the work to just any company could mean holes being dug all around your house. If the company is experienced, they’ll know the exact place where they should dig.

Hiring a good leak detection company means letting professionals handle the work. A professional leak detection company in Dublin will have all the latest and most advance equipment and tools required to perform the job in the best possible manner. Professional tools include thermal imaging cameras, snake cameras, gas tracing systems, acoustic gas leak detectors and moisture detector. These tools allow precision and best performance. Only experts with past experience would know how to use the tools properly.

Leak detection service not only includes detecting the leaks, it also means that the company hired fixes the problem too. A good leak detection company can fix all sorts of leakage problems and are capable of providing timely services. The additional services which well-reputed companies can also offer include drain cleaning, unclogging services and plumbing too.

Often, good companies have established a reputation and goodwill owing to their past experience. So, in order to protect their name and reputation, they provide best services they can and without delaying them too. Hiring just any ordinary service provider means they don’t take any serious responsibility of the job since their aim is only to make some money out of it. They may do the job for you but it won’t be as good as it should be.

In short, if you want your work to be completed in time and in the best possible way, you need to find a good leak detection company, especially if you are living in Dublin as the leakage in pipes is too common in the area. It is best to prevent the problem on time before it gets too late. So please call Advance Maintenance LTD on 021-4866133 or email us at

Importance of Water Leak Detection for Protecting the World’s Water Supply

Water is one of our most precious resources in the world. Thus we must protect our water supply in every place we consume it. Wasted water must be avoided. Normally, we do not think about this because it seems that water is an endless supply while we take that long shower, wash that small load of clothes in a full load setting, water our gardens, let the faucet run while brushing our teeth, and other ways that we daily use water and it seems to run forever.

We see huge oceans, long rivers, great fresh water lakes and think there is plenty of water out there so why worry. However, ignored, is the ever growing population and catastrophic consumption of water as a whole. Worse is that unconscious waste of our water supply, and the biggest waste of water is the lack of water leak detection in our manually structured sources: our homes, our office buildings, stores, underground pipelines delivering water, and anything else where there are pipes installed. Maintenance of all these water source consumption is often ignored or cannot be managed because these delivery systems are massive. Water is our biggest resource in life.

So what happens? Old pipes that get rusty will most likely start leaking. Poorly installed or low quality pipes can produce leaks.  Change in weather temperatures cause pipe expansion and shrinkage therefore may cause leaks in the pipe intersections. There are various reasons for water leaks and in most situations go undetected.

These small water leaks may seem minor but when you add them all up from the millions of man-made structures and water delivery systems, you have massive water wastage as a whole. That is why it is important to employ water leak detection mechanisms in any structure using water and water delivery systems.

There are many ways to watch for water leaks, both by human senses and through technology. It depends on your time and budget. There is technology for pressure testing, acoustic water leak detection, and more. Or you can simply listen periodically to those most likely sources that may cause water leaks: toilets, shower heads, taps, water heating systems, dishwashers, clothes washers, irrigation systems, pools, spas, and any pipes exposed to weather conditions. Checking them periodically by eye for water leak detection is a good idea.

A technique in using water colouring can be used to visually see water leaks. Watching your water bill (which if you don’t have now you will have soon) for a slow rise in water consumption will give you a clue that you have a water leak somewhere. But there are also automatic water leak detection systems that can be installed to do 24 hour water leak detection and sound an alarm or alert you on some other way.

Once you detect a water leak you must repair it as soon as possible to prevent it becoming worse & potentially damaging your property.  But remember water leak detection and repair is not only about you saving money but doing your part in protecting the whole world’s water supply.

Case Study: Advanced Maintenance LTD Flood Damage Repair Project For Marks & Spencers

Douglas Village Shopping Centre were part of the many properties in Cork that were flooded during the early hours of June 28th after flash flooding devastated many homes and businesses throughout Cork city and council.

Advance Maintenance Ltd were quick to respond after receiving a call from Marks & Spencer Facilities Managers to attend the Douglas store and evaluate the extent of the flood damage. Christy Kenneally of Advanced Maintenance LTD worked closely with McLaughlin & Harvey Facilities Management and Marks & Spencer Management to gain access to the store and establish that it was safe to proceed with the initial stage of the water extraction and clean up.

A number of safety checks and inspections were undertaken to confirm the integrity of the building before any works commenced.
As the store was completely flooded to a level of 750mm the contamination of stock was quiet extensive. As the store was completely stocked there had to be special considerations made for the disposing of all the stock.

Once all M&S policy and health & safety measures had been put in place a huge logistical operation begun to de-merchandise the store in accordance with M&S policy. The store was completely de-slugged at which stage we begun breaking down store equipment and packaging to remove off site. Once the drying out process was completed the store was completely sanitised.

As the reconstruction of the store begun we worked closely with the main contractors to ensure that works were completed on time by providing support services through our building maintenance division.

Ways To Reduce Flood And Water Damage To Your Property

According to leading UCC professor Robert Devoy, weather conditions will be more unpredictable in the coming years. He believes that stormy conditions and flash floods recently experienced will to be more widespread than the usual.

These storms and flash floods have greatly affected many areas throughout Cork like Douglas, Glanmire, Clonakilty, Midleton, Ballyvolane, Blackpool & also many other parts of the country. Based on Mr. Devoy’s statement on The Cork News, he believes that recent weather conditions are part of a trend that have been developing for the past three of four years.

Likewise, Mr. Devoy said that the abrupt changes in climate and significant increase in stormy weather conditions were consistent and were part of human-impacted climate change. It has been said that the devastating rainfall is caused by the oceans around Ireland getting significantly warmer. As a result, heavier rainfall is expected throughout the nation in the coming years ahead.

Global warming is indeed one of the most significant factors with regards the unpredictable weather conditions. In Ireland, different places have suffered from widespread floods and devastating storms. However, if floods have already affected a certain place or water damage to properties is likely, it is a must to know the best ways to get rid of it.

These days, there are ways that can help people lessen flood and water damage to their property. Here are some of the tips that should be known beforehand in order to reduce flood & water damage.

• Have the phone number of an expert Emergency Flood Damage Repair Company – In that way, families & businesses will have the chance to restore their damaged properties quickly after an incident.

• Put important documents in the safest area of the house – Households & Businesses should put their keepsakes and important documents in the safest area of the house or building. Lower areas of a house are more likely to be effected so placing important items on the second floor is more likely to protect them in the case of a flood.

• Home improvement and property maintenance should be considered – From cleaning the gutters and downspouts, up to making sure that there are no blockages in drains, maintenance must be done to avoid any problems during floods. Proper home improvement and property maintenance will lessen any factors that may further increase the chance of flooding around the home or business.

If you ever have any questions about flood or water damage or would like a free quote please give us a call on 086-2604782

Local Authorities Lose 40% Of Water Due To Leaks

Some 40% of water produced by local authorities is being lost to leaks in nearly two-thirds of Ireland.
In Kerry County Council nearly 60% of water was “unaccounted for” in 2010, according to recent service indicators in local authorities figures.

In Cork city, 55% of water is lost to leaks. In Limerick city, the figure is 57.85%.

In Galway city, where drinking water was off-limits for five months in 2007 due to a cryptosporidium outbreak, 51% of water produced can be accounted for. Meanwhile, in Galway county, there is little improvement, with 47% of water accounted for.

The leakage rates come in spite of €208m investment in the sector since 2003.

According to the Department of the Environment, the Water Services Investment Programme 2010-2012 allows for “a significant acceleration in the level of investment, providing for contracts of some €321 million”.

In Co Cork, 49.5% of water treated by the local authority was unaccounted for in 2010. Cork City Council blamed its high leakage rate on the particularly cold weather that winter.

South Dublin County Council has the lowest leakage rate in the country, with 20% of water escaping. In Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown, that figure stood at 28.5%.

The age of the water network, the effects of increa-sed vehicles overhead, infer-ior connections, pressure on the network and reactive leakage control policies have all been blamed for the high leakage rates by the Department of the Environment.

The 2010 service indicators report noted that the “unusually cold conditions” caused a large number of breaks and leaks and that the timing of these added to the loss, as schools and business premises were not attended to as quickly as normal.

Kerry County Council also attributed their high leakage rates to the sub-zero conditions, saying householders left taps running overnight and unoccupied premises developed leaks which were not attended for long periods.

According to the Department of the Environment, the minister has been highly critical of the high volume of treated water going to waste and stressed the need for local authorities to take more concerted action.

Cork County Council are installing meters in some 500 district meter areas. These will show where water is being lost and allow the authority to better target their leak detection, and repair and facilitate the identification of mains requiring rehabilitation/replacement.

Read more:

How To Repair Water Damage & Make A Water Damage Repair Insurance Claim

You would think that water damage repair would be a fairly simple process.  After all, you wipe up the water, lay a towel down over whatever’s left and that’s it, right?

Well, maybe so for smaller spills, like a glass of water.  But when you consider major problems like a burst pipe in your bathroom, a flash flood in your neighbourhood, a hole in your roof, or a backed up sewer that empties into your home.  Believe it or not, water damage can actually be more destructive to a home or business than a fire!

The reason is simple…..where a fire does it’s damage right away, water does its initial damage, and then there are the after effects, issues that, if not treated properly, can be fruitful and multiply, causing numerous additional problems and adding thousands of euro to the repair costs.

If you’re reading this while standing ankle deep in water in what used to be your family room……turn off the electricity!  Water and electricity do not mix.  Not even a little bit.

You’ll want to begin by moving all furniture and loose items out of the damaged area.  These can be cleaned up and repaired elsewhere and won’t hinder the water extraction process.

Then you will need to extract the water and remove it from the premises.  Water extraction and removal is the process of removing the excess water through use of wet-dry vacs or pumping equipment.  Once that is done, you will still need to remove the remaining moisture from carpets, hardwood flooring, and any other surfaces.  This is done through the use of high velocity fans, air movers, and dehumidifiers, placed strategically around the damaged area.  They should be moved periodically to insure complete coverage of the area.  It may take up to several days to thoroughly dry all surfaces.

You’ll now want to clean and disinfect all carpets, hardwood flooring, and any other surfaces, as well as check basements and crawlspaces for remaining water.  Dark and damp places are a breeding ground for mould, which can release toxins into the air causing health issues from mild allergic reactions to lung disease and even death.  Mould remediation is a difficult process and should be handled by a professional.

Once all surfaces have been dried out, you can begin to ascertain what sorts of structural repairs are required.

Advance Maintenance Ltd provides a totally free insurance claim management service for all building insurance claims from quotation to completion

  • Arrange a site visit within 24 hours of your call
  • Ensure your property is secured and the repairs addressed as soon as possible.
  • Assess the extent of the damage which has been caused.
  • Meet with the Loss Adjuster appointed by you insurance company
  • Prepare a detailed specification of Proposed Remedial Works.
  • Negotiate costs with the Loss Adjuster for the consideration of the Insured.
  • Draw up a repair schedule and time frame for restoration work to be carried out.
  • Carry out repairs as agreed with the Loss Adjuster.
  • Project manage all reinstatement works until completion, at no extra cost.

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Fire Damage Repair & Fire Damage Insurance Claims (A How To Guide)

Fire damage can be one of the most devastating disasters that can happen to your home or business. It’s important to know what to do after fire strikes. Unless you have the necessary knowledge and skill, it is difficult to restore the fire damaged property. It is always good to turn to a professional for fire damage restoration.

Your primary focus should be safety first. Ask yourself is it safe to stay in the house? Only perform activities that are safe. Remember do not take any unnecessary risks. Follow the items on this checklist:

  • Make sure that your property is secure.
  • Make sure your property is ventilated.
  • Cover carpeted areas with towels or old linens to prevent additional soiling.
  • Discard open food packages as this food could be contaminated.
  • Report the damage to your insurance company as soon as possible.

You may desperately want to get your home or office cleaned immediately after the fire. But if you are not careful, you may cause more damage to your property. Here are some things NOT to do:

  • Don’t attempt to wash any walls or painted surfaces or shampoo carpet or upholstery without contacting a professional restoration company.
  • Don’t attempt to clean any electrical appliances that may have been close to fire, heat or water without consulting an electrician.
  • Don’t enter the property unless it is safe to do so.

Advance Maintenance Ltd provides a totally free insurance claim management service for all building insurance claims from quotation to completion

  • Arrange a site visit within 24 hours of your call
  • Ensure your property is secured and the repairs addressed as soon as possible.
  • Assess the extent of the damage which has been caused.
  • Meet with the Loss Adjuster appointed by your insurance company
  • Prepare a detailed specification of Proposed Remedial Works.
  • Negotiate costs with the Loss Adjuster for the consideration of the Insured.
  • Draw up a repair schedule and time frame for restoration work to be carried out.
  • Carry out repairs as agreed with the Loss Adjuster.
  • Project manage all reinstatement works until completion, at no extra cost.

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